Destiny Beta PS4 Gameplay: The Devil's Lair

The Middle Of Nowhere Gaming fireteam decided to dive into the only “strike” mission available in the Destiny beta: The Devil’s Lair.

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osborn20091605d ago

Destiny is going to be so good... The beta has rocked so far

BattleTorn1605d ago

I just wish there was more content that you could keep for the final game.

I heard that later in the week we'll get the opportunity to earn some "permanent" rewards.

Cryptcuzz1605d ago

Yeah, the 26th I believe at 2PM.
Make sure you report back for beta duty Guardian!

Apparently the rewards will be handsome and permanent. Their words, not mines. LOL.

I hope they will be offering a chance to acquire Legendary weapons and equipment again like they did with the Crucible event over the weekend.

I freakin played all weekend and did not notice of this event until early this morning. FML. So I missed out big time. Needless to say, I am now going to be checking on their website daily for events like this.

thrust1605d ago

Do you keep your char or do they wipe it?

GW2121605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I don't know... I'm guessing yes they wipe it. Otherwise you'll have people from the beta on level 10 (or whatever they end up capping it at by beta's end)on the first day of its release.

That said, I hope they let me keep the character. It's the same one I'll "develop" when the full game is released.

Cryptcuzz1605d ago

There isn't an official answer on whether they would or would not.

I am guessing everyone would be starting at level 1 again, but maybe certain items like Rare and Legendary equipment would be carried over.

That way, those who worked hard (or got lucky) grinding in getting those items in the beta can simply work their way to the appropriate levels in the final game to equip them.

TheFallenAngel1605d ago

Yeah destiny is amazing. My favorite part is the coop missions. I love that. How do I get into online matches like domination? For some reason I can't find it like I did in the alpha. This game will be shooter of the year.

GW2121605d ago

You have to get to level 5 (I believe) before the Crucible PvP stuff is unlocked.

But I agree with you, I love the co-op stuff more than PvP.

its_JEFF1605d ago

@TheFallen the Crucible only opens up for your after you reach arleast lvl 5.

edwick1605d ago

you have to be level 5 then go to the tower and see some guy and he gives you an invite, if i remember correctly.

starchild1605d ago

Yep, glad I have my PS4 for this one, since it's unknown at this time whether it will come to PC for sure.

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MylesOffTheMark1605d ago

It's so easy to slide into the Hell Tank's freaking shock grenades. It kills me a little inside every time I do it.

lmcontaldi1605d ago

I would have never thought they could make an IP that tops Halo...

Septic1605d ago

Pve wise maybe. But in Pvp? No chance.

Soldierone1605d ago

I hate the first boss you come across, the tank or whatever it is. I always die more times taking him down than the final boss, and it takes FOREVER to get him down. We even had all 3 guys shooting one leg and it still took forever.

WeAreLegion1605d ago

One of my team mates quit, so it was up to just two of us to take him down. While it DOES take forever, the best solution is to stay in that little bunker to the right of the map, right next to the tank. You can shoot him from there without taking damage and constantly revive each other. When the little dudes spawn, they'll head straight for the middle of the map. Spam them with special moves when they do that. Then, get back on destroying that tank. It takes forever, I know, but it's a decent strategy.

youndamie1605d ago

I just go to the first building on the right in the back of the map. The little guys don't even bother coming up. You just have to watch for when the walker is using it's laser targeting and run out the room.

Soldierone1605d ago

I had my teammate camp in there so that when the other two of us died he would just sit there until we respawned.

I normally go to the left, and get behind him. You get a lot more critical hits if you are behind him and he never turns if you have another guy out in the middle. Also the other enemies won't go over there except for one or two. The only bad thing is eventually you do get hit if you do enough damage to gain attention and die super fast.

I've done it 3 times. 1st time was with a group that didn't really focus fire, took FOREVER. second time was this (told one guy to sit in the cave so we don't die) Third time we were all shooting one leg and got him down to less than 10 percent, then he owned us all with one shot somehow(we were not next to each other yet all died)..... 15 minutes of shooting a leg wasted because we had to do it all over again lol

kneon1605d ago

It's not that bad if you are careful, I've done it solo, it just takes longer and you have to make sure not to waste ammo as ammo is scarce here.

Start by ignoring all the enemies and fly your sparrow straight to the room with the stairs on the far left. It's a safe spot because enemies will never enter that area. BTW there is a ghost upstairs on the console.

If you want to reduce the devil walkers fire power then shoot only at the rocket launcher until it explodes. Then shoot the legs until he open ups, thats when you hit him with a grenade and open fire on his exposed innards.Rinse and repeat.

If you run out of ammo then you need to carefully venture forth and kill a few enemies if needed, preferably with grenades so as to conserve ammo. Then get back to room and continue.

Cryptcuzz1605d ago

Yeah, that was an awesome fight and gave off a sense of real accomplishment when the big bastard finally exploded.

Thanks for the tip on the ghost location there. Did not know that before and what are the ghosts for anyways?

kneon1605d ago

The ghosts are just a collectible, I think getting them all unlocks stuff at I haven't bothered actively looking for them but I've found quite a few, but I don't know how many there are to find.

TheFallenAngel1605d ago

Yea it takes forever but with good guns and that power up gun thing is faster to kill it.

lamsiam131605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

how can i get acode for ps3 beta destiny?

Cryptcuzz1605d ago

Pre-order the game. You will get three codes. When signing up on Bungie's website, make sure you select the right console that you have, since if you accidentally clicked on redeeming PS4 codes and don't have one (for example), it won't work on the PS3.

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