‘Destiny’ Beta Shows Social Limitations Of Anti-Troll Decisions

INQ: As the Destiny beta test takes a two day break for maintenance, the overall impressions from the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 experience have been positive so far. While the game is technically sound for a beta and sports some solid and exciting gameplay, Bungie’s “shared world shooter” lacks two components that make it feel like it is an experience being shared with others – the ability to communicate and play the game locally on the same TV.

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KingKelloggTheWH1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

The only negative thing is not hearing people in PVP, it's meant to be played with friends though..But sadly I hate wearing headsets.

Queasy1604d ago

While it is ideal to play with friends, it is not always possible. Even if I'm playing with friends, it would be nice to communicate with other people sharing the same space during missions, exploring, multiplayer or at the Tower.

Prime1571604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

If they were to offer limited communication, like "incoming," "attack point," etc... it may help.

Shadonic1604d ago

I was playing with my friend yesterday and while we were getting like 3-5.0 KD's the matches where we lose could of easily have been won with the ability to communicate to other members not in our fireteam.

Tetsujin1604d ago

We usually talk through xmb chat, in the final game I'm hoping you can form bigger teams so we all can talk at once rather than having to switch.

joab7771604d ago

Have to have PvP party and non party chat...its imperative!

Second and equally important is a chat box. This is how we meet new ppl and talk to ppl next to us or on our team if they r not in r party.

Jonny5isalive1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

man I hope they have voice chat like in halo 3 where the enemies can hear you if you talk into the mic when close. I thought that was cool how the other teams could ear each other if they were close and you could do all sort of fun stuff with that. I think it was halo 3 or maybe 2, where you could hear the dead person for a split second too, so if their mic was on you could hear their reaction or they could curse you! It was the best voice caht ever, and awesome if I or someone else had the mic on and rages into the mic without thinking about it. So much fun is added to a game from proximity chat. Imagine charging a tank with a machine gun while screaming like a maniac and getting blown to smithereens and called a dumbass. or killing the person in a tank with a machine gun and then teabagging them while playing "the lion king song" into the proximity chat.

For this game it would make sense to have a proximity chat so you can talk to people you meet in the world if you are close. On your team or not you could talk to them if close like in halo 3. That would be awesome for this game especially. Imagine sneaking up behind a group of enemies, close enough to hear them through the proximity chat, as they talk about their plan. Then sneaking away and relaying that info to your team.

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Eizhale1604d ago

I dont care about talking really, my headphones are really good, twilight headset but its USB and has a separate jack for microphone which unfortunately my PS4 doesnt have...and I cant plug it into the controller because then it tries playing all the sound through my microphone lol I'd like to talk but I'm not going to replace my headset anytime soon just to chat... maybe one day...

rdgneoz31604d ago

"and I cant plug it into the controller because then it tries playing all the sound through my microphone"

Go into the microphone settings. You can set the sound to "everything" or just "chat audio". You can even increase or decrease the volume.

Eizhale1603d ago

I know that and have tried it. Usb plug and a mic jack are separate inputs. Usb plays sound and jack is for mic but as soon as u select chat only it cancels all sound to headphones entirely. It cant do duel inputs like that unless im missing something?

SpinalRemains1381604d ago

Sound and Screen

Audio Output

Cryptcuzz1604d ago

They could add this into the final game. Who knows, but they should add a voice chat invitation of sorts. That way, I can ask or inquire about their awesome gear or if they'd like to do Co-op missions. Etc.

joab7771604d ago

Chat Box. Its simple and a must have. Bungie WANTS this to be a community game. Its what hooks ppl and makes them come back. Ultimately friends are what keep ppl when content gets stale.

XtraTrstrL1604d ago

They could just make it mute everyone else other than party members by default or something, but still allow you to unmute them. When I'm playing by myself, it is kind of annoying not hearing anything out of other players I run into. I don't think they found the perfect solution.

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