Opinion: Why the PS4 is Still a Better Buy than the Xbox One


Make no mistake, if you purchased a next-gen console, whether Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you made a good purchase. Both machines are highly capable of bringing video game entertainment to even the most dedicated gamer. However, now that some time has passed, there is a better decision to be made between the two consoles. Granted, both consoles are remarkably similar and your brand loyalty will play a bigger role in making a decision than anything else, but if you are still on the fence, consider the following.

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IanVanCheese1609d ago

well of course it is. I prefer Xbox One but I can see why plenty of people prefer the PS4. If I wasn't so interested in MS's exclusives and was just going for the big multiplatform games, PS4 would be mighty tempting.

Also they have the indie corner covered a lot better for now, though Xbox is catching up>

Can't we all just get along? Guys? No. Fine lets just hurl poop at each other.

ScottyHoss1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Yes, you're right, we act like monkeys, and comparing the consoles is like comparing apples and oranges, and are bananas to one monkey, poop to the other. So while one monkey throws what they see as bananas at another monkey they think is eating poop, they're actually just throwing what appears as poop to another monkey.

Admittedly I have thrown some poop in my day, from both sides. But I think the industry will only be hurt when people mistake competition for a "war", and argue in circles.

I'm done throwing poop at other people. We're all eating bananas. I'm baked as f, peace out.

Edit: well said Ian, bubble up.

tbone5671609d ago

XB1 is better because it has more games, more exclusives, dedicated server for all games, faster download speed, better infrastructure, more features, more apps, better blu ray support, better controller more durable and longer lasting battery. Home media integration is better with Xbox Glass. I could go on forever.

CaptainObvious8781609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


You lost me at 'has more games'.

And everything else you listed is either wrong or subjective. Especially the part about all games having dedicated servers. Looks like MS PR wins again.

Provolone241609d ago

@tbone man I love reading your delusional comments.

Provolone241609d ago

Also @tbone

Your claims that X1 has more games and more exclusives is just flat out wrong. There are a total of 278 PS4 games currently available compared to X1's 236. The exclusives totals are as follows (all according to each console's respective Wikipedia page, by the way):

28 exclusive
22 Sony-exclusive
77 console-exclusive

32 exclusive
14 Microsoft-exclusive
21 console-exclusive

So, while Microsoft has a slight edge in terms of "true exclusives", the totals aren't even close.

As for the rest of your claims, they were nothing but opinionated garbage. "Dedicated servers, faster connections, better controllers" blah blah blah. Nothing prove-able whatsoever.

And the funniest part is that you probably think you're "right".

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Eonjay1609d ago

Objectively the PS4 would win but subjectively, its completely open to preference. This is because technical prowess is only one of many different considerations. I personally believe that the issue Microsoft will face is being different enough. Thats how they would win a subjective battle. You don't want to be seen as another PS4.

gamer78041609d ago

Objectively that doesn't make sense. People weigh advantages and disadvantages differently

Eonjay1609d ago


You misunderstand. Pure objectivity would be to treat both consoles like graphics cards and benchmark them. In this case there is no subjective references (game preference, online community, controller preference, PR influence) and an answer could be reached of which console is the "better" buy. The PS4 would win by the laws of physics alone.

But in reality, most decisions are subjective. This is the only place where Microsoft can make a stand.

GW2121609d ago

First word of the title: "Opinion"... so... yeah...

ThunderSpark1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

If it is entirely based on the best console for multiplatform gaming, then yes, the PS4 is the best choice. Otherwise, it really depends on the exclusives you want. Sony and Nintendo have proven to have very well-rated exclusives generation after generation.

Magicite1609d ago

Playstation always wins over Xbox, thats normal.

HeWhoWalks1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Interesting, why didn't I see the same reply from you in this topic:

OT: For me, right now the PS4 IS the better buy. The X1 will eventually release the two games I want most from it (Gears 4/Quantum Break), but until then, stuff like The Order: 1886, Bloodbourne, and DRIVECLUB will all release by March, making the decision easier.

Ihatetrolls761609d ago

I want the order 1886 it looks really promising I keep thinking of grabbing a ps4 I almost stopped by bestbuy the other day on the way to work to buy one I want to hold off though because of the other games coming to xbox one this fall

sonarus1609d ago

majority of "opinion" pieces are subjective.

That being said, i stick with playstation because of games like god of war and uncharted. Not the biggest fan of the fps and i feel MS console caters way too much to fps crowd and call of duty and not so much other genres. MS early in xbox 360 generation did great job securing excellent 3rd party exclusives especially early on. Bioshock, mass effect, dead rising, crackdown, these were all great titles and only ONE fps if i am not mistaking. Towards the end of the generation though as ms was content with their lead it seems they got lazy and all we got was call of duty dlc dis and dat. But they were nice enough to toss Alan wake at us though.

MS needs to get back to the drawing board securing great exclusives that really push the game industry like mass effect and bioshock did

lemoncake1609d ago

Spot on, at end of the day it comes down to the games on the device and the games you like to play.

CaptainObvious8781609d ago

I love my PS4, but I can totally appreciate someone loving their xbone.

Ihatetrolls761609d ago

We'll said on another note grab the new oddworld game and tell me how great it is. I can't wait to play it

mixolydian_id1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Why is this an article?

This is rubbish, it should stay in the comments section below sasuke uchiha

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Infamous2981609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

That's why there is a word "opinion" in the title smh.

torchic1609d ago

it's possible to have an objective opinion

user74029311609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

its a fact the ps4 is better.

1. more powerful hardware

2. better studios

3. a superiour controller. (no aa batteries required)mic

4. better deals with playstation +

5. better multiplatform games.

6. more sales (if people cared about xbox one games they bould buy them, ps4 8 million xbox one 4 million.

Sayburr1609d ago

Well, #3 is subjective. Sure, my XBO controller uses AA batteries. I have several sets of batteries in a charger. When a set dies, I switch them out, I don't have to stop gaming to charge the controller.

I personally like the XBO controller's feel better, also... like I said, subjective not fact.

JakeTyler931609d ago

I have a PS4 and I like the layout of the controller but the material is definitely cheap. I've had two controllers where the R2 has broken and the battery life is short. I wouldn't mind putting batteries in the X1 controller. It's a little bulky but it's pretty sturdy and I like the springs under the triggers. I find it more comfortable than the Dualshock 4. If I could only find a way to use the X1 controller on PS4..

starchild1609d ago

I like the Dualshock 4, but I wish the L2 and R2 trigger buttons didn't squeak every time I press them. This aspect is a step back from the Dualshock 3.

nategrigs1609d ago

Most of his "facts" are indeed opinions

UnHoly_One1609d ago

I'll never understand how people view removable batteries as a negative. That doesn't even make sense.

We can use regular AA's.

We can use rechargeable AA's.

We can use the rechargeable pack that MS sells.

So we have all of these options, all of which last FAR longer than the pitiful 6 hours I get out of my DS4, but somehow that's a negative.

Sony fanboys make no sense to me whatsoever.

Slick811609d ago

This.i hate chargers and actually prefer batteries but that's just me.

NextGenHorny1609d ago

"When a set dies, I switch them out, I don't have to stop gaming to charge the controller."

Don't you havê to stop gaming to replace the controller batteries?

Sayburr1609d ago

>>"When a set dies, I switch them out, I don't have to stop gaming to charge the controller"
>"Don't you have to stop gaming to change the controller batteries?"

Well, yes, for a couple of minutes... not for a couple of hours to recharge a controller.

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Artemidorus1609d ago

Less features on the console, copycat online system with less servers and security. Guides on how to use xbox parts on a PlayStation controller, earbuds, lack of decent games, lack of regular updates.

You type rubbish.

Ihatetrolls761609d ago

Your one of the many trolls that make sony fans look bad and almost as bad as pc master race

patrik231609d ago

"Opinion: Why the PS4 is Still a Better Buy than the Xbox One"

Diablo 3 running at 900p on Xbox One; PS4 version locked at 1080p

Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

Trials Fusion: PS4 runs at 1080p, Xbox One at 900p

Metal Gear Solid 5 runs at 1080p on PS4, limited to 720p on Xbox One

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Is 900p, 60fps On Xbox One

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare at 1080p 60fps confirmed for PS4 in August

NatureOfLogic_1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

So Xbox One struggles with 1080p is the reason you think PS4 is better. That's a fair opinion. I could list other reasons I also think PS4 is better. But I think we all know now that PS4 is just a better overall console than Xbox One.

Antwan3k1609d ago

So the Xbox 360 was a better buy than the PS3 because during thru first couple of years multiplatform games ran better on 360?.. gotcha..

Meanwhile, back in the real world, as developers got more familiar with the PS3, mulitplats began to reach parity.. the same thing is happening with the Xbox One since a majority of the upcoming titles are announced as having the same resolution and framerates as the PS4 versions.. these tites include Destiny, The Crew, Alien: Isolation, Doom, and more.. so you can be a complete fanboy and ignore complete logic and trends if you want.. good luck with that..

Once the graphical arguments are taken out of the equation, the Xbox One provides the more feature rich all-in-one purchase..

JWiLL5521609d ago

One little flaw in your argument: the PS3 had superior hardware, but it was simply harder to code for.

The X1 has inferior hardware and seems to be a bit more difficult to code for (though it's far more similar this gen).

That sort of parity will be rare this gen with graphically intensive games (not the ones you've listed). Beyond that, the difference in exclusives will likely grow more as the generation goes on.

I'm a little baffled at anyone who just thinks the hardware gap can magically doesn't work like that.

Slick811609d ago

Opinion piece nothing more

GW2121609d ago

Thanks Captain Obvious. The first word in the title is "Opinion."

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