The Last of Us Devs Explain Why PS4 Version Isn't "Just a Graphical Upgrade" and More

There has been a lot of discussion on the value of The Last of Us Remastered, and as the release date approaches many are wondering just how much Naughty Dog improved its masterpiece and how much work has gone into it.

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XiSasukeUchiha1611d ago

Damn so its come with that and alot more for a complete package!

XiNarutoUzumaki1611d ago

Naughty Doge deserves my money twice.

Yi-Long1611d ago

Not mine. They censored the EU version (AGAIN), and I won't support (self) censorship. It's ridiculous.

I'll pick up a USA copy when I'm back in Hong Kong.

1611d ago
CertifiedGamer1611d ago

Naughty Dog deserves my money twice said no PC gamer ever.
Naughty dog should offer an upgrade plan to PS3 buyers, the fact that console gamers allow developers to sell them a game twice baffles me. This type of thing doesn't happen in PC.

BlackTar1871611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


Looks at my Xcom games i re bought thru Steam for convenience. Weird

Yi-Long1611d ago

@PumpkinEater: I'll buy the USA-version, which is uncensored, and worthy of my money. Not the EU version.

Also pretty sure it will be quite a bit cheaper in HK.

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aceitman1611d ago

and I know there will be one that will say TLOU sold over a million day one . and it will be well deserved. well its getting closer to launch date so there will be more info on the game , people said something like oh, im getting worried I haven't heard anything on TLOU is there something wrong , now that there letting info out its too much, SMH some people are never satisfied.

showtimefolks1611d ago

people doubting ND or accusing them are insane, when have they let us down? The game is coming out and a lot of people are excited and so am i

i will happily pay full price for TLOU again even thought its $10 less, also i will happily pay $60 for GTA5 on ps4. people think these are simply hd remakes without realizing how much work actually goes into it

MuhammadJA1611d ago

Why bother release new IPs then with this mentality?

showtimefolks1611d ago

people like you who always talk about new Ip's are the type who buy the same sequels every fall. Publishers invest millions into a IP so what you want them to just keep making new IP's?

this argument over new IP's is so damn stupid, some of the biggest games coming soon are sequels not new Ip's

but please keep talking about new IP's, how about some of you actually buy those damn new IP's too.

DragonKnight1611d ago

"Publishers invest millions into a IP so what you want them to just keep making new IP's?."

Umm, yes. Why do you want to play remasters of the same games over and over? You understand that your mentality has the admittedly extreme end result of developers realizing that all they have to do is remaster their back catalog for easy money and never make new IPs again right?

showtimefolks1611d ago


hold so let me get this straight, EA just published Titanfall so now you don't want TF2 but you want a new IP? do you know how gaming business works? the onloy way to get new Ip's are to make sequels so enough money is coming in to support the new IP's funding

also maybe this is your first console but every time a new console is launched for the first few years we get remakes/hd collection of games from past console gens.

not everyone had a ps3 to play TLOU
not everyone had xbox360 to play Halo

if all you want are new IP's than play indie titles, because bigger publishers will always prefer sequels first than few new IP's. For a established IP you know you have a fanbase but with a new IP, it's a huge risk

i want new IP's as much as the next guy but to say that's all i want is wrong. Some of my favorite games are sequels. Some of my most wanted games are sequels

Witcher 3
Uncharted 4

but i am also very excited to play bloodborne and the order 1886,sunset overdrive etc,

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Aldous_Snow1611d ago ShowReplies(1)
JBSleek1611d ago

Not trying to troll. Honestly, but the amount of TLOU articles on this website seems too much and that wouldn't be a problem if they all weren't saying the exact same thing but just reworded.

XiNarutoUzumaki1611d ago

You again...

The game is coming out. Let the game get its promotion. Titanfall has more hype than this. Where were you?

Or, you can just leave.

SonyNGP1611d ago

Oddworld deserves more hype than this port.

1611d ago
MegaRay1611d ago

Haha yup. But Look at the bright side, the game will release next week and then TLoUs articles will stop..... for a day then we're back at the "wow 60fps"...etc

chrisarsenalsavart1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

you are worst than a troll, your truefan1.
And stop pretending being a pc gamer only when u can be found evangelizing xbox1 on every x1 articles.
U pathetic

uth111611d ago

yup.. between this and Destiny, it's 80% of the content of this site lately

Clunkyd1611d ago

Why aren't you on PC articles...oh thats right, theres nothing new or to look forward to on PC.

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vikingland11611d ago

That was a fairly uninformative article really.

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