Bicycles & Confetti Bombs Coming to Destiny

On the Destiny forum, Bungie's Community Manager has confirmed that bicycles and confetti bombs will be in the final version.

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kneon1486d ago

Today there were beach balls and soccer balls at the tower.

Next up hula hoops and pogo sticks ;)

Snakester951486d ago

I've seen the soccer ball and big purple looking ball at the Tower so far. Did they have a beach ball? That's awesome =P They really should just keep throwing random stuff into the Tower for events/holidays.

kneon1486d ago

It was the big purple ball the I was calling a beach ball, though it could have also been a very round balloon. It was very floaty and a bit squishy like a slightly under-inflated beach ball.

mrfxc120921486d ago

This better be real or pre-order cancelled

Snakester951486d ago

I see in no way that this could be fake, why would Bungie lie about confetti bombs?

Summons751486d ago

They do love their confetti as evidenced in the Halo games (primarily 2,3 and Reach) =]

BattleAxe1486d ago

If you read the entire thread, the community manager was just kidding around. This article is just plain stupid.

Snakester951486d ago

I'm just imagining a bicycle alongside any of the other crazy vehicles in Destiny =P

wls10121486d ago

all the other games I had planed to buy are now cancelled, Destiny is all I need in 2014

SuperBlunt1486d ago

Is anybody else kinda let down from this game? Its an opinion but I dont think this game is going to be that special. Feels waaay too much like halo for me to enjoy

Snakester951486d ago

I can definitely see where you're coming from. The big thing is, it's Bungie and it's still an FPS. Since having played the alpha and beta I'd say it's similar but it's not as close as you'd think. Have you played it at all yet? I will say though, the competitive certainly gives off that vibe.

HaveAsandwich1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I know what you mean, but i'm so caught up in it at this point, any thoughts of halo are pretty much gone. I was skeptical, but i'm really involved now. It's got me.

generic-user-name1486d ago

Don't forget that many Destiny players will have never owned a Halo title.

objdadon1486d ago

I can't agree with that. I never got in to halo but I immediately got into this beta! It has some halo elements but has elements of a few other games along with it's own identity. I went from not very interested to p reordering the ghost edition! Can't wait! I know the size of the world's and leveling of my characters will keep my attention for a long time!

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