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Pokemon lookalike Collectems Headed To the PS Vita and PS4

A new open world RPG with the look and feel of Pokemon is headed to the PS Vita and PS4 (Collectems, PS Vita, PS4)

XiNarutoUzumaki  +   375d ago
PS Vita system Seller right There!
smt_Nocturne  +   374d ago
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ShinMaster  +   374d ago
I'm wondering if they're drawn...like that... on porpuse? lol

[ inb4 "Sony copying again" comments without realizing it's an indie game that Sony had nothing to do with ]
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gaffyh  +   374d ago
From the description of the game though, it seems a little different. Stuff like infusing DNA from one dead monster to another, so it seems like they don't have a KO system. Also, it looks like it will be mostly procedural (which imo is not a good thing for this type of game)
XiSasukeUchiha  +   375d ago

Agree my ninja, but also PS4 seller right here!
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blitz0623  +   374d ago
Stop agreeing with yourself
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   374d ago
For the 23th time, we aren't the same people.
Burrito26a  +   374d ago
23rd. Not 23th. The next time someone accuses you two of being the same person you can then use "th" as it will be the 24th time.
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Exari  +   374d ago
i usually enjoy reading comments, but these xi guys (or this one guy) write the most biasd, random, annoying nonsense that i dont even consider a comment. wish that they stops commenting.
DiscoKid  +   374d ago
Why are you making accounts and agreeing with yourself?
AaronPS  +   375d ago
Gotta collectem all
DanielGearSolid  +   375d ago
I like everything but the old school visuals

Nostalgia is great but cmon...
mikel1015  +   375d ago
"Open world" You keep on using that phrase.

I do not think it means what you think it means.
Heisenburger  +   374d ago

OT: I agree with the above. I like the concept but I'm not crazy about the visuals. I'm not a graphics whore, and I do believe that usually art style>/=graphics. However this game does not look pretty to me.

You never know though.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   375d ago
I appreciate the effort but it probably won't work. It is missing something important. Pokemon is so cool because of the anime show with its characters and cute pokemons. This game needs to build a world that is known to kids from TV and reminds them of the adventures of their heroes.

But a cool approach. They probably would be better of to buy a license for Digimon or something else...
MegaRay  +   374d ago
Ugh, we need a successor to digimon world 3 (ps1).
I know there's DW4 and maybe even DW5 but DW3 was awesome IMO
Darkfist  +   374d ago
there is, its called digimon story cyber sleuth
Foraoise  +   374d ago
Because of the anime?! Hell no. The anime was based OFF the game. Not the other way around. Also, anime's dumb.
KonsoruMasuta  +   374d ago
The anime actually played a big part in the success of Pokémon. Especially in the west, where the anime came before the games for a lot of people.
trenso1  +   374d ago
Actually it's the other way around. Hell even yellow was made to follow the anime more closely than red blue(and green) did.
ShinMaster  +   374d ago
Yellow came later and was made to resemble the anime. But Red, Green and Blue came out first.
Ash replaces Red and every other male player character from subsequent sequels.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   374d ago
Without the Anime, kids wouldn't get attached to the characters and pokemons that much...
ABizzel1  +   374d ago
The anime was horrible, and so full of $#!@ I couldn't bare to watch it outside of hoping it would one day, be like the games. Which never happened.

That being said no one can argue that the anime didn't have a big influence on the games either.

And that theme song.....inspirational. Made you really want to catch'em all and be a master. Why hasn't the original theme song been used in the game?
ShinMaster  +   374d ago
It doesn't need a TV show or success in the scale of Pokemon to be a good game.

Also, the anime is almost unwatchable today. Whereas the games remain good.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   374d ago
while that is true, the anime helped a lot to bring life to the characters and pokemons
Relientk77  +   374d ago
Interesting, I'd like to see more
user7402931  +   374d ago
Darkfist  +   374d ago
that remind me how pokemons used to look weird in Red/Blue until the anime and Yalow release.
gamercologyst  +   374d ago
im seeing somebody complaining about the mighty Graphix -_-''

I don't play for the graphic , i play because i LOVE GAMING
so , if this game will be the same as Pokemon Red and Blue DAY1 for ME :D
dafegamer  +   374d ago
looks more like a complete ripoff
Is it an Indie title
OtakuDJK1NG  +   374d ago
it is
ShinMaster  +   374d ago
They dev was supposedly inspired by 3D Dot Game Heroes and Retro City Rampage.
LAWSON72  +   374d ago
I really don't like the monster designs and eventhough graphics don't mean much to me I don't like them
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jcnba28  +   374d ago
ColeMacGrath  +   374d ago
Since it's in early development, they could add colors to the the game. Otherwise looks interesting.
SpiralTear  +   374d ago
This looks like one of those bootleg Pokemon games. The monsters are either blatant ripoffs of existing Pokemon or weird, DNA-spliced monster horror shows.
Mystogan  +   374d ago
Another one to add to the Stellar PS4 exclusive list. /Sarcasm
OtakuDJK1NG  +   374d ago
well ha
telekineticmantis  +   374d ago
A couple days ago, I said "I wish Sony would buy pokemon so we could get the Pokemon game we deserved for more than a decade now, and today I see this.
SweatyFlorida  +   374d ago
Those designs look worse then ones seen on Deviant art, yeesh.

I do agree that the Pokemon formula should be done more, surely Nintendo/Gamefreak can't be the only ones to make a popular monster rpg since the beginning of the Gameboy till now and in the future...
shmeedy24685  +   374d ago
I would try it out!
Killzoner99  +   374d ago
OH but the Vita has no games!!!! sarcasm.
Jonny5isalive  +   374d ago
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. It doesnt. Gravity rush 2 is the only one worth a SH@T.
Protagonist  +   374d ago

Keep loosing bubbles!
Jonny5isalive  +   374d ago
whatever bro, I understand you cant handle my opinion. I got my vita the week before its official launch. Off the top of my head I have Rayman origins, unit 13, gravity rush, mortal kombat, madden 13?, AC liberation, Ragnarok odyssey, wipeout, soul sacrifice, muramusa rebirth and Killzone merc. along with alot of PS+ games like uncharted and NG.

There are not many future games im interested in and that list you show confirms that to me. I love anime, but im not into turnbased rpgs with cutesy schoolgirl artstyles or whacky games like akibas trip. Freedom wars looks cool and Id maybe buy borderlands for 10$, but all I really care about in the vita's future is gravity rush 2.
isarai  +   374d ago
I'm all for some retro shizz, but this is more limiting than nostalgia
ChubbyLover  +   374d ago
look, I admit pokemon has some bad monster designs at times... but man none of those look appealing whatsoever...
TheOnlyMastrx  +   374d ago
If reviews show it to be a game that truly feels like an old pokemon game, then I will definitely be getting this.
Dan_scruggs  +   373d ago
You know what they say. When you cant beat em. Blatantly rip them off.

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