5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Excited For Destiny

Twinfinite presents 5 reasons why everyone should be looking forward to what Destiny has to show off in the Fall.

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Aldous_Snow1547d ago

I'm so excited I'm going to make everyone a pancake!!!

HyperBear1547d ago

I'll take chocolate chips and blueberries in mine please! :D

Summons751547d ago

ohhh chocolate chip please!

Crazyglues1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

@ Uncle_Buck

-I'll take my pancake plain, with strawberries and some scrambled eggs and Bacon... thanks -

But all jokes aside...
I'm pumped for * D E S T I N Y *

The Game is going to be a lot of fun.
Can't wait..

||.........___||............ ||

christian hour1547d ago

I'll take some meat on my pancakes Uncle Buck. Take a little off the shoulder. Swish! The elbow. Slash! Shave a little meat off the old kneecap. Fowap! Ooooo!

Aldous_Snow1547d ago

lol you know what a hatchet is, don't ya Bugg?

christian hour1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Looks like Bugg phantom disagrees with this.

Or maybe he jsut didn't get in to the Destiny Beta :D


If anyones looking for fireteam buddies hit me up :D

pandehz1547d ago

Very clever.

Poison everyone so you get to the lootz first?

TripC501546d ago

Don't listen... The pancake is a lie

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skydragoonity1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

2 reasons everybody should not be excited: its online only/has no offline campaign mode.

MysticStrummer1547d ago

Only one reason needed.

No game is for everyone, so everyone will never be excited for a particular game.

christian hour1547d ago

I don't see why you can't play the campaignoffline. The maps will be empty and lonely but I'm expecting an offline campaign to be part of the package going off what I've seen in the alpha/beta.

Things taht won't work offline are the crucible and of course the raids (cant remember what they're called in Destiny, The Devils Lair mission etc) because they even state on the mission requirements "PS plus sub required".

Whereas the campaign missions don't state this requirement at all, so I think if your console goes offline, you can still play the game.

Theyellowflash301547d ago

I played the beta..... and I'm not excited. Kinda just seems like Halo and Borderlands had a MMO baby.

Not that its bad, I'll still buy it so I can upload gameplay, but still....not excited after playing it this weekend.

Hellsvacancy1547d ago

I'm enjoying the beta, well I was until I finished it, i've played as much as it has to offer, I think

It surprised me how much fun it was, kind of a mash up of Borderlands meets Mass Effect

lameguy1547d ago

Mass Effect? How so? Maybe in setting (space) but certainly not borrowing anything else.

Hellsvacancy1547d ago

The Tower reminds me of The Citadel, slightly

In the MP, I sometimes die (I have no idea what it is) by this purple thingy, reminds me of a biotic power and Asari would use

I didn't say it was borrowing anything, I meant it in a GOOD way

lameguy1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

@Hells - Citadel, perhaps.

I think Destiny gives a bad name to Mass Effect though just from the point of view of combat/gunplay mechanics unfortunately.

For instance, in Mass Effect there were 3 'health bars' and each required different tactics/guns/mods -- strategy. In Destiny, there's 2 'health bars' and the second one is weak/shallow compared to even Halo. Has anyone seen people switch up tactics/guns to take out shields reliably? I haven't ... it's nothing but an extended health bar with no gameplay depth. For an RPG, that's really disappointing.

Can't comment about character relationships yet since no one's seen the story mode. Hopefully Destiny allows you to form meaningful relationships with other characters.

Hellsvacancy1546d ago

Mass Effect 3 required ZERO tactics, it was just a 3rd person shooter, it was actually the EASIEST game in the series

christian hour1547d ago

Yeah I'd say its more borderlands meets halo meets star wars. Not a bad concoction at all.

And hitting the cap isn't all it has to offer btw. There's tonnes to explore and uncover in Old Russia and even though your level has capped your skills and weapons still level up and upgrade (almost have my Triple Jump :D ) there are new maps made available during Iron Banner events, and theres more susprises further along the lines too apparently (fingers crossed for some moon missions)

Hellsvacancy1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I did explore abit, found this one area but all the enemies were level 20 and anything I threw at them (EVERYTHING) they was totally immune to, I even tried speeding through it to see if I could find anything, nothing

It's fun, I really enjoy it, but after 2-3 hours I get abit bored playing the same maps etc, i'm ready for the full game

yankolo1547d ago

Destiny is slow and boring... (opinion)

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