New PS4 Firmware Will Add Media Playback Feature & Some New Stuff, Announcement Before GamesCom 2014

Some interesting details regarding upcoming Playstation 4 has been leaked. It will add features already available on PS3 and some new stuff, official announcement is expected before/around GamesCom 2014

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PurpatraitorMGS1608d ago

Cool, after this can we get a name change. Some of us are dying for one.

JoGam1608d ago

When people decided on their names they should have choose a name they can be comfortable with for ever. Its like tattoos. However if Sony decides to allow changes it would be good thing

Palitera1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Sure it should be something to think about, but people change and grow. One year you were playing with your college mates, five years later you added your coworkers.

PSA: Let me tell you one thing about GamePus and Tidux:

"Tidux revealed that the update will finally allow players to change their name or nickname in PlayStation Network. "To those of you who do not like your PSN name, things are looking brighter #PS4," he wrote, according to [GamePus]."

The referred article is from April. They don't even have the brain to make up new lies.

gaffyh1608d ago

Please be true, as much as I hate these "insiders", I really hope the local media playback is announced ASAP.

ThatOneRiggaNob1608d ago

So making a name on an online service should be a life long commitment? You've got to be kidding me with this comment.

Yetter1608d ago

yeah, but it shouldn't be like a tatoo. Its a digital profile name

JoGam1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

@ theonerigganob..... What im saying is at the time people created a name on psn as of today, any name u choose will be the name you have forever under that account unless Sony changes their policy. So when you decided on a name make it a name you can live with forever or for the duration of that account.

mushroomwig1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Your tattoo analogy isn't very good because you CAN get a tattoo amended if you dislike it.

JetsFool35001608d ago

Bad analogy tattoos can get removed & covered up

JoGam1608d ago

Guys you get my point though. Smh.

Zenith4k1608d ago

I'm shocked that you got negatives for a simple comment that is true, tits the lot of them

PurpatraitorMGS1608d ago

Dude, i was 13 and my dad chose it. Wranglersofttop isnt exactly PurpatraitorMGS.

Sy_Wolf1608d ago

I made my account before trophies and I didn't really ever play online on my PS3. I was also pretty young when I made it. So now that I've aquired a bunch of trophies and play online all the time on my PS4 I would love to change my stupid name.

BlackWolf121608d ago

It's like tattoo's?


So choosing a name for an online avatar is now the same as choosing a tattoo?


JoGam1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

At Blackwolf12.....You miss my entire point. On Playstation you can Not change your name. I am referring to deciding ur name because you can't change it. Just like a tattoo you decide to put one on ur body but you cant change it when its done. However try to understand my point. Im referring to just Playstation and not other services.

SlyFoxC1607d ago

or maybe they were young when they made their account and want to change it because their maturity level change?

ppl make sure you have made one or two that you wish you could change....

maybe starting with your comment

ravinash1607d ago

"It's like tattoos".

Actually you can remove tattoos these days

Plud your username is digital, so there is no reason why you can't change it.

kopicha1607d ago


I am stupid last time. But now I got smarter. That's all I get from your point.

kopicha1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

seriously if you have created it stop whining and just live with it. Remember you made it right from the beginning and not one put a gun on your head to force throat you with what you have choose and created yourself. It is not that I agree that Sony dont allow the change. If they do allow one day that is just a nice gesture imo rather than something that is really needed. But i do not agree when you want others to fix your own stupidity. I know some people give stuff like oh my parent created it for me when I was young and blah blah blah. Still you live with it. It is like saying if you have a family name that sound stupid then you wanna change your parent. Seriously.... get over it, it is just an online nick and nothing more.

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Baka-akaB1608d ago

Yeah , if they get the option cool , but i dont understand why , for other things that throwaway mail spam boxes or forum places like well here , people pick up stupid or inflammatory names . You dont have to a writer to come up with a cooler sounding name

sonarus1608d ago

"When people decided on their names they should have choose a name they can be comfortable with for ever"

WTF kind of statement is that. The only thing consistent in life is change. If i created psn id when i was 10 in 2006 and i was into ben 10 or wateva and my user name was ben10forever at age 10 this would make sense. 8 years later at age 18 ben10forever probably no longer represents your feelings or expressions.

JoGam1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

The statement is fact until Sony decides to change their policy and allow name changes. What im saying is when people decided on a name from today and prior and because no system is in place to change names you must decide on a name that u are comfortable with forever because there is no way to have it changed.

For the record im not saying you shouldn't be allow to change it.

snarls2001608d ago

how many online services besides xbox live actually allow you to change your username?

BlackWolf121608d ago

@snarls20 most of them actually.

Your online handle is just a screen name and is easily changeable.

It's not possible for me to disagree with you anymore than I do right now. That statement is so entirely wrong.

MoonConquistador1607d ago

Looks like JoGan is fending off a lynch mob, and all for stating some facts.

He didn't make the rules. He's not advocating them either (his very first post states the ability to change you PSN ID would be a good thing), he's just telling you how it is under the current terms and conditions.

His analogy with the tattoo isn't far off either. I think too much has been read into his comment

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showtimefolks1608d ago

please read a firmware where i can watch videos and stuff from my external harddrive, its frustrating that ps3 had that feature and we still don't on ps4

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Majin-vegeta1608d ago

Give me Friend notifications and Ext HDD.Support and I'm good.

XiSasukeUchiha1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Vegeta agreed and I love how Sony listens to us and give us quality over quantity let's rock PS4:)

KwietStorm1608d ago

And media support, and wallpapers, and login privacy options, and folders, and that date with Lupita I was promised.

sAVAge_bEaST1608d ago

^^^-this plus - audio play back through speakers, I could plug in a USB mic, and have audio playback through speakers/ ps3/ - good for setting a party vibe when others in the room can hear what's going on, & not having to use headset's.

MegaRay1608d ago

We dont need Ext HDD support. Its not like games' size are 50 GB already...

Kayant1608d ago

I seriously cannot understand how game sites are still sourcing this fraud. After all the things that have been wrong so far.

Most of the time it's just iteration of what has been said by Sony elsewhere.

1nsomniac1608d ago

Tidux is the worst!

waits until someone Sony related lets the slightest thing slip & then jumps on it with his palm reading style vague loophole "Leaks".

The guy is a joke!

Palitera1608d ago

Stopped reading at "leak".

Aaand added the site to the adblock blacklist.

forcefullpower1608d ago

Totally agree this site should be banned as tidux is a complete fraud. I could even guess half the crap he says and if he is wrong just says those parts did not make it in.

Mikey322301608d ago

When / What has he ever gotten wrong? There were times where he was sarcastic, there were times that certain plans were changed (because he dropped hints months in advance like e3 predictions). But Firmware he has been pretty spot on.

He is actually incredibly accurate if you know how to read him.

Cryptcuzz1608d ago

Do these "insiders" gets paid by sites like Gamepur or similar sites for using their so called "insider info" to create articles like this?

If not, can it really be someone who does this just for attention or "internet fame"? (If that is a thing lol)

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XtraTrstrL1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Really hope this is true, cuz media playback is long overdue.

unbad1608d ago

So about a floating media player!