Why Microsoft Closing Xbox Entertainment Studios Is the Right Call

The past decade has not been especially easy for Microsoft. The company has branched off in many directions, but was slow to adjust to the shift toward mobile. One part of its business that has remained fairly strong is Xbox, but even that has grown unwieldy

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JBSleek1607d ago

I do think it's a good idea yet for the reason that it wasn't successful and there is no reason to continue giving money to a studio who couldn't deliver.

That money can go to other innovations that could work and are proven to work. MS is trying to be lean and able to adapt quickly enough to compete on a consumer scale with Apple and Google.

christocolus1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I wasn't happy they closed XES but after reading Phils letter it kind of made a lot more sense. They are now putting all their effort and focus into creating more game content for xbox and then we still get the halo tv series. Also XES was not fully fleshed out..the upcoming shows all sounded pretty but none had been released yet so there wasn't a huge following yet. I hope it keeps getting better from here on.


Those studios all have stuff planned and platform next,lift and LXP haven't even shown what they are working on yet.. MS needs to have as many studios as possible. I actually think that's an area nadella may look into. He talked about aquisitions and partnerships. If he actually plans to keep pushing the xbox brand as stated in his letter then he will definitly have to look into expanding and growing MS 1st party studios.

lifeisgamesok1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Always a good read from you

Yeah I think Phil and Sadella will build their teams and create more 1st party content than in the past

Black Tusk from what I hear has some great talent and we know 343 has a lot of potential they actually made my favorite Halo game :)

Platform Next and LXP should be showing their creations soon

Good to know Xbox is in great hands

OpieWinston1606d ago

The problem with the upcoming shows was that the actual cool show synopsises...Didn't have pilots ordered and just pointed to them producing cheap cop out shows.

It had a lot of potential but wasn't marketted properly or have enough strong backing. I mean hiring names like Seth Green to make a Stop motion series was a good idea but most of the other ideas were overly done.

It's good Halo series is still on and that Remedy is still working on Quantum Breaks series without any delays.

If any FUTURE TV shows happen, they'll be more interactive and probably have a direct impact on certain games.

nucky641606d ago

meanwhile, while MS is trying to "compete on a consumer scale with Apple and Google", they're getting their @sses whipped by sony in the console market - yea, MS has everything under control. LOL

JBSleek1606d ago

Yea because the console market is soooo important....

n4rc1606d ago

Yet playstations success isn't doing much for Sony's bottom line.. And xboxs "failure" hasn't put a dent in ms' revenue..

Consoles are so very little of what these two companies do

ABeastNamedTariq1606d ago

Yo I swear you used to be a PS fan. I might be confusing you for someone else lol.

OT: if they're cutting the fat, good. More game is always awesome. Put ya money where ya mouth is

BitbyDeath1607d ago

Was a good decision to trim the fat but they still have a lot more fat that should be cut out.

Studios like-

Good Science Studio
Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment
Leap Experience Pioneers
Platform Next Studios
Microsoft Studios – Mobile Gaming
Lift London
Soho Productions

Or better yet, join them altogether and make a decent studio that makes games for Xbox.

MeliMel1606d ago

Everyone, meet Microsoft's new CEO.

SpyDro1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

- Good Science Studios is rumored making a new title
- is Kids and Lifestyle even a studio? Or did you get that off Wikipedia?
- Leap Experience Pioneers is also making a Xbox One title.
- Platform Next is also the new rumored studio making an Xbox One title
- Mobile gaming
- Lift London is making 4 games.
- Soho is not even a game studio. They make apps such as Xbox fitness.

BitbyDeath1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Yes Wikipedia. Most of them are just dead studios that have never made a game before and have shown no progress of making games.

As for mobile gaming? It is mobile gaming why dedicate a studio for it? Leave that to the kids.

Xbox fitness really need an entire studio? Is that studio made up of one person?

So much wastage of money and for little to no gain.

SpyDro1606d ago


Soho made Upload Studios. You clearly know nothing about game/app development. How can they show progress in making a game if they haven't even announced it?

BitbyDeath1606d ago

Okay, looks like Lifestyle and Fitness made Xbox Fitness, Soho looks to be working on apps, wiki is out of date so ignore that studio.

Lift London is making 4 games but looking into it further and you can see none are for Xbox.

MS did say recently they were going further into the mobile space so I guess that is what these extras are for and why we never hear anything about them.

SpyDro1606d ago


Lift London is creating games across ALL Microsoft platforms

BitbyDeath1606d ago


May crossover from other platforms to Xbox.
Keyword 'May'. These are games made for mobiles.

" Lift London is now also creating content for cloud services, suggesting its in development projects may crossover with Xbox One."


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Kayant1607d ago

For their vision - No it's a big blow to their "all in one entertainment vision" and a reminder their vision was not well visualized
For gamers most definitely it more resources that could be put into the gaming aspect although I question their supposed refocus in gaming as the deciding factor and coming outcome because it's an unmeasurable statement because there is no way to see if any upcoming support is part of their prior investment like the $1 billion on games or from the this renewed focus. Time will though as how the landscape for XB1 will reflect if those words were just part of a reassuring PR statement or if they meant it.

ElementX1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I think the "all-in-one entertainment" phrase refers to combining music, television, movies, social media, and gaming applications on one box.

Qrphe1606d ago

Good, it sounded terrible for the Xbox as a gaming brand.

LightDiego1606d ago

They could create a show with Master Chief interviewing developers and celebrities. Arbiter would be the musician and stuff.

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