Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Takedown Is Justified

CCC Says: "It's official. Square Enix has done the expected. The people behind the unofficial, Final Fantasy Type-0 translation have been told to pull their patch. The internet is up-in-arms. You can practically hear their criticisms screaming off of the Sky's RomHacking Nest page."

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Godmars2901486d ago

My be justified, but rather odd. Given that such should have happened when was announced and well before it was released. Its out in the wild now.

WalterWJR1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

This is so stupid, these actions from square enix have the opposite effect. More people will pirate this game now just from reading articles like this.

Eamon1485d ago

That's the irony. It gives greater attention to the patch than before.

nidhogg1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

@WalterWJR not that I'm in favor of pirating but how about the people who'll never have a chance to play this game because they don't have time to play on a home console. And talk about SE beng an ARSE about it to be put on the Vita. I don't know about you but I'll be sure to upload MY copy if ever a drought of these patches happen.

P.S. I accidentally agreed on your post.

rainslacker1485d ago

Yeah, it's out, so the take down is useless now, since people that could use it probably know how to still get it.

A cease and desist letter or letter of legal intent to the translation team would have been nice on SE part, but legally SE couldn't do anything until the actual patch went live.

AllAboutGaming1486d ago

It is sad to see what has happened to the Final Fantasy franchise. I'm excited for FF15, but I'm not buying it until I've rented it first.

Qrphe1486d ago

You can always just torrent the patch

Activemessiah1485d ago

Anybody miss the old turn based FF?

Chard1485d ago

Turn based is fine, but it's not the reason I liked Final Fantasy to begin with. I like it for the journey, the story, the characters, traversing a big living world etc

HeavenlySnipes1485d ago


FF never even had the best turn based gameplay from Square. Chrono Cross/Trigger were way better in that department

FF was great for the worlds, narrative and characters

Baka-akaB1485d ago

FF's turn based mechanics rarely left an imprint on my mind (mostly with 6 actually) , compared to other franchises , so yeah i agree it's not why i liked the franchise , nor it being gone the issue , should there be any with XV

trenso11485d ago

are you one of the if is not turned based it is not real final fantasy type of people

Eamon1485d ago

Patch has already been widely distributed and available anywhere.

So this article is useless.

nidhogg1485d ago

yup! so if you guys need the patch you can contact me and a million others to upload it for you. SE failed to recognize the internet and the people using it is not their own.

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The story is too old to be commented.