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Bioware isn’t ruling out the possibility of co-op in Dragon Age: Inquisition

When fans think of the Dragon Age franchise, co-op gameplay isn’t a feature that generally comes to mind. While Bioware did add a separate multiplayer mode to Mass Effect 3, most of their games are usually single player story-driven experiences. That is why it is odd that they developer didn’t deny the possibility of co-op in Dragon Age: Inquisition when recently asked. Instead, Bioware simply revealed that they have yet to announce any multiplayer features for the game. (Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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-Foxtrot  +   571d ago
Even though I wouldn't want it, I'd rather see it done in Dragon Age then a game like Elder Scrolls.

Least people will be able to get their co-op RPG fix there instead and will stop wanting it included in Bethesda RPG games.
PinkEye  +   571d ago
What's wrong with it in Elder Scrolls games? Don't like it, Don't play the coop.
-Foxtrot  +   571d ago

Because the main appeal of the ES games and Fallout is the fact they are fantastic single player games which puts you the hero into a massive world where you and you alone are the ones who shape it for better or worse.

Having friends coming into the game would just kill that completely. It would destroy what the games are supposed to be about.

From the technical point of's Bethesda, they can't even do a single player game without a shit load of bugs/glitches can you honestly imagine them wasting time on co-op. Unlike what many people think, co-op isn't an easy thing you can just add into the game within a few days, it takes ages and would waste resources when they could be spent toward making the single player as good as it can be.

Then we have post launch, if we have all these bugs in the single player they spend ages on fixing can you imagine all the co-op bugs they would need to fix...they would spent most of their time on fixing the co-op bugs instead of the game breaking single player ones which would ruin the game overall.

Honestly...if you think about it, and think about who is making the game, it's just not worth it. Co-op or online in general is something which should never be added to ES or Fallout. They already have the ES Online and look how well that's doing (not good).

So's not a "Don't like it, Don't play it" situation. If they add it single player gamers will suffer while co-op lovers will be on it for like a few weeks then move onto the next shiny online game leaving single player games with a ruined franchise and a half arsed game.

Jeez...can we have at least one or two single player only games. Online doesn't need to be shoved into everything.

Nobody ever thinks about the consequences of asking for it from Bethesda
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pandehz  +   571d ago

I'm ok with or without it. I have played 1 and 2 without. Co op could be fun.

I don't but new games and commit time for just another repeat.
vishmarx  +   569d ago
essays aside,
anyone else find it suspicious that theyre unsure of something so significant 4 months from release?
dmeador  +   569d ago

Respect where you are coming from, but some of your argument IS a "if you dont like it dont play it" situation as far as you think it will ruin the experience.

You are right about the technical side/glitches. But you can say the same for adding any major feature. I love the work they do, and trust if they put it in, it would be worth it.
PinkEye   571d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
BattleTorn  +   569d ago
I respect what your saying about ES and Fallout should remain SP.

But IMO I think to preserve that atmosphere they should limit the co-op to 1 drop-in friend.

Rather than go full MMO, and try to get everyone in the same realm.
dcj0524  +   569d ago
3 player co-op?
Homegamer  +   571d ago
I for one think it would be pretty cool as you would be able to focus on one character instead of worrying about micro-managing your party, that being said the only downside is that you could get stuck with someone who has no idea what they're doing in which case it can spell disaster for you and your friends but that's anything co-op really so hopefully if there is co-op it's good
DonDon  +   571d ago
WTF? I like micro-managing my party. That's what was great about the first D.A. game. Letting someone control my party eliminates all the strategy for me. I'm cool with co-op so long as I still have 3 total npc party members that I can control by myself. Let the co-op partner have his own team too. But to only control one guy is like controlling only one person in final fantasy or persona. No thanks.
PinkEye  +   571d ago
Dito. I don't necessarily want co-op, but I sure as heck don't want them taking away my control over the entire party. In fact, why did they stop making Dragon Age completely turn-based? Why did they have to go with action rpg? Clearly not many liked it when looking at critical/user reviews. I still just replay Dragon Age Origins. Best western JRPG (Japanese style pseudo-turn based system from the west).
Homegamer  +   571d ago
@DonDon don't know how to edit, and for some reason it wasn't letting me type too much on mobile so I had to condense

I was thinking more along the lines of a separate thing where it's in a session of its own, that's why I brought up matchmaking, my DA game is best played solo without the screams of your companions from online over crappy wifi and headphones, and I was thinking that my earlier statement would be better for those that have never played a DA game, but that being said if this was an OPTION that would be great as well

So in all keep the old style while having an OPTIONAL new style for the newer guys, that's what I was trying to say earlier sorry for any confusion
ThanatosDMC  +   569d ago
Crap, I may have to cancel my pre-order if this happens. I prefer DA:O control mechanics. Pausing the game to fix tactics was fun.
DivineCrusader  +   569d ago
That would be a neat feature, provided it is executed in a proper fashion. Either way, I'm looking forward to the release in November. Destiny will have to sate my need for RPGs until then, though.
RegorL  +   569d ago
I would be more surprised if there is no multiplayer elements.

This is built using Frostbite, possibly the engine were you loose least features when going from singleplayer to multiplayer.
+ Graphics, mostly the same
+ Destruction, remains
+ Lightning, still dynamic and adopts to destruction
- CPU usage, goes up

A co-op would fit very well.
Solve the same puzzles, fight the same battles but as one character.
You could even keep the pause and tactical view... (but it would be up to each player to execute the orders received)
A co-op limits the number of concurrent players, helping to stay within CPU specs for dual cores?
JohnnyHurricane  +   569d ago
If it is Co Op it won't be split screen... Just like Dead Space 3
Deadpoolio  +   569d ago
Whats your point? I mean clearly a lot of people don't really know how game design works, and how hard it can be having split screen because it forces you to render everything on screen twice using up resources. With online co-op your losing nothing since each person is on their own system not wasting resources on splitting the screen and displaying everything twice
Sheikah  +   569d ago
Had high hopes for for a Dragon Âge themed ME3 style multiplayer, but alss, I think...
ExposingLames  +   569d ago
I like bioware. yeah the ending of ME3 sucked, but the rest of the game was bad ass and I LOVED the MP in ME3. I would like to see what they could do with a MP in DAI as I love MP parts of games (i hope they are kept separate though) Co op seems to have a big chance to be hurtful.
Dying_Jester  +   569d ago
As cool as that sounds, after how big of a screw up DA 2 was, I'm guessing fans want to see a VERY well put together single player game before Co-op is even talked about.
Geekman  +   569d ago
What's with developers and the words "haven't ruled out" and "Considering"? Can we get a straight answer?
dcj0524  +   569d ago If they're considering by definition it's not a definite no or a confirmed yes.
PiNkFaIrYbOi  +   569d ago
Oh please don't do it.
LeeFace  +   569d ago
As long as the single-player is left alone, I'll be happy.
TheOnlyMastrx  +   569d ago
Havent started the Dragon Age series yet, have both Origins and 2 but been on Skyrim for the longest time. My cousin and brother have been playing both Dragon Age games recently and from what I have seen, implementing coop into future Dragon Age games would be amazing in my opinion.

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