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Talk about pure retro bliss.

Shovel Knight is one of the most well-known Kickstarter video games, having gotten a lot of pre-release coverage on YouTube and other major gaming sites. The game appeared to be a love letter to the NES era, using an 8-bit look and borrowing game mechanics from titles like Mega Man, DuckTales and Castlevania. What's more, the game was being developed by a group of former WayForward employees, who had worked on previous retro revivals like Double Dragon Neon and DuckTales: Remastered; they were now separated and working under the name Yacht Club Games. Expectations were impossibly high, and it seemed inevitable that the game would disappoint upon release.

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TheSoundDefense1606d ago

I'm buying the next game Yacht Club makes day one, don't care what it is.

berndogskate1606d ago

europe release pleeeeeeaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeeee ee