GameStop Offer Reveals The Last of Us Remastered for $25 with Trade-in

Junkie Monkeys: An upcoming trade offer from GameStop recently leaked onto the web offering gamers $25 off The Last of Us Remastered when they trade in their old copy of The Last of Us for PlayStation 3!

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xHeavYx1610d ago

My Shiv is ready. Glad I still have the PS3 game

TomShoe1609d ago

Wow. I might do this and I don't even own a PS4. I'm getting one for Xmas though.

Jaqen_Hghar1609d ago

a man sold his copy for $100 on ebay (steelbook edition) so no regrets skipping on this lol

guitarded771609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

I will definitely do this.

EDIT: One thing I'm curious about is how the offer runs from the 27th if the game doesn't release until the 29th. I'm wondering if they're just marking it as a week long promotion, or if they're gonna start selling TLoU on the 27th.

starchild1610d ago

I'm ready too. I already have it pre-ordered through newegg, but this is definitely a nice deal for those that have the PS3 copy and want to get the Remastered version on PS4.

Crazyglues1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Now this is a Sweet upgrade for all the people who already bought the PS3 version of the game and wanted a sweet upgrade that was not full price...

-Really Nice Deal..

||.........___||............ ||

showtimefolks1609d ago

awesome deal for those looking to upgrade, this is what i always say wait and see approach. people were whining about the stuff there isn't any deal to upgrade towards ps4 version

we can expect the same for GTA5

i see TLOU doing greats numbers on ps4(do y'all think 2-3 million is achievable by end of 2014?)


another HD remake(GTA5) IMO will do 5-10 million

Jaqen_Hghar1609d ago

If this version hits 3m and it ends up at 10m lifetime that would be pretty crazy for a new IP

Xer0_SiN1609d ago

this is a legit deal. i went to my local gamestop and talked to my boy whos the manager. he looked up the promos and sure enough it was there. he told me its only a one week promo though. from sunday to sunday, running through the week that its released. if you think about it, its a heck of deal.

irokster1609d ago

Where are all the gamestop-hater articles now?

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ForgottenProphecy1610d ago

Shit I should have kept my copy of The Last of Us.

BabyTownFrolics1610d ago

damn me too, i miss the multiplayer,

insomnium21609d ago

I've been playing the MP recently. It's the best game there is MP wise imo and ofc the single player is the best there is. Game of the century for me.

Anon19741609d ago

Doh! Traded it in a couple of weeks ago for $15 thinking that if I wanted too long everyone would be trading it in and then I wouldn't get anything.

ginsunuva1609d ago

Why would you ever part with TLOU unless someone robs you at gunpoint?

hardeepmeghera1609d ago

Yeah, stop hating on the poor dude. You'll probably miss him when he's gone or not. Entirely up to you. Lol

Software_Lover1610d ago

Damon. Didn't realize it was still worth that much

LAWSON721610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

What are they desperate and can't move enough preorders? At least that is what PS fanboys say when Xbone gets promos at GS so it must be true. Right?

Anyways that is very solid promo and I don't know how it favors GS. Not only would they have a huge supply of TLOU on PS3 but the demand for that version will be much lower and they would need to sell it for more than $25 which lowers the demand even more. There is also a chance a PS3 version sees a price drop this holiday.

Edit: what's the matter PS fanboys. You don't recall this

Hypocrisy at its finest.

TheJacksonRGN1610d ago

No Genius, this is for those who owned the PS3 copy and want the PS4 version but not willing to pay $50.

LAWSON721610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

But what about those last gen console owners who wanted to trade up to Xbone but not pay $400. Is that not the same thing? Genius?

I get it if it is a promo for PS4 it is to be generous but if it is Xbone it has to be out of desperation. Just like how Sony is rainbows and sunshine while MS is the devil.

xHeavYx1610d ago

Not as desperate as your sad attempt at trolling, go away and wait for your Master Chief collection

uptownsoul1610d ago


Wow, are you really conflating 2 different discounts…

1) How does a Gamestop deal prove Sony's desperation?

2) Microsoft themselves are the ones offering $100 deal if you trade in PS3 or Xbox 360 toward an Xbox One purchase &&& Microsoft themselves are the ones offering $75 gift cards to 360 owners who buy an Xbox One.

3) To my knowledge Sony has offered NO discounts on it's PS4 console. Every discount I've seen has been a retail based discount (gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy, etc), not a Sony based discount.

PinkEye1610d ago

Sony should have gave a discount for owners of the ps3 DIGITAL version. Even gamestop knows that the price is a hinderance for those who already own the ps3 version; thus giving a discounted incentive. I will never buy another digital game from Sony again. You never know, they might drop the Remastered Plus Super Alpha Directors Cut edition in a few months after release. I'll buy the disc, USED.

Why o why1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Yeah lawson. . .Sony are desperate to kick ms's ass in their own turf for 7 months straight. . . I mean, that's what the other side would say init. . . Smh

Good deal for those who can take advantage. It would be nice if sony offered a similar deal

kreate1609d ago

This is a gamestop promo.
Not a sony promo.

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DanielGearSolid1610d ago

To be fair Sony fans didn't say that after the first X1 promo

It was after a few consecutive X1 promos by GS

Kavorklestein1609d ago

Yoou ever think that gamestop has an agenda too? I'm sure GS wants to see both consoles thrive just like MS and Sony do. They see the importance or competition, and there's money to be made regardless of platform.

Everybody should just shut the fuck up and say:
'Oh wow! That's a pretty good deal for Xbox fans!'

And on the other side of the fence, say: Oh wow! that's a pretty good deal for Playstation fans!'

Why get all nitty gritty all the time with guess work about why or how these sale are implemented? WHY? It really doesn't affect your ability to pass a kidney stone does it?

Basically, unless it's gonna save you, or your friends and family some money, don't get mad about sales events. It just makes people look like they are concerned with a little healthy competition and see sales boosting incentives as a threat to the blissfully ignorant mindsets that so many fanboys on BOTH sides have.

MegaRay1610d ago

Haha, too true. I remember reading all those negative comments about XB1 deals :)

No_Limit1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

LOL, I just remember this recent article:
GameStop Hosting Xbox One Weekend: Pushing Microsoft’s Console Hard With Discounts and Deals

Some of the quotes from that article were just plain trollish, I might add:

"Or because the Xbox One price drop isn't selling as many units as they hoped... "

"This whole promotion with GameStop reeks of desperation. You know that used car salesman on TV so so so desperately trying to pan you his pathetic lot of cars. Well this is GameStop trying to sell you there lot of pathetic xbones. "

"Why aren't we seeing PS4 sales? Is Xbox really doing that badly that it needs all this pushing?? "

"So why haven't they had a push like this for the PS4 ? Because the PS4 doesn't need some lame sale. it laughs at the fool who thinks it does..... "

Anyway, I commented on that article and I got slaughtered for defending the Gamestop does this all the time for every console and if you look at my comment below, I am happy they are doing it again, this time for a PS4 product. I just can't stand the 2 face gamers and their hypocrisy.

starchild1610d ago

Yep, a lot of people on N4G truly are horribly hypocritical. One camp in particular.

GTgamer1609d ago

Sooooooo your saying that Gamestop promoting a trade in for PS4 owners who already own the last of US on PS3 to get discount to buy the PS4 version and you know the only reason GameStop is doing it is because they know people will do it like me but to you it equals Desperation from Sony and hypocrisy from Sony fans would you like me label the amout of promos Gamestop has had for the Xbox One ಠ_ಠ.

funkybudda1610d ago

just another frustrated Xbox fanboi...

LAWSON721610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Nope just another multi-console owner showing the bias of this site. Try again. I am annoyed I lost 2 bubbles once I put my fav character as my avatar and just because I don't kick Sony's ass and actually critique the things they do I lost them. This site's is messed up and I like to point it out

WeAreLegion1610d ago

@LAWSON72 - You're going to lose bubbles for criticizing, no matter what it is, dude. I've lost bubbles over criticizing Mario Kart 8, Sony's Music Unlimited service, and Halo 4.

You can't win with these people. If you're going to be even slightly critical, be prepared to lose bubbles. It's unfortunate, but true.

legionsoup1610d ago

Are you guys really this worked up about losing bubbles on an video game internet site? hahahahAHAHAHAHahahhaAAH!!!!

GamingSinceThe80s1610d ago

It's $25 store credit which is like maybe like $10 to GS.Plus you have to trade it for a new copy of the game which they pay $20 to $25 tops for.Then they sell your PS3 copy of The LOU for $35 to $40.They will make plenty of money on the deal.When I worked for GS I also learned they make thousands a month per store selling all the ad display in store space.And last time I checked the one by me had a ton of it for TLOUR.

ThatEnglishDude1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

That's right - generalize and accuse an entire community of people who own a piece of plastic to justify your argument on a completely unrelated topic with the sole reason being to cause bickering amongst a group of people behind a computer screen.

Good job!

Going back on topic - it's nice to see GameStop give people a cheaper alternative to play the TLOU:R.

legionsoup1610d ago

I should have read yours first before I posted mine. You said it much more succinctly.

starchild1610d ago

That would maybe apply if many of us didn't always see so many of the same exact people on this site acting hypocritical.

Kavorklestein1609d ago

Agreed. It is nice to see Gamestop give a discount or incentive, even tho if Sony was going to be honest, they should have informed people of their intention of releasing TLOU on PS4 a lot sooner, especially before they released Left Behind.

Rockstar should have been honest and up front too, especially with desperate PC gamers who wanted to know if they could expect a PC version of the game.

legionsoup1610d ago

First off, don't lump a vocal minority to a group of people. We're not all like that. I have all of the consoles, and I happen to enjoy my Sony consoles the best. Does it mean I hate my other consoles? Heck no! I wouldn't have bought them if I hated them.

Secondly, this is a deal for one game by one store. Independent of Sony. The Last of Us is still selling like crazy. It just reached 7 million, which is pretty impressive for a console exclusive. I don't think it needs help.

It's just a good deal. Why are we having this argument? Why not, you know, talk about the sweet deal, rather than kick up a flame war (for no reason whatsoever).

user74029311610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


i truly feel so sorry for you that you didn't play this game. if you did you wouldn't have made such a stupid comment.

Ihatetrolls761609d ago

This coming for someone who makes stupid comments all the time. On another note I've heard from friends that are sony loyalist that it's a good game and even had a few say that naughty dog sucks. I for one think they make decent games and this is a great deal for fans and I'm happy for you guys. I just hope that gta gets discounted if not I won't buy it even though I didn't buy it on last gen console because I knew what rock star was going to do.

uptownsoul1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

This seems like a pretty good deal. I already traded my PS3 copy in…Well, can't wait till I get my hands on the PS4 version

1610d ago
JakemanPS319941610d ago

You know you shouldn't fight fanboyism with more fanboyism! It just makes you like a stubborn little troll that can't think for himself. Now i understand you dont like what those guys say but that doesn't mean we all do that so why come in here and annoy us with this immature drivel? All it does it stunt the conversation (see below) and cause flame wars. Just a heads up :)

Goku7811609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

This is for a game that came out a year ago, not a system that came out 8 months that dropped 100 dollars, thats desperation.

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