Battlefield Hardline Dev Explains How They Won’t Repeat The Same Mistakes As Battlefield 4

"Ever since Battlefield 4, the once popular series has lost a bit of credibility. Players and critics alike have lost trust in Electronic Arts and DICE and there is no doubt that consumer trust has been hit."

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Homegamer1606d ago

For those that don't want to read the article here's what they said

“It seems silly to even have to say it, but when you buy a game it should work, and we take pride in delivering polished finished software,” Creative Director Ian Milham said to GamingBolt. “First of all, all of the work that has been done on Battlefield 4 throughout the year has all been coming along, we even did that some of that work. So a lot of that is coming along in what we are shipping as well and then we’re doing things like the beta, to let people play it, see it and also to help us create the best launch we can.”

That's literally it, i will admit though that even though I didn't play battlefield 4 as much as say battlfield bad comapny 2 I still did have fun with it when it worked, also admitting I am going to wait for a verdict on hard line because personally it felt like it could have been dlc or something like that when I played the beta, but hey that's just me

Rob Hornecker1606d ago

You are mot alone in your thought process and don't get me started with the "but are patching it all the time" bs! I still can't play a full round of dawn breaker on my xb 360.

on my xb1, I had a bf4 update (after the 1 that came out around dragons teeths release ) that ended up killing my brand new month old 3tb edd western digital drive.

Warning!!! If you buy anything from walmarts, get the extended warranty. The one the came with the ehdd was only good for 15 days so now my choices are send it back to western digital or use it for a paper weight!

As for bf hardline, I may pass this time around!

Yi-Long1606d ago

I'm sure they'll come up with completely new mistakes.

In fact, this whole game seems like quite a big mistake.

b163o11606d ago

The warranty says a lot about a product and how the maker fill about there product. You'd be surprised at how many TV's that don't offer full one year Manufacturer warranty. Like I tell my customers when they pick out a product that offers only a 15-60day warranty "How can I ask you to buy something that the manufacturer won't stand behind?"

3-4-51606d ago


You already made WORSE Mistakes by making Hardline a reality.

They obviously " don't get it".

BF4 is a good game, that could have been great.

Hardline is TERRIBLE.

Bubbamilk1606d ago

The beta looked bland and boring. I know its just a beta but we are talking a release for this year.

Bf4 has been fun despite the issues but I played the hardline beta once for an hour. I guess they plan on making a crappy boring game to avoid the same iproblems.

I've heard people say it should just be dlc but I can honestly say if I spent money on that just as dlc I would still be pissed. It was cheap garbage and that's as nice as I can put it. I will skip hardline like many others in hopes that they learn from their mistakes instead of covering them up. Or releasing what looks like a downgraded bf4 a year later

It just proves they didn't learn anything from this last year

Rob Hornecker1606d ago

I couldn't agree more!

Have a bubble homey!

ikkokucrisis1606d ago

I'll probably get it when it goes on sale for $25 (2 months after its release)
Lol lol lol

berndogskate1606d ago

think i will skip this, big bf4 fan aswell

ion6661606d ago

Alot of people will not get this game on principle. Its way too soon for a new bf. Especially when there not finished with bf. They should have waited a year, or two then make it better.

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The story is too old to be commented.