GTA 5 'High-Roller' DLC update information leaks online

Grand Theft Auto V' is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall, and rumors abound as the launch draws near.

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XiSasukeUchiha1582d ago

Lottery tickets in GTA V online just awesome:)

matrixman921582d ago

where is single player dlc

-Foxtrot1582d ago

I honestly don't think they give a shit about the single player to be honest.

I would of taken an Alien Invasion styled DLC like Red Deads Undead nightmare over any online focused DLC.

With GTA6 they better just focus on the single player and do the online separate.

porkChop1582d ago

GTA Online should be its own game with its own dev team, its own features, and its own updates.

-Foxtrot1582d ago


Totally agreed

That's what they should of done from the start, focused on GTAV first then release the online after you've finished the DLC for GTAV. They get so much money I don't see how opening a small studio for the online will kill them.

TheSaint1581d ago

Lol totally agreed, but didn't click agree...

TheSaint1581d ago

It took almost a year for GTA IV to release SP DLC.

wls10121582d ago

you can be sure R* will give us a big story DLC very soon, they always do

KR1ST0F3R1581d ago

What is up with the hideous voice on that video. Cringe.