How Big Will Destiny Be?

Hardcore Gamer: Destiny is already on pace to be one of the largest shooters ever made, and the possibilities for expansion are nearly limitless.

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ValKilmer1605d ago

Bigger than Tom Hanks in Big!

BiggCMan1605d ago

Bigger than Val Kilmer as well? :O

ValKilmer1605d ago

Nothing is bigger than Val Kilmer. Not even Val Kilmer's ego is bigger than Val Kilmer.

JediDiah1604d ago

Val, what the heck happened to ya buddy?

JBSleek1605d ago

How is Destiny on pace to be one of the largest shooters ever? It hasn't even come out yet. Also to be mentioned with such company this early is premature.

I think people need to temper their expectations for Destiny. This type of hype can only lead to disappointment. It will surely be a good game, only time will tell if it will be a great game.

user74029311605d ago

again, downplaying destiny because it has exclusive content to ps4. ANYTHING sony you downplay haha. this guy ^ :D

JBSleek1605d ago

What? This has nothing to do with PS4. What I said was reasonable and logical.

Not one mention of consoles or PC. I stand by what I said. Destiny will be a good game, time will tell if it will be great.

No fanboy crap here.

LightDiego1605d ago

Agree with @DirtyPimp.
This guy, is a big joke. xD

WeAreLegion1605d ago

Because pre-orders for a new IP don't usually go this high.

This game is going to be HUGE.

Soldierone1605d ago

"On Pace" means that it is becoming one of the largest games. You don't need to actually see something to see that it's hinting at being something bigger.

With the Beta being so massive and two major expansion packs in the works, yes Destiny is "on pace" to be massive.

I mean it's Destiny, not Hardline. Play the Beta and see why it's "on pace." (I do agree that could set you up for disappointment, but normally when hype grows, developers try to tame it. Bungie seems to be thrilled and keeps pumping it, so there must be something big.)

dcj05241604d ago

OH they mean largest in terms of sales! I thought they meant largest in terms of in game content.

TheDrunkenJester1605d ago

I think it's referring to the size and content of the game, not how well it will sell and review.

XisThatKid1604d ago

500 million for a budget can be a start, one of (if not) the largest in industry history. The extent of virtual mass the universe is and commercially the launch of this new ip is unprecedented. It is indeed on the pace of being one of the biggest shooters. In a literal sense with its virtual universe and now growth of hype and commercial recognition of the brand title. Undeniably one of the most ambitious.
I see what your saying with the logic your speaking but it's difficult for that statement not to come of as bias

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uth111605d ago

Big enough that it gets more stories on n4g than even TLOU?

Rob_Ko1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

can't wait for Mercury - the garden world.
also I hope they will increase level cap to 10 on 23-rd, I got some sweet blue lvl 10 weapons I would love to try :)

Fiestabrian1604d ago

@battlefieldlover... They have not released any info on mercury, just that it's a option.
Venus is where the vex are and that famous artwork of venus depicts a garden like maze thing which looks beautiful. N4g and the phantom dislikes are soo stupid.

Rob_Ko1604d ago

watch the opening cinematic - he cleraly says "Mercury become a garden world"

Rob_Ko1604d ago

no worries, I know Venus is going to be jungle like planet too.

RantandRave1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Is Uranus going to be in this game??? LOL!!! No seriously is it based on only our planets or multiple galaxies? The beta doesn't let me see anything else.

WeAreLegion1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Confirmed planets/places, so far:

-The Moon

RantandRave1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


Thank you kind sir. I truly appreciate it.
+1 Bubble as I found this very helpful.

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