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Submitted by Abriael 566d ago | news

Xbox Celebrates Landing by Branding the Moon; Argues “Everyone”Says Xbox One has the Best Exclusives

Looks like the marketing team at Xbox switched gears lately and the marketing for the Xbox One has intensified by quite a lot. (Xbox One)

Update Update: The tweet boasting the best exclusive has been just deleted. Evidently the folks at Xbox realized it included games that weren't exclusive, or maybe that claiming that "everyone" says Xbox One has the best exclusives went a little too far with the fighting words. The post has been updated with a screenshot of the deleted tweet.

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MightyNoX  +   566d ago
black070 • 3 minutes ago

Talking about exclusives while half the games pictured are multiplats.

Amazing first comment. XD
Abash  +   566d ago
Stay classy Microsoft
badboyz09   566d ago | Trolling | show
uptownsoul  +   566d ago | Well said
To all those people that said "Sony's trying to push WatchDogs/Destiny as exclusive", do they now have any comments about how Microsoft is outright claiming CoD:AW, AC:Unity and Evolve are "exclusive"?
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uptownsoul   566d ago | Off topic | show
KNWS   566d ago | Off topic | show
mcarsehat  +   566d ago
2nd time i've put this but...

These article titles always sound like someone is snitching to a teacher "miss miss, Microsoft said they were the beeeeest, tell him off miss!!!"

"Badboyz09, you are the person bringing the "no games" argument up, why are all you people so petty? (Fanboys) - From a neutral....please grow up.
uptownsoul  +   566d ago | Well said
@KNWS "You mention DLC in the list too for 2014" I know Xbox fans are talking with as many times as i hear Killer Instinct Season 2 as if it's a new game. Infamous First Light can be played stand-alone (without Second Son). Wake me up when Killer Instinct is a complete fighting game, you know with ALL the playable characters.
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elhebbo16  +   566d ago
@badboy wouldn't the Xbots say the X1 HAS games? not the other way around?
NatureOfLogic_  +   566d ago
@KNWS, So what Xbox gets two Forza games within a year. They both bring nothing new to the table. Forza 5 was a step back with content and cardboard cut out crowds, Forza Horizon looks like a colorful cartoon racing game for Xbox 360. Meanwhile Evolution delayed Driveclub, which is now arguably the best racer ever seen on consoles. You can keep the rushed uninspiring exclusives.
GiggMan  +   566d ago
Why is it about exclusives now? For the last 3 years of the 360's generation exclusives didn't matter, numbers did. Every month MS, Major Nelson and others would pull NPD numbers out their hat.

Now all of a sudden times are changing. You don't hear anything concrete about NPD numbers anymore and it's all about exclusives. The only reason they are on this exclusive kick is because there is nothing else to brag about (and exclusives is an opinion that every Xbox fan will agree with anyway)

They can't talk about numbers or power because they are getting beat in both of those areas. Hell they can't even talk about Kinect anymore because they proved themselves that people aren't interested when the released the kinectless skew. Also may I add that they said it would never happen because Kinect is an integral part of their system.

This just goes to show that MS switches gears on the fly whenever they chose.
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ThanatosDMC  +   566d ago
Sad thing is PS4 is has 3-4 times the games than the X1 has.
Eonjay  +   566d ago
And, they just deleted the post...
Eddie20101  +   566d ago
Microsoft and classy do not belong in the same sentence. They are always pulling crap to see what floats, for the the past 3 years they have been doing this. You would think more people would wise up.
afterMoth  +   566d ago
What else can Microsoft do 180's on?
choujij  +   566d ago
Looks like a real life memory leak occurred and they forgot Nintendo, Sony and PC gaming existed. XD
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4Sh0w  +   566d ago
lol, I certainly hope microsoft thinks they have the best lineup, what's wrong with that? I wouldn't be offended at all if/when sony says they have better games. In this case I agree with micro, I'm enjoying the games, tv integration and all the updated functionality so far.
zeee  +   566d ago
MS surely are entertaining us. Not with video games but with their never-ending 180s and stupidities!

Can't wait for the next one :D
AngelicIceDiamond  +   566d ago
No AC, and COD are exclusives to X1!

But on a serious note.

If they wanted to boast exclusive 3rd party it would be the content that's coming to it.

Lol MS the masters of advertisement and even they're screwing that up.
SilentNegotiator  +   566d ago
Somewhere out there, there's an Xbox fan named "Everyone"

quenomamen  +   566d ago
More like keep shoveling the BS,
r2oB  +   565d ago

You do an excellent job of conveying your ignorance, good job there. Xbox fanatics will do anything to improve their lackluster exclusive list. Including:

- KI Season 2 hype, which is nothing more than a DLC expansion to the first game, just adding more characters to a game that lacked so many.
- Hype for the Halo 5 beta. Microsoft actually listed this as a top rated exclusive. Seriously, a beta lol. And the Xbox fanatics ate it up. Betas a nice and all, but hyping them up as AAA top rated titles is a bit of a stretch.
- Last, and certainly not least, Microsoft scrapped 3 Xbox 360 games (Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and KI) to fluff their Xbox One launch line up. Once again, Xbox fanatics ate it up, completely overlooking Microsofts blatant abandonment of the 360 userbase.

There is nothing wrong with liking the Xbox One or preferring its games, but all this shit talking Xbox fanatics do about exclusives can very well bite them in the ass. Remember the 360 had awesome exclusives the first few years of its life cycle (much better than the Xbox Ones exclusives), but how did that turn out? By 2008 the exclusives began to dwindle and by 2010 the list was practically empty, rather pathetic.

Xbox fanatics make me laugh.
- sales mattered, but not anymore since Sony is dominating.
- head 2 head comparisons mattered, but not anymore since Sony is dominating.
- multiplats were the lifeblood of the industry, but not anymore since Sony is dominating.
- Indies (remember XBLA?) were awesome games, but not anymore since Sony is dominating.
- exclusives mattered, until about 2009 when Sony began to dominate. Now they matter again because there are some for the Xbox One (what about the 360?), but let's see how long it lasts this time.
loulou  +   565d ago
Who wouldve thought. dualshockers posting two paragraph hit leeches from a tweet?
-Foxtrot  +   566d ago | Funny
This picture is the best lol

(from the sites comments)
Infamous298  +   566d ago
This chalkboard pic is classic haha. Granted that by the end of this gen, the board will be filled with crossed out words
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HaveAsandwich  +   566d ago
cross off halo 5 series.........
XStation  +   566d ago
It's the best to you, because you're a fanboy.
cell989  +   566d ago
that picture is gold lol
ZombieKiller  +   565d ago
LO-MFing-L @ Xstation: Dude and you DIDN'T find it funny because you are a fanboy too just on the opposite team.
SpinalRemains138  +   565d ago
That's in Truefan's basement.
XStation  +   564d ago

truefan1  +   566d ago
XB1 does have the best exclusives, even the most notorious ps4 fanboys admit that. 99% of the time I have heard ps4 fans brag about hardware and game specs, very rarely do I ever hear ps4 fans talk about games. I used to put up about a list of XB1 games and invite ps4 fans to match my list, but very few actually wanted to compare games. The ones that did compare would have a long list of indies no one has ever heard of.

So again I invite anyone to tell me how the comp has better games than XB1. We already know XB1 had the better launch lineup, so lets look at now until spring 2015.

XB1- Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Project Spark, Halo MCC, Ori and the Blind Forest, D4, Fable Legends, Quantum Break.

One last note: This doesn't even include announced games like Phantom Dust, ScaleBound, Halo 5, and Crackdown or the inevitable Gears of War. Only those in extreme denial would say XB1 doesn't have the best games now and in the future. Also you don't heae Phil Spencer talking about indies and remasters constantly.

@mkis I just saw BadBoys comment above, it is a bunch of no name, free to play, and indie games. That list didn't impress me. Hell I doubt ps4 fans have even heard of those games. For instance WTF is tropico 5. NVM I looked it up, it's another game already out on steam like many of the ps4 games.
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mkis007   566d ago | Trolling | show
sonic989  +   566d ago
i think if you saw the above comments you will get a better idea about how many games are coming to the PS4 at the same time you can guarantee that PS4 will be supported in the long run with even more games .
why PS1 PS2 PS3 say thats the case so it will be no different here on the other hand what makes people so sure that microsoft will support the ONE appropriately lets see the Original Xbox ( died too early and got owned BY the PS2 in every department ) the 360 ( was somehow supported at the early years but then they left the console for 3rd party games also it had the least number of exclusives of any console at the time PS3 and WII ) .
now what will make it any different for the ONE .
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KNWS  +   566d ago
Truefan1@ Whats even more striking about your list all this was announced this E3 what's going to happen next E3. Sony lineup is bloodborne, order uncharted

Sony fans are delusional your list proves with out doubt Microsoft has more AAA games.
OrangePowerz  +   566d ago
By now I don't even need to read your posts anymore before clicking on disagree.

It is your personal opinion that they have the better games.

You complain about PS4 users talking about indie games while you list one yourself.

D4 is something we haven't really seen yet and it could easily turn out to be horrible to play like other Kinect only games.

If you list the Halo MCC you cam put it up against TLoU remaster.

Project Spark isn't X1 exclsuive amd Quantum Break is still quite a while away.

That leaves you with Fable, Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2.

Only those with no recollection of how MS treated their core fanbase in previous genrations a few years after launch would think that MS will deliver great ges for many years to come for the core userbase.

In my opinion Sony has the better studios.

You only see less games of them at the moment because they actually still supported their last gen userbase last year and this year, but you, KNWS and your fellow Xbox brothers have no idea how game development works so obviously can't recognize that fact.
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MysticStrummer  +   566d ago
Wow, with all those clearly superior titles XB1 must be really flying off the shelves and leaving PS4 in the dust!

Oh… the world prefers PS4.

Better luck next gen.
lifeisgamesok  +   566d ago
So true Truefan

I can't believe Sony fans put Natural Doctrine on their list...

Have you guys seen this game yet?? It really shouldn't be on any list
Christopher  +   566d ago
***XB1 does have the best exclusives, even the most notorious ps4 fanboys admit that. ***

I do like how you say that with such confidence. It's like me trying to say

"PS4 is the best console hardware, even the most notorious xbox fanboys admit that."

or, how about

"Kinect should have always been optional, even the most notorious kinect fanboys admit that."

or, we can go even further

"PS4 will always have better graphical quality and framerate than XBO on multiple platform games, even the most notorious PC fanboys can admit that."

Sounds silly, doesn't it?

Edit: Also... you don't know what Tropico V is, call it no-name... how can a game with 4 preceding games be no-named? It's also one of the more highly anticipated upcoming PC games. People like Tropico.
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Insomnia_84  +   566d ago
You sound really hurt. Are you having a hard time with so much greatness coming from Sony and Playstation? You are probably kicking, screaming and crying at this very moment. What a waste of a human life you are. What a sad individual.

Anyway, as I said in that other article, Microsoft and their arrogance, it's disgusting! Goes to show the kind of personalities that work for Xbox. Very irritating people.
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pyramidshead  +   566d ago
What hurts Xbox fans real bad like truefan1 here, the king of the Ms apologists along with KNWS and lifeisagameok too is that PS4 since launch has had a larger game library.

It continues to have the bigger, more diverse in both price and size, going forward.

Why is that this gospel that spills from your toxic fanboys minds when no-one is buying Xbones? (see NPDs). Why is it if the Xbone has more games and 'better exclusives(lel) then why is no-one buying the damn thing? I think these overcompensating comments on PS4 games is showing some immense insecurity among xbone fans. It's extremely telling, especially if viewed from your POV the PS4 is still crushing the Xbone in being a better gaming console in both performance...while having no games? lol Such logic you guys have.

PS4 continues to have more games, fact. Not subjective opinion there, sorry.
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MeliMel  +   566d ago
Lol... Xbox has some great games. So does the PS4. I enjoy them both. I also(LOL)playing the remasters on PS4. I have TR,Injustice, The Last of Us next week. Im good baby.....
remixx116  +   566d ago
Well truefan if were being real here by spring 2015 ps4 will have the better lineup period, you can choose to be ignorant to that fact but the truth is the "comp" does have better exclusives and much more coming.

If were naming All ps4 games then the ps4 lineup is just strong. Walk with me here, all the better looking,multiplats coming to ps4 - then theres driveclub, little big planet 3, the last of us remastered,beyond 2 souls remastered, guilty gear, uncharted 4, everybodys gone to rapture, bloode borne, the order 1886, infamous first light, rime and the last gaurdian - not to mention SOE will be bringing its mmos to ps4 as well with dcuo (already here), everquest next, H1Z1 and planetside 2 - and lastly we don't also have unannounced games coming like nauty dogs second triple AAA game they just announced they are working on, gorilla games' new ip, media molecule's new ip, quantic dream's new ip, sony santa monica's new ip, gorrila Cambridge's game (I think its killzone , not sure), sony bends' new ip, pixel opus' new ip, sucker punche's next game, studio japan's new ip, level 5's new ip (2nd party), etc... - also not to mention the absurd amount of indies and ps now bringing ps1 ps2 and ps3 games to ps4 as well as the unannounced japanese exclusives like persona and the tales series, I know this was just one big run-on sentence but I had to get it all out at once, I probably missed a game/ studio or 2 but its cool.

Truefan1 I will not deny the XB1 its great launch of games or that it has a great lineup coming but to say it has netter or more exclusives/ games in the pipe than ps4 is just ridiculous?, and the funny thing is this runon of games for the ps4 is never going to stop sony has the studio, this awesome indie support and an amzing system. XB1 on the other hand, its future is uncertain, microsoft has a history of abandoning its audience but hey maybe they'll suprise us. Ps4 I don't even have to guess if im getting and good console or not I just know its coming
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GiggMan  +   566d ago
Everyone saying PS4 has no games need to be careful and give this generation some time. I recall people saying that about the PS3 vs 360 and you know how that turned out.

360 came out the gate fast but dwindled down over the years. This is a marathon not a sprint. Give it time.
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stuna1  +   566d ago
Indie are games, plain and simple! Goalpost continue to move. Indie's stand for Independent studios, and at some point most studios started as Indies. The funny thing is once Microsoft started courting Independent developers at E3 14 a large number of Xbox1 supporters started soiling themselves. Even now a big Indie slated to release "No Man's Sky", some of the very one's commenting now want on the Xbox1.
windblowsagain  +   566d ago
Nobody has these games, how can anyone claim best exclusive. Only players can make that judgement once played.

Sunset Overdrive looks like it could be fun for a very short time, abit longer if your young.

Halo - meh Destiny.

Forza horizon is going up against alot of racing games.
Eddie20101  +   566d ago
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   566d ago

You say Xbox One has the best exclusives, yet Xbox One is last in sales. Gamers have spoke with their wallets, and the gaming community has shown more interest in gaming on PS4 because Xbox One exclusives are less appealing and is falling behind each month with game releases.

Sony has already proven with the PS2 and PS3, they have the best exclusives and diversity in video games...and the same will happen with the PS4.

Sony's first-party studios have no equal in the world of video games. This year looks strong for Xbox One, but again...if the Xbox One's exclusives are so great...why is PS4 still dominating in sales each month? I'll answer that for's because the gaming community is more interested in PS4 exclusives, along with having the best multi-platform games as well.

Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne alone trumps most of the games you listed!
quenomamen  +   566d ago
I'm sure all those exclusives will look great in 790p.
LordMaim  +   565d ago
I do not admit that. I would go so far as to say that not only do I not agree, but your first paragraph contains nothing but fiction.

You ask for a list of games, then you move the goal posts and decide what games do and don't apply to your changing criteria; rational discourse rapidly collapsing under judgement and recriminations. This should not be a jihad. Gaming is not a religion, forcing you to look down upon those whose console is not the same as yours.

Why do some people react to articles this way?
sAVAge_bEaST   565d ago | Not a reply | show
mrpsychoticstalker  +   565d ago
With you @truefan the Xbox One has the better exclusives. They have to since the ps4 had the better hardware. This is why Playstation owners see this as a threat. Microsoft with the weak hardware has been able to put up a fight against Sony and Nintendo. It's only a matter of time until it surpasses the PS4 on sales here in America.
It's true the PS4 is coming with giant exclusives 2015 and holiday 2015. But Microsoft still have the secret sauce, not to mention the best the best viral marketing campaigns in the market.
imt558  +   565d ago
Ori and Project Spark ARE NOT Xbone exclusives. Coming also for PC
purp13m0nk3y  +   565d ago
SONY has always had the best exclusives. I don't know why this is even an argument.

Not only does SONY have the most talented first party developers. It has far more first party studios. And they also continue support for their systems for much longer than MS.

Just look at the state of first party exclusives for the Xb360 currently and over the last 12-18months. MS gave up supporting development for the Xb360 ages ago. Where as SONY continues to support and develop both first party software and development tools for the PS3.
Regis  +   565d ago
Here at the end of 2014 I will go to my local GS and look at the Xb1 wall and PS4 wall and see who has more games then it won't surprise me to find that I will be spending more money on the PS wall then the Xbox side considering I'm not that interested in Sunset Overdrive. Plus most of the game beside Halo MCC do not have a release date yet.
king_ps4  +   565d ago
It is over truefan, time to sell the tvbox and get a true next gen console.
ThanatosDMC  +   565d ago
Wish Ubisoft would port Anno 2070 to the PS4.
brotherlymoses  +   566d ago
Where the "greatess" play


They both have false advertising
TheGreenMan  +   566d ago
Really brotherlymoses? Is that why they had the most exclusive GOTYs last gen? Or how about how the libraries of the PS1 & PS2? Show me one Xbox console that can top what Sony has brought to the table over the last 3 generations and I'll never say another word.

BTW, I'm pretty sure "greatess" isn't a word...
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CaptainObvious878  +   566d ago
I wonder when this 'PS4 has no games' thing is going to die?

Factually, the PS4 has more games, more higher rated games and the library is more diverse. This is proven time and time again, yet a certain group just doesn't seem to care about reality.

My theory is they're extremely agitated of the PS4 sales and the fact it's going to get superior multiplats for the entire gen, so they have to latch onto something and try to make it stick, facts be damned. Who knows?

All I know both consoles have some great exclusive coming out in the future and to say anyone of them has no games is utterly insane.
Baka-akaB  +   566d ago
Why the surprise ? Having games on ps3 didnt stop those fools from chanting "Ps3 Haz no gamez" as a mantra till they went blue and got caught up .

Denial and "i dont care about that game anyway" will always be a troll's best friend
#1.5.1 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(0) | Report
cell989  +   566d ago
Baka-akaB you sum it up well, its always "that game does not apply to me" "PS doesnt have Halo, so it has no games" -__- "Im a true gamer I only play Gears and Halo" smh "PS only has Uncharted" I heard that through out the PS3s life last gen
TheJacksonRGN  +   566d ago
They deleted said tweet lol
Eonjay  +   566d ago
Okay I admit it, I'm high. I thought they actually branded the moon. Its cleaver marketing though.
Prime157  +   566d ago
Lmao, thanks for that.
Mystogan  +   566d ago
They talking about exclusive content. Not that hard to figure out if you have half a brain.
showtimefolks  +   566d ago
this is why xbox brand/ms and its fanboys suck badly, how the heck do you put picture on twitter and call games exclusives which are clearly multi platform

every time it seems like ms/xbox one is improving with its image and reputation they end up doing something stupid. And for all this sony/ps4 gets free press

i mean talk about your console and games but don't try to trick consumers into thinking something is an exclusives when it's not
MasterCornholio  +   565d ago
No wonder they deleted it.

2cents  +   565d ago
I'm guessing that the person who actually wrote and posted this is one of the 18,000 to be fired by the mighty MS.
2v1  +   565d ago
arrogance and lies of MS show no limit
3-4-5  +   565d ago
Just another piece of evidence that lets us know how OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY some of these people at Xbox are.

I loved my Xbox & 360, but I just can't support all this douchey lying. It's so "rich person arrogant"..

And no, just because you have money doesn't make you bad, but YOU KNOW what I'm talking about.
geddesmond  +   565d ago
Lol I liked the part where "they don't say we have best exclusives but everyone else does". Apparently I and dozens more here ain't included in that everyne else. MS can use multiplats because aside from 4 or 5 exclusives, thats all they have.
Aldous_Snow   566d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
XiSasukeUchiha  +   566d ago
Oh boy the PR must be going down the deep end right now!

Moon landing sounds like BS.

Exclusives really MS that's subjective as hell, because TLOU remastered, and lots of other PS4 games are considered better by everyone!
BlackTar187  +   566d ago
"Exclusives really MS that's subjective as hell"

"TLOU remastered, and lots of other PS4 games are considered better by everyone!"

I spaced your sentences so you can read them aloud and find you own error

There for the disagree people who may not understand what i was saying
#3.1 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
GamersHeaven  +   566d ago
I smell desperation best exclusives? showed only three of them rest were mulitplatforms!

Microsoft has a long way to go on the Exclusive front before they start tooting their own horn so far I am seeing the same old tired franchises Halo/Forza/Fable more walk less talk please.
#4 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(20) | Report | Reply
MeliMel  +   566d ago
So your telling me there are no tired franchises on PS4. Did we not just get Tomb Raider(XB1*), The Last of Us, Injustice last gen? Oh and aren't MLB the Show, Uncharted, LBP, etc also tired franchises?

As much as I like playing new games. I always stick to what I know and just happen to enjoy a whole bunch of tired franchises.

Go look at the sales charts. It seems im not the only gamer who enjoys tired ass franchises.
kingtroy  +   566d ago
Most aren't even exclusives but hey do what needed to do
OrangePowerz  +   566d ago
Funny tweet about the best exclusives with a picture that includes 3 multiplatform games.

Also I think they got that information from Truefan1.
#6 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
ic3fir3  +   566d ago
because AC, Evolve CoD have DLC exclusive.
Sony does the same with destiny, which many people think is exclusive ps
r2oB  +   565d ago
@ ic3fir3

Please show me one instance where Sony has listed Destiny as a PS4 exclusive. Not content, but the actual game. That tweet was heavily insinuating AC, CoD, and Evolve were exclusive games, not DLC, but the actual games.
dennett316  +   566d ago
I personally don't think they have the best exclusives, and frankly, they have a lot to prove on that front after last generation where the exclusives were few and far between in the last few years, while Sony kept pumping them out on PS3 all the way to the "end" (by that, I mean the PS3 isn't dead yet).
Of the exclusives we know about so far, Quantum Break holds the most interest to me by far. Hopefully, like Alan Wake, it'll end up on the PC at some point because there's nothing else on the platform that interests me enough to buy that console.
If not, my PS4/WiiU/PC combo will keep me occupied for a long time.
OrangePowerz  +   566d ago
Well I would like to play the Halo Master Chief Remaster collection, but not enough to buy a console.
PlayableGamez  +   566d ago
It seems as if you despise Xbox.
04STIBluByU  +   566d ago
@ PlayableGamez

I think he despises paying over $400 to play 1 game...just a thought!
reploid  +   566d ago
Ive been to NYC in the last few weeks and i gotta tell ya, the ps4 was sold out in every single store i've been to in the city while the store people are desperately trying to get a couple of xboxes off the shelves. Id say its time for ms to do a little agressive marketing indeed...even if it has a couple of lies only core gamers can pinpoint, atm ill just say go for it...from my experience even the most neutral media sites are underestimating how baf things are for ms.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   566d ago
I'll be getting Sunset OD and MCC. The rest of those except Forza I'll get on my PS4. :)
sonic989  +   566d ago
ONCE UPON TIME when A console named the X360 WAS ALIVE EXCLUSIVES didnt matter but multiplats were what gaming was all about HAAAHAAAAAHAA.
i love how criteria shifts with what microsoft offers i cant hold my self from laughing , ..... man this company has no dignity no identity they can switch opinions like in a split second you cant hold a WORD for them .
Sony didnt change ( the are awesome we know it ) nintendo didnt change ( they are awesome too ) but microsoft is the spice of the console war drama ( always changing with what suits them ) .
Letthewookiewin  +   566d ago
This is getting sad MS.
christocolus  +   566d ago
Don't care much for evolve and assasins creed but this fall ill definitly be getting halo mcc, forza h2, sunset overdrive and cod aw...ori, project spark and dance central too. : )

I might also pick up destiny but its going to depend on the beta feedback&launch reviews and does anyone know the dates for KI sn2 and fable legends beta?
#12 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
kaileb  +   566d ago
SO,MCC,FH2 are the only exclusive i can see and ps4 have 3 too LBP 3,TLOU:R,DC.
Theyellowflash30  +   566d ago
The Best excluisves? Micorsoft? no...

That goes to Wii U:

- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
- The Wonderful 101
- Super Mario 3D World
- Bayonetta 2
- Donkey Kong Coutry Tropical Freeze
- Sonic Lost World
- Lego City Undercover
- Nintendo Land
- New Super Mario Bros/Super Luigi U
- Mario Kart 8
- Hyrule Warriors
- Super Smash Bros for Wii U
- Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
- Yoshi's Wooly World
- Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric
- ZombiU
- Shovel Knight (home console exclusive)
- Armillo
- Pushmo World
- NES Remix 1+2
- Pikmin 3
- The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD
- Mario & Sonic
- Scribblenauts Unlimted
- Dragon Quest X (home console exclusive)
- Wii Party U
- Wii Sports Club
- Wii Fit
- Xenoblade Chronicles X
- Splatoon
- Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
- The Legend of Zelda Wii U
- Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
- Fatal Frame The black haired Shine Maiden

These all aren't AAA titles, but there is a ton of variety!

Microsoft has some good exclusives. Sunset Overdrive was a blast to play at E3, I enjoyed it, but NO way MS has "the best exclusives" at this point.

All Nintendo does is exclusives.
#14 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
Abriael  +   566d ago
That's a lot of exclusives.

Calling them "best" is debatable. "lots" and "best" are two different things.

If we have to count all the small games, then the list for Xbox One and PS4 gets very long as well.
#14.1 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Theyellowflash30  +   566d ago
Calling it the best is subjective, I agree. But if you want to go by Metacritic or Gamesrankings..... the Wii U does have the best exclusives.

Super Mario 3D World
The Legned of Zelda The Wind Waker
Pikmin 3
Mario Kart 8
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Have better scores than all of MS and Sony's exclusives....easily. The highest rated game on the PS4 or Xbox One is Rayman Legends.....which actually has a higher score on Wii U due to the Gamepad.

But what small games are you talking about for PS4 or Xbox One that are exclusives? Transisitor is the only small game I can think of that is a A tier home console exclusive for Sony. And indie devs don't do much on the Xbox Brand because ID@Xbox is kinda trash for them.
#14.1.1 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report
Twisted_H3art  +   566d ago
@theyellowflash30 the best exclusive is going to be TLOU:R if you are talking about best score on Metacritic or Gamesrankings in about a week.
#14.1.2 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report
jcnba28  +   566d ago
Take away the non-triple A titles from his list and you still have a better list than what either Sony or Microsoft currently offer.
#14.1.3 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report
Theyellowflash30  +   566d ago
Twisted H3art

I didn't say best "exclusive" I said best "exclusives" PLURAL. So even if The Last of Us has a higher metacritic then any game still doesn't beat the number of exclusives------> plural, the Wii U has.
Master-H  +   566d ago
That's understandable, since the Wii U came out a year before the Xbone and Ps4, plus when you add in the fact that Nintendo relies on exclusives more the Sony and MS because of the lack of 3rd party support on the Wii U.

For me since i don't have a PC, a ps4 is far more valuable than a Wii U because i will have a bunch of multiplatform games not available on Wii U like The Witcher 3, the new Batman etc, bunch of indies and ftp titles plus the ps4's own exclusives, and i think that the sales reflect that the general public opinion is probably close to mine.
#14.2 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Theyellowflash30  +   566d ago
The sales reflect the 3DS is selling the most actually.

And I could easily flip it on you. I own a PC so the Wii U is far more valuable. I can get multiplaform games like the Witcher, Batman, and a bunch of indies that have far better graphics than PS4 and Xbox One. While the Wii U has better exclusives than the PS4 and Xbox One.

I think the steam sales and record numbers of the 3DS, Mario Kart 8, reflect the genral public opinion is probably close to mine.
jagermaster619  +   566d ago
The reason I did not get a Wii u is because it has alot of kid games almost no mature rated games I mean come on Nintendo what's up the last console I bought from them was the game cube that was BA Dass they need to figure out more for there fan base instead of games like ( Little Johnny goes pee pee in his diapers 2, Or baby Mario 7: potty training) Every game is for kids come on Nofriendo get with the program!!!!!!
SilentNegotiator  +   566d ago
You could make a list that big for just about any console that's been out for two years if you include a bunch of stuff that hasn't released and some games that aren't even exclusive (Scribblenauts, shovel Knight, etc).
Theyellowflash30  +   566d ago
The Wii U has not been out for two years

It launched in November 2012

Its currently July 2014

That is not two years.

I said Shovel Knight is a (home console exclusive)

Same goes for Scribblenauts. Nice passive side step though.
_LarZen_  +   566d ago
One just cant take Microsoft serious anymore. Lies upon lies. More u-turns then a car film. And every game will look and perform better on a PS4.

It's Game Over for Microsoft. They have years of making up to do.
souga_houjou_jin  +   566d ago
sure...keep thinking that
PlayableGamez  +   566d ago
Best exclusives is subjective. One can simply say PS4 and or Wii U haves the best exclusives.
JBSleek  +   566d ago
Do you want MS to say a competitor has better exclusives? Of course it's subjective...
Subaruwrx  +   566d ago
The key word here is 'everyone.' This statement is pure BS because clearly not everyone says that the X1 has the better exclusives. This smacks of desperation on the part of the MS PR department. For example, the statement "Xbox one has the best exclusives," while subjective, is a much more defensible point of view.
MegaRay  +   566d ago
They actually have the "best exclusive"..... DLCs... have you seen the new Call of Douchy... /s
#18.2 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gamercologyst  +   566d ago
MS has a Better line up , NO Sony has a Better Line up
Fanboys are everywhere , im not a Fanboy ,i'm just a HARDCORE GAMER
i want Real Gaming (no handholding , no Waypoints , no Objective Mark, no Dumbed Down gameplay , Challenge , no Cinematic Experience , no RegenHealth)
and all of you are saying best line up (but the Gameplay cant compare with Old Skool Hardcore Gaming , Deal with it)

both Corporation does the Same thing , MS and Sony are the Same , both Corporation make games for Casuals, both Company are charging you to Play Online , both Company killed GAMING CONSOLE (PS3 / 360 and PS4/XBOX ONE are NOT gaming console , both are PC wannabe) and before everybody attack me , im NOT a PC gamer
i want people to WAKE UP , Don't be a Fanboy
im tired with all these Fanboyish BS
1080p /60 FPS is Better than 720p and 30FPS , NO 720p and 30FPS is better than 1080p and 60FPS
But Nobody is talking about Gameplay being DUMBED DOWN
is Graphic More important than Gameplay and Enjoying a Great Experience ?
is this the future of gaming ?
#19 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
aragon  +   566d ago
sorry but according to fanboys it is the future of gaming, and ms and sony are to be blamed for these silly wars and fanboy rants, people dont really remember gameplay these days, i see on here people say its been going on since 360 and ps3 but its a lie i been on here for a few months and i have been visiting ign since way way back when ign was ign a decent website i have never seen so many nonsensical articles about fps and res since xbox one and ps4 came out the comment section never used to be flamed on ign with silly comparison links like it is now since xbone and ps4 both corporations have created silly fanboys with insecurities and they both flip flop, if u r a gamer these days u have to just ignore flaming wars and play good games. which is why i admire nintendo even tho the wiiu in some peoles eyes isnt doing well, nintendo has done a good job regardless and they dont promote flaming as much as sony and ms
mochachino  +   566d ago
PS4 already has more and better exclusives for my gaming tastes.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   566d ago
For me its Wii U first and Xbox One second. But I sure have spent a ton of time playing Dead Rising 3. Best game in the series and totally worth the cost of the system.
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   565d ago
Dead Rising 3 was worth 550$
MultiConsoleGamer  +   565d ago
Yes absolutely. So were the other 3 games I purchased at launch.
Alabamarolltide1990  +   566d ago
Lol the most exclusives? I think that goes to wii u. Not PS4 or Xbox One. These fanboy wars are getting old and annoying. We get it you love PS4 and hate Xbox One. Same goes for Xbox One fans. Both have had some ridiculous advertisements. Both have fucking retarded ass fans.
PockyKing  +   566d ago
#23 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kingoftherodeo  +   566d ago
face it no matter what team you are on. xbox has the better games/exclusive content this year. ps4 does have a longer list of games but quantity is never better than quality. sure you can say since when did exclusive content make it feel like exclusive to console. well xbox started the whole exclusive content, ps4 took it to another level by trying to get exclusive content and trying to pass up game as exclusive game.

you can post all the lists you can but as much as you all wanna deny xbox has the games. i don't give a damn really I get both exclusives , but yes ps4 is a bit more powerful than xbox1. and xbox is relying on the games to try to drive its console.
#24 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Big-finger  +   566d ago
I think the xbox fanboys this gen are just very grumpy, possibly because the p4 leads the one in sales, power and the variety of games offered. They have to make up lies to justify their purchase. It's going to be hell for them this whole gen, as xbone will never catch up to the ps4 in all fronts.
ziggurcat  +   566d ago
"The tweet boasting the best exclusive has been just deleted."

I was wondering where that tweet went... because they claimed that they weren't the ones saying that xbone had the best games, and I was going to hit them with their own ad which says @ 0:25 - "The best games of the year live on Xbox One."
#26 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Subaruwrx  +   566d ago
Update. Apparently, MS realized the tweet was over the top and deleted it. Good for them for realizing that the statement was ridiculous.
ziggurcat  +   566d ago
perhaps the reason for the retraction was because in the image they posted related to that tweet, half of the images were multi-platform titles (AC: Unity, CoD, and Evolve), and not so much them thinking it was over the top.
Subaruwrx  +   566d ago
It was over the top because they used the word 'everyone.' Obviously, as I stated above, not everyone thinks MS has the best exclusives.
RichardDawkins  +   566d ago
That's a BOLD claim coming from Microsoft. I certainly don't think Xbox has better exclusives.
iBigdog500  +   566d ago
Reason why they have those multiplats on there is because those games have timed exclusive content for those game. Evolve has a beta for Xbox One later this year.
Goku781  +   566d ago
One step forward, then two steps back.
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