Microsoft to Xbox One developers: "surprise us"

Microsoft's [email protected] program has already attracted some pleasantly original projects, from the likes of White Night - key inspirations: Jazz, German expressionism, Alone in the Dark - to There Came An Echo, in which you boss Wesley Crusher around using Kinect. There's always room for more. "Surprise us," was the message delivered by the Xbox Advanced Technology Group's Martin Fuller at the Develop conference earlier this month.

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XiSasukeUchiha1126d ago

I'm really interested of how [email protected] will do in 2 years.

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Macdaddy711126d ago

Will be nice to see all n any games start rolling out, I'm so ready to move on with next gen and no looking back...

Alabamarolltide19901126d ago

This year seems like it will be slow. All the f2p games suck balls. I think the only game I truly play everyday is Madden 25. MLB the show was bad. Titanfall got boring. Didn't really like infamous. Watchdogs blew.

JediDiah1126d ago

"surprise us" I think Xbox has been surprised

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