Four Bad Video Game Behaviors We All Do

Video games is a medium where we can escape our harsh realities; waking up to go to work every morning, multitasking watching porn and pretending to be productive at work, and dealing with all those annoying sexual harassment lawsuits from your co-workers.

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kneon1611d ago

I don't do any of those.

LightDiego1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I'm a good sport, but when i lose to my brother on Mario Kart 8, things get ugly.
On my videogame, in my house, only me can win!

Xgeneration1611d ago

yes ,has done all these mistakes . video game ruined my life.

billybehr1611d ago

If I'm absolutely stuck I'll use a walkthrough. But I'll only use it for the exact spot I'm at and nothing more. It's just to get me over the hump. I don't have enough free time to spend countless hours trying to figure out some things. Plus, I want to get the most out of my game. I feel guilty when I do it, but like I say, I do want to finish the game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1610d ago

I only use walkthroughs for really long and complicated side-quests in rpg's, these days.
You know, the ones that have you running all over a dozen different giant maps, trying to find three or four specific npc twats that like to move around a lot, to trade them items.

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