USA Hardware and Software weekly ending July 12th

PS4 takes top spot on hardware and Mario Kart 8 keeps the top of software.

PS4 47,992
XOne 39,862
3DS 31,162
WiiU 26,052
X360 15,047
PS3 7,089
PSV 2,874
Wii 2,839
PSP 426

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hello121608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

domination in the United States is estimated at 500,000 more for PS4. Its nothing. PS4 is winning, but its not like they have a 4 to 5 million lead.

See if the Halo collection changes anything?

35 million 360's sold in the United States alone. So if you guys want to claim domination already that's fine. I'll wait little bit longer before declaring Sony the winner of this gen.

DialgaMarine1608d ago

Fact is though that the USA was thought to be mainly loyal to Xbox. We already know the PS4 is going to destroy the XBone everywhere else. Even if PS4 and XBone were neck and neck would already show a victory for PS4, but the fact that PS4 is outselling, and by a pretty good margin too even after the new XBone SKU, shows domination. To top all that off, PS4 is just getting started. The phase it's in now is actually it's slow phase, as is with every Sony console. Once it has that PS2/ PS3 level library of exclusives and definitive third party titles, there will be no stopping it.

stuna11608d ago

If you believe 500,000 is nothing then there no need for Microsoft to do anything concerning the Xbox1 in the U.S? I think you should hurry and send them a letter of reprimand before they change anything else!/s

D-riders1608d ago

Lol halo Vs destiny....destiny why play halo collection when the b guys who made halo are making something better. That's why Xbox is in trouble too many people not looking at the future and that market is niche

hello121608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Sony has had the momentum since launch. Microsoft had a terrible 2013 with bad PR. Its playing the catch up game ever since.

And frankly the way Microsoft messed up i expected Sony to have a far bigger lead. Sony last talk about sales was 7 million. Microsoft was 5 million. That's not bad for a console that looked prior to launch to be in serious trouble.

The margins are so low in the United States. Figures ahead 470,000 to 500,000 thats really low when you consider the bigger first party x box exclusives are not out yet. And we really don't known what kind of impact they'll have. But those titles were huge last gen.

Just to [email protected] Truefan i know lot of people who're pre ordering just to get into the beta. And then the plan on cancelling their pre-order. Same is probably true for PS4 users. I wouldn't go on that Amazon link alone.

harrisk9541608d ago


Not quite... PS4 had SOLD THROUGH 7 million to consumers... XB1 had SHIPPED 5 million to retailers... BIG difference.

Eonjay1608d ago

Its actually much loser to 700k according to NPD. The 476k advantage is from this year alone.

Sharky2311608d ago

At least 20 million of those 360 were replacements. I know at least 4 people who didn't want to wait for Microsoft to fix there system so they bought another. A few were multiple consoles. Multiply that by whatever and that's why the 360 sold as much as they did. I'm not saying that the 360 wasn't a great console. I owned one too. I just think that added to there total.

Bathyj1608d ago

I'm not disagreeing with what you said, its early days and momentum can shift. But all I heard last gen was Marketshare, and how much was lost.

It wasnt enough that PS3 sold quicker than X360 from the moment it came out till present day, it was all about "but PS2 dominated, PS3 shouldnt be doing the same?"

So what changed? Sony took the only stronghold MS had but now its ok cos theyre not leading by too much. Shouldnt just the fact theyre neck and neck be cause for concern to MS?

You need to put some wheels on the bottom of those goal posts, save your back a bit.

Cindy-rella1608d ago

i can't wait for my ps4 and the last of us. I'm very excited to play that game and to experience what the ps4 is like. I've been mostly a pc and xbox 360 gamer last gen.

pyramidshead1608d ago

The 360 and the xbone are completely different, contextually. Why do you continually make yourself look like an idiot?

35mil consoles sold means nothing when they had a year head start and could pad out sales via RROD.

ABeastNamedTariq1608d ago

'Wait for Titanfall'

'Wait for E3'

'Wait for Halo'

I'm just pointing out something I find funny coming from certain users. But I guess I should shut up since I'm trying to get one when the collection comes out lmao.

1608d ago
InTheLab1608d ago

I bought 2 360's and I barely like Xbox. It was either that or lose a ton of dlc and my GS thanks to the rrod. Surely those that only game on 360 were forced to buy more to the tune of 3 or 4.

I know you don't think all of those where unique, especially when no one you know has anything less than 2 Xbox's...

Boody-Bandit1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )


Sony has sold 9 million PlayStation 4 consoles while Microsoft’s Xbox One is at 5 million consoles sold worldwide, according to a recent Edge magazine interview with Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison.

So actually the PS4 does have a 4 million unit lead and the gap is widening week after week.

1608d ago
Why o why1608d ago

Lol @knws. Not sure if youre quite getting it but the gap is actually widening. You may try and deflect or question the speed at which it is widening but the fact remains the same. Every single 'game changer' has failed thus far. Onto the next one I guess aey

MSBAUSTX1608d ago

@brutallyhonest: PS4 is definitely outselling but the people who say the XB1 is doomed when it has sold 5 mil its first year with no hard hitting exclusives but Titanfall are absolutely delusional! The first year isnt quite over and it has sold 5 mil! Those are great numbers! yes 9 mil is better and no one can argue with that. But people please dont discredit a console that is selling really well just because another is selling better. We are all playing great games this gen and whether it is XB or PS we are playing games. To each his own and 5 million sold is great for year one and 9 mil sold is great for year one. At one point in time the movie Titanic was the highest grossing movie ever. It has been smashed so many times since. But that doesnt mean it is a crap movie now because someone outsold it. So, Lets all just be happy that the big three are making consoles that we all individually love and move one because right they are all doing great. Keep it up big three!

RichardDawkins1608d ago

Smh. The fact that the Ps4 has a continuous lead in the North America is a surprise. Yes, we know 360 killed it in NA, but this is a different generation with different consoles. Stop living in the past.

XStation1608d ago


"it has that PS2/ PS3 level library of exclusives and definitive third party titles, there will be no stopping it."

PS4 is going to sell because of multi-plats this gen. Don't believe me? It's selling a lot RIGHT NOW because of that reason, because it has less exclusive AAA games out right now than the Xb1. Yoshida already said they're putting more time into indies than AAA games. And you ppl act like the Xbox has no exclusives coming for it. This is a whole new generation; the Xbox One lacks the amount of power the PS4 have, which means they must focus on the exclusive games more. New head of Xbox and he says "games,games,games." Microsoft is already putting up a lot of money towards more 1st party studios and I'm pretty sure there's AAA games being made from their studios right now as i type that we don't know of right now. The PS2 era is over, so let it's legacy stay how it was. You can't recreate that era of gaming again due to how much the industry has changed. Now let me prepare for the crap ton of dislikes since it's not something all about lollipops, rainbows, and unicorns about the PS4. OH NO! I see the Sony drones in the sky! Don't come for me!!! Need, Help, Need, A, Xbot, Xbot SAVE ME!

Gamer19821608d ago

Its doesn't matter worldwide the PS4 is selling nearly half a million more each month.. That equals to 6 million a year right now..

Magicite1606d ago

you know that MS has lost this gen.

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truefan11608d ago ShowReplies(14)
kingtroy1608d ago

lol Psp still making sales

Aldous_Snow1608d ago

3DS destroys PS4 in worldwide sales!!!

3DS is the future, the future is 3DS!!

aceitman1608d ago

@ buck ur comparing a 199$ shandheld system to a 399$ home console. well if u look at it ,for the price the ps4 is holding its own against the 3ds .and it has outsold the 3ds worldwide numerous times.and expect that to happen starting last week of july through the end of the year with all the games coming out starting with TLOU.

InTheLab1608d ago

You forgot to mention the 2ds is $120 and was under $100 last holiday. Got two for my yeah.

1 console for the house does not equal 2 or 3 handhelds for every kid you have....

NatureOfLogic_1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Lol at fake Xbox One numbers. VGChartz really believes Xbox One is saved. These numbers don't even make sense.

Edit: Numbers look way off because this is USA weekly not global weekly like the title states.

bicfitness1608d ago

VGCs had them neck and neck last month, and look at how that turned out (PS4 was ahead in the US by 75k and that's WITH an Xbone price-cut). I don't know why this bs site still gets posted at all. You find more credible speculation on Gamefaqs.

morganfell1608d ago


The X1 is doing worse right now at Amazon, Gamestop, and Best Buy than at any point since launch yet vgchartz keeps pumping out these lies. N4G doesn't have the respect for it's own visitors to stop allowing this tripe to be posted. I wonder what integrity sells for these days.

Why o why1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

@ morganfell

Apparently there's some kind of advertising synergy going on between n4g and vgc. HH gamer got banned for plagiarism I've been told yet this guestmaing site can lie yoy and stay posting. They retcon and have consistently undertracked one manufacturer whilst overtracking another. Ive relegated them to propaganda.

mediate-this1608d ago

75k difference is not bad, you expect them to sell the same amount. One is going to sell better. Geez chill out fanboy

Funantic11608d ago

I believe VGChartz over anything you use. All those sales counting companies are inaccurate in some way. There's no way to be 100% accurate. It's just that y'all expect the X1 to be way far behind and it's not. It's gaining momentum just like I saw the PS3 do years ago. Let's see how Xmas looks since both systems are the same price but one will have more exclusives....X1.

stuna11608d ago

In order for the Xbox1 to stop the gap from widening is for it to outsell the PS4! Not sell the same amount or, 1 console less. All those examples ensure is that the pace the gap is widening is slower.

CernaML1608d ago

X1 will have more exclusives? Youre hilarious.

Dolf0451608d ago

Lets do. Are you hoping for another tsunami?

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