What's Next For Road Redemption?

One Angry Gamer "During the week of E3 I tried to get in some play-time with Road Redemption, since just a week earlier the game received a brand new version. My play-time was pretty limited, scattered and somewhat piss poor because ...E3. Anyway, the team at DarkSea Games is constantly making improvements, upgrades and advancements to the game, following their update back in June, it's definitely interesting to ponder over what's coming in the near future?"

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randomass1711584d ago

Nice to see the game is still coming. Wish people would focus on the more believable KS games like this one instead of just on the controversial ones.

SkullBlade1691583d ago

This game looks really nice, the only thing I don't like the idea of is the MOBA features in the multiplayer mode.

For a racing/combat game that sounds pretty stupid to me, but I'll wait and see.