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Submitted by kingtroy 498d ago | opinion piece

Why the Xbox One still has a chance

Sony's PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One, but Microsoft is making moves to gain ground and could still be a strong competitor in the game console market. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

xHeavYx  +   498d ago
Lol. I just watched the video, and they talk about how Destiny is coming out for the Xbox, making it sound like it's an exclusive.
They talk about the price cut and the removal of Kinect as two different things, they talk about being able to trade in your old console (something that, as everybody knows, can't be done with any other console /s) these people are so clueless
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DanielGearSolid  +   498d ago
Mentioning Destiny as a reason x1 would catch up was quite literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen

I hate when ppl who have no clue, discus topics they have no clue about, while pretending to be experts
AngelicIceDiamond  +   498d ago
@Heavy Well its posted by CNBC so they're behind the times obviously.

Trade used games was last year and Destiny is marketed for PS4.

Kinect being removed is the only latest thing that's relevant in there.

Other than that CNBC is pretty clueless.
Eonjay  +   498d ago

Exactly. Its almost like they don't really know what they are talking about. It kinda makes you wonder what else they say thats almost completely wrong.
Insomnia_84  +   498d ago
As most Xbox/Microsoft worshippers, clueless, very naive, and so easy to be manipulated by a crooked corporation going as far as defending the abomination that was at first revealed as the Xbox One and calling it "innovation".
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   498d ago
the part about Destiny made a man lol
Volkama  +   497d ago
Gotta make you wonder though, if these guys writing an article on the console have a warped view like that then what might the perception of the mainstream be?

The <10million people that have the PS4 or One are still pretty much core gamers armed with at least a little knowledge, but the other ~100million potential audience... Don't over-estimate them!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   498d ago
Yes there is a chance why wouldn't there be?

People deemed the PS3 a failure and look happened.
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Christopher  +   498d ago
It only took it 8 years to catch up.
NatureOfLogic_  +   498d ago
@cgoodno, And that's with PS3 crazy number of first party quality exclusives compared Xbox 360. If MS doesn't set graphical standards for consoles like PS3 did, I don't see MS coming back like PS3 did.
Why o why  +   498d ago
I give the x1 a chance based on ms's resilience. Any manufacturer that can come through rrod + disk scratching has to be made of sterner stuff. Obviously this gen will be harder in a different way due to the lack of the price point and headstart advantages but the differences in perceptions between the reveal and now are noticeable.

Ultimately I believe sony has this gen in its grasp. Its theirs to lose. They'd be stupid to take their feet off the pedal. The x1 wont end with as much market share as last gen but that doesn't mean it'll be a failure in my eyes, more of a colossal set of missteps spawn from arrogance. I don't care about the 'bad messaging' notion either if the ideas were bad to begin with. Lesson learned hopefully.
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SilentNegotiator  +   498d ago
Except clueless sources like CNN called Ps3 a "sinking ship" ( - 404. Cowards.) when it matched Xbox 360 in sales for November 2008.
onyoursistersback   498d ago | Immature | show
user7402931  +   498d ago
It has about as much a chance as the original xbox had against the ps2 (sales wise)
JBSleek  +   498d ago
Of course the Xbox One has a chance, actually the never didn't have a chance.

The Xbox One is the culmination of great hardware, innovative software, and world class services like Xbox Live.

With a refocus on gaming evidenced by their strong fall lineup and great list of games coming in 2015 and beyond Xbox One seems poised to turn their fortunes around and be the main place people game in the coming years.

It's early. You can see the Xbox team is focused and ready for the upcoming challenge.

I can't wait.
BitbyDeath  +   498d ago
Good to hear you didn't lose your job with the other marketers JB.
MysticStrummer  +   498d ago
@BitbyDeath - Yeah that "XB1 is the culmination of…" bit must be from a sales department email/memo. He's used it several times today alone.

OT - I guess they mean XB1 has a chance to sell well in the US, because worldwide PS4 will dominate.
Christopher  +   498d ago
***It's early. You can see the Xbox team is focused and ready for the upcoming challenge. ***

Focused. Refocused.

Tomaytoe. Tomahtoe.

I think a lot of things have held back MS due to their inability to read this market this generation and having to continue to change their whole paradigm to reflect the sudden realization that in order to sell their product they have to meet the demands of the market.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   498d ago
Xbox ONE is strong but It will never catch up or surpass PS4 in sales which is fine as long both companies are still around challenging eachother to make their consoles the best.
KNWS  +   498d ago
You really going to say that after 8 months really? With another 5 years or more to go. More exclusives and content to come out. With x box 1 to sell in more countries yet. Come back to me in three years and i'll might have a different view.

Your talking about only a couple of million units ahead maybe three million, that's nothing. We don't even know the margins of how many 360 users have gone next gen yet and same can be said for PS3 users too.

Way too early. So many variables to consider.

BitbyDeath@ I don't know where this myth arose x box didn't do well outside the UK and the United States.

To date they've sold 84 million, figures direct from Microsoft June 2014

last estimate for Sony was 80 million, November 2013 last official response. Likely 81 or 82 million now.

I've looked at the x box 360 figures they sold about 30 million plus 360's outside first tier regions.

Why would Microsoft bother selling in other regions not considered first tier if they didn't think they would sell consoles. Sony fans have never looked at the figures and this why you have this believe.
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Christopher  +   498d ago
If it's beating the PS4 in 3 years, how much longer should we wait?

In the end, shouldn't we be happy for the competition, not for which company is selling more consoles?
BitbyDeath  +   498d ago
MS didn't do well outside of US and UK lastgen.
Why would other countries even give it a second look if they are not even doing well in those it is known for this gen?
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king_ps4  +   497d ago
It is over for xbox one, they are done.
DialgaMarine   498d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
chrissx   498d ago | Trolling | show
MysticStrummer  +   498d ago
XB1 still has a chance to come out ahead in NA, but by a much smaller margin than 360 won there last generation. Worldwide PS4 will dominate, no question, barring some kind of catastrophic hardware failure, hack, or something similar.
qzp  +   498d ago
chance for what
GamersHeaven  +   498d ago
This song comes to mind when reading the headline....

Related video
Bathyj  +   498d ago
KazheadonMcMahonbodywalkingdow nWWEramp.gif
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MegaDan   498d ago | Trolling | show
cell989  +   498d ago
this article feels so forced, almost like MS paid for it in the wake of all the negative articles its receiving. I like the optimism but cmon youre trying too hard
Funantic1  +   498d ago
You guys don't even realize how much better Xbox makes Playstation. Androids outsell IPhones and are dominating but iPhones ain't going anywhere. The same thing applies to the X1 and PS4. Without the X1 Sony would have given you a PS4 with DRR3. They were going to anyway so at least thank MS for that.
Bathyj  +   498d ago
Are you admitting DDR3 is a bad thing?

And you dont know that, youre speculating. At the time of their reveals Playstation hardware has always been a significant advancement. Sony dont skimp on hardware, if anything they can go to far to their detriment.

What we do know for sure, is that if werent for the gamers outrage at the Xbone reveal(many of which were undoubtedly PS fans since XB fans seem to just take everything they get without much complaint) Xbone (and subsequently the gaming industry) would have been a very different beast indeed.

You can thank Playstation fans for THAT.

While they cant be entirely credited with it, my comment was way truer than yours.
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Ulf  +   497d ago
This guy is right. Without competition, either company would be bending (gamers) over.

TBH, bad press for the guys not in "first", at this point, is probably bad for gamers in general. We don't want another console monopoly to cause stagnation and raise prices.

The PS2 killed the DC and stomped the GC, resulting in Sega withdrawing from the console market, and Nintendo turning to the casual audience. It's only because MS is so stubborn that Sony didn't punish us with the $600 PS3 for long -- it's true no matter how much you want to say it isn't.

Hating on MS isn't really smart, as a gamer -- they did us all a favor, and continue to do so. Even PC gamers have benefited from the XBox line, since the X360 kept PC gaming relevant (via easy DirectX ports) when it was hanging on by a thread, in the pre-Steam era.
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Bathyj  +   497d ago
Yeah, cos I remember how stagnant and boring gaming was with PSOne and PS2 right? /s

Sega killed Sega. They were hemorrhaging money for years. Megdrive was falling behind SNES. The CD add on was ridiculous. Saturn was hard to develop for and didnt get the games support PSOne got. Dreamcast was just the last gasp of a sinking ship and they were first on the market so they had the opportunity but didnt take it.

Nintendo havent had strong 3rd party support since the SNES. Even N64 was just a console (great console) you mainly got to play Nintendo games. Gamecube was no different and neither are the Wii's. (hehe Wii's)

I dont mind if you feel the need to defend MS but dont rewrite history. People hide behind this "Competition is good" mantra and its true in concept, but you cant deny the reality either that gaming was arguably at its best when Sony was dominating.

Im not saying Sony needs to dominate for gaming to be good, Im just saying if they do it doesnt necessarily make it bad.
Kingdomcome247  +   498d ago
This was written by someone completely out of touch with the subject matter. If you were to attempt to make a case for a multi-plat game as a system seller for the Xbox one, Destiny would not be it. It's cross-gen, and Sony has the exclusive content and marketing behind it.
Deadsinister  +   498d ago
This article is retarded , ohhhhh destiny is coming for xbox one it's gonna make the xbox have top sells , these guys are clueless ..if it wasn't for Microsoft funding bungie to make millions to produce the halo series,, they probably be nobodies or bankrupt lol. As if microsoft would leave bungie lol
EverydayGuy  +   498d ago
Of course the Xbox One has a chance, but they can't rely on 3rd party games to sway customers because it will always run better on the PS4. Xbox One need exclusive games to entice the public on why they should buy the Xbox One. Sony has first party exclusive + indie support which means the PS4 will be able to play most indie titles that appear on steam and real exclusive that you can't play anywhere else besides the PlayStation platform.
ZerobyZero  +   498d ago
Cool to see Xbox is making a come back, here is the question will xbox one surpass ps4 on sales?
user9558903  +   498d ago
I didn't know Xbox one was going anywhere. It's somebody going to come to my house and repossess mine?
The_devils_chum   498d ago | Trolling | show
04STIBluByU  +   498d ago
What XB1 fan believes Sony will be outsold by MS April-October NPD? Not only does Sony get Destiny too but they get exclusive content and the WHITE PS4. MS is great for computer sh!t not video game home console sh!t. This is shown by all their mistakes this gen. They got so lucky last gen when they launched 1 year ahead of Sony. When 10 million people buy a console without a competitor console they tell their friends and they tell their friends and pretty soon which console are you going to pick up the one with which all your friends are playing on or the one you can't afford. That's why I believe MS was lucky last gen! MS should just stick to computer stuff. Here's why...

1. Came with DRM in mind...changed it
2. Had Kinect in mind...changed it
3. Had a pay wall for Netflix and more apps...changed it
4. Said DX12 would be a huge change for XB1...changed it

MS just doesn't know gaming, they know computers!
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user9558903  +   498d ago
Ms isn't a good company because they listened to the consumer and made changes based on the feedback of said customers? Right..
04STIBluByU  +   498d ago
Sorry when did I say MS isn't a good company?

Please know I don't like MS's XB brand, but I love windows! I love Surface, hated Zune! I am a GAMER! I know Sony is better at gaming in general. I had an OG Xbox and a 360. As a gamer I think MS could use their resources better on Computer related products not Gaming! So please go back to your question and ask yourself where I said MS isn't a good company!
Abzki  +   498d ago
Of course it does and it will for the next few years. Just look at the ps3 for proof.
Big-finger  +   498d ago
ps3 was released a year later than the 360 and was actually outselling it on a year-to-year basis most of the generation.

The situation here is both consoles were released in the same time-frame, with the p4 leading by 4 million already.
Abzki  +   497d ago
PS3 only passed 360 in worldwide sales just last year but fair point. Still, last-gen sold 70m+ each and this gen is expected to do the same or better so you can't really say xbox is out because they're down 4m not even a full year in. A few good exclusives and a maybe a few missteps by sony (hopefully not) and they are on top in no time.
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SpinalRemains138  +   498d ago
A chance at what?

When Xbox leads in any generation then we can talk. Until that time, it is the generational little engine that could........that doesn't.
Big-finger  +   498d ago
It still have a chance of being in second place
RichardDawkins  +   497d ago
The Xbox One still has a chance to survive, but not outsell the PS4. Both consoles released in the same year and the gap is already at 4 million after 7 months. It will be very interesting to see what the numbers are after a full year. I'm expecting a 5-6 million unit gap. If that's the case, kiss it's "chances" goodbye.
CervantesPR  +   497d ago
as a playstation enthusiast this is embarrassing, these people dont know what they are talking about.

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