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GW2121605d ago

Done and done.

Also, I saw a gun flash on the screen called the Harbinger... Mass Effect says hi.

1nsaint1605d ago

Borderlands. Halo and a random mmo say hi too

LAWSON721605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

PSO! IMO seems very similar as far as MMO elements go. Oh and Star Wars sounds when driving that vehicle

GW2121605d ago

Ha, I wasn't referring to the play style. I agree that it's Borderlands/Halo/Mass Effect/MMO.

The Harbinger was a reaper in Mass Effect 2 (and 3 I believe). I was just commenting (jokingly) that they stole the name from Mass Effect.

nagalaga311605d ago

Honestly, I'm not that into this game. I've tried the beta version, and don't get me wrong the art style and graphics are beautiful, but it just doesn't seem to "click" with me. I'll get it when it'll be on a serious sale though.

Retaliation1605d ago

To each their own. I love the game to death but hey that's just my opinion !

KwietStorm1605d ago

That's how I felt after the alpha. But I think I've changed my mind, playing the beta. I love doing strike missions. And the fact that there are no respawns in the darkness, adds another gameplay element to it.

1605d ago
VaporCell1605d ago

I don't get this? is it like a code to access or unlock the vanguard armory earlier than intended?

1nsaint1605d ago

Wondering the same thing. It looks like an awfull lot to have as pre order exclusive. Especially counting the red ghost and the exclusive hover motorbike thingy is also a pre order bonus.

The red ghost might be limited edition content tho. Not sure

FamilyGuy1605d ago

It's just more purchasable items, they seem more stylist too with those Vanguard V stamps on them making them match nicely. From what they're showing this stuff will only hold you till level 11 or so. I got to level 7 in one day so this stuff isn't all useful except when you're first starting out.

LAWSON721605d ago

I really like the beta so I am getting the Xbone limited edition

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