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New PS4 Firmware Will Add Media Playback Feature & Some New Stuff, Announcement Before GamesCom 2014

Some interesting details regarding upcoming Playstation 4 has been leaked. It will add features already available on PS3 and some new stuff, official announcement is expected before/around GamesCom 2014 (PS4)

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PurpatraitorMGS  +   375d ago
Cool, after this can we get a name change. Some of us are dying for one.
JoGam  +   375d ago
When people decided on their names they should have choose a name they can be comfortable with for ever. Its like tattoos. However if Sony decides to allow changes it would be good thing
Palitera  +   375d ago
Sure it should be something to think about, but people change and grow. One year you were playing with your college mates, five years later you added your coworkers.

PSA: Let me tell you one thing about GamePus and Tidux:

"Tidux revealed that the update will finally allow players to change their name or nickname in PlayStation Network. "To those of you who do not like your PSN name, things are looking brighter #PS4," he wrote, according to [GamePus]."

The referred article is from April. They don't even have the brain to make up new lies.
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gaffyh  +   375d ago
Please be true, as much as I hate these "insiders", I really hope the local media playback is announced ASAP.
ThatOneRiggaNob  +   375d ago
So making a name on an online service should be a life long commitment? You've got to be kidding me with this comment.
Yetter  +   375d ago
yeah, but it shouldn't be like a tatoo. Its a digital profile name
JoGam  +   375d ago
@ theonerigganob..... What im saying is at the time people created a name on psn as of today, any name u choose will be the name you have forever under that account unless Sony changes their policy. So when you decided on a name make it a name you can live with forever or for the duration of that account.
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mushroomwig  +   375d ago
Your tattoo analogy isn't very good because you CAN get a tattoo amended if you dislike it.
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JetsFool3500  +   375d ago
Bad analogy tattoos can get removed & covered up
JoGam  +   375d ago
Guys you get my point though. Smh.
Zenith4k  +   375d ago
I'm shocked that you got negatives for a simple comment that is true, tits the lot of them
Why o why  +   375d ago
PurpatraitorMGS  +   375d ago
Dude, i was 13 and my dad chose it. Wranglersofttop isnt exactly PurpatraitorMGS.
Sy_Wolf  +   375d ago
I made my account before trophies and I didn't really ever play online on my PS3. I was also pretty young when I made it. So now that I've aquired a bunch of trophies and play online all the time on my PS4 I would love to change my stupid name.
BlackWolf12  +   375d ago
It's like tattoo's?


So choosing a name for an online avatar is now the same as choosing a tattoo?

JoGam  +   375d ago
At Blackwolf12.....You miss my entire point. On Playstation you can Not change your name. I am referring to deciding ur name because you can't change it. Just like a tattoo you decide to put one on ur body but you cant change it when its done. However try to understand my point. Im referring to just Playstation and not other services.
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SlyFoxC  +   375d ago
or maybe they were young when they made their account and want to change it because their maturity level change?

ppl make mistakes...im sure you have made one or two that you wish you could change....

maybe starting with your comment
ravinash  +   374d ago
"It's like tattoos".

Actually you can remove tattoos these days

Plud your username is digital, so there is no reason why you can't change it.
kopicha  +   374d ago

I am stupid last time. But now I got smarter. That's all I get from your point.
kopicha  +   374d ago
seriously if you have created it stop whining and just live with it. Remember you made it right from the beginning and not one put a gun on your head to force throat you with what you have choose and created yourself. It is not that I agree that Sony dont allow the change. If they do allow one day that is just a nice gesture imo rather than something that is really needed. But i do not agree when you want others to fix your own stupidity. I know some people give stuff like oh my parent created it for me when I was young and blah blah blah. Still you live with it. It is like saying if you have a family name that sound stupid then you wanna change your parent. Seriously.... get over it, it is just an online nick and nothing more.
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Baka-akaB  +   375d ago
Yeah , if they get the option cool , but i dont understand why , for other things that throwaway mail spam boxes or forum places like well here , people pick up stupid or inflammatory names . You dont have to a writer to come up with a cooler sounding name
sonarus  +   375d ago
"When people decided on their names they should have choose a name they can be comfortable with for ever"

WTF kind of statement is that. The only thing consistent in life is change. If i created psn id when i was 10 in 2006 and i was into ben 10 or wateva and my user name was ben10forever at age 10 this would make sense. 8 years later at age 18 ben10forever probably no longer represents your feelings or expressions.
JoGam  +   375d ago
The statement is fact until Sony decides to change their policy and allow name changes. What im saying is when people decided on a name from today and prior and because no system is in place to change names you must decide on a name that u are comfortable with forever because there is no way to have it changed.

For the record im not saying you shouldn't be allow to change it.
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snarls200  +   375d ago
how many online services besides xbox live actually allow you to change your username?
BlackWolf12  +   375d ago
@snarls20 most of them actually.

Your online handle is just a screen name and is easily changeable.

It's not possible for me to disagree with you anymore than I do right now. That statement is so entirely wrong.
MoonConquistador  +   374d ago
Looks like JoGan is fending off a lynch mob, and all for stating some facts.

He didn't make the rules. He's not advocating them either (his very first post states the ability to change you PSN ID would be a good thing), he's just telling you how it is under the current terms and conditions.

His analogy with the tattoo isn't far off either. I think too much has been read into his comment
trickman888  +   375d ago
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showtimefolks  +   375d ago
please read a firmware where i can watch videos and stuff from my external harddrive, its frustrating that ps3 had that feature and we still don't on ps4
Majin-vegeta  +   375d ago
Give me Friend notifications and Ext HDD.Support and I'm good.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   375d ago
Vegeta agreed and I love how Sony listens to us and give us quality over quantity let's rock PS4:)
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KwietStorm  +   375d ago
And media support, and wallpapers, and login privacy options, and folders, and that date with Lupita I was promised.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   375d ago
^^^-this plus - audio play back through speakers, I could plug in a USB mic, and have audio playback through speakers/ ps3/ - good for setting a party vibe when others in the room can hear what's going on, & not having to use headset's.
MegaRay  +   375d ago
We dont need Ext HDD support. Its not like games' size are 50 GB already...
KwietStorm  +   375d ago
vergilxx3  +   374d ago
Agree :)
GamerRetro  +   375d ago
Kayant  +   375d ago
I seriously cannot understand how game sites are still sourcing this fraud. After all the things that have been wrong so far.

Most of the time it's just iteration of what has been said by Sony elsewhere.
1nsomniac  +   375d ago
Tidux is the worst!

waits until someone Sony related lets the slightest thing slip & then jumps on it with his palm reading style vague loophole "Leaks".

The guy is a joke!
Palitera  +   375d ago
Stopped reading at "leak".

Aaand added the site to the adblock blacklist.
forcefullpower  +   375d ago
Totally agree this site should be banned as tidux is a complete fraud. I could even guess half the crap he says and if he is wrong just says those parts did not make it in.
Mikey32230  +   375d ago
When / What has he ever gotten wrong? There were times where he was sarcastic, there were times that certain plans were changed (because he dropped hints months in advance like e3 predictions). But Firmware he has been pretty spot on.

He is actually incredibly accurate if you know how to read him.
Cryptcuzz  +   375d ago
Do these "insiders" gets paid by sites like Gamepur or similar sites for using their so called "insider info" to create articles like this?

If not, can it really be someone who does this just for attention or "internet fame"? (If that is a thing lol)
ANIALATOR136  +   375d ago
Hardly leaked when it isn't a fully reputable source
jmac53  +   375d ago
Tidux teased the features and we all know an update is coming. Leaked would be the Master Chief collection before E3.
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KwietStorm  +   375d ago
"Some interesting details regarding upcoming Playstation 4 has been leaked."

lol didn't read

Aww you edited your post
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XtraTrstrL  +   375d ago
Really hope this is true, cuz media playback is long overdue.
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unbad  +   375d ago
So true...how about a floating media player!
uth11  +   375d ago
Tidux's predictions are always rather vague. Almost like they are guesses general enough that they will probably come true. "Media Playback" can mean many things.

Still though, wasn't there a Sony executive that accidentally leaked a media app via screenshot a few months ago? Maybe it's that?
ocelot07  +   375d ago
I can't remember that. But I do remember it being reported here on N4G about a month or 2 ago. A link to a Sony job website looking for people to work on media applications for consoles.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   375d ago
About time...
cfc83  +   375d ago
Tidux is a moron. Could individuals stop passing on his guesses as facts.
abc1233  +   375d ago
I wish people would actually go back, look at his past fake rumours and realise that he isn't a very good source...
swishersweets20031  +   375d ago
i was thinking that to myself, because the last time he had a "good source info" on some "big update" nothing happened except some system stability stuff.. so he's kinda been recycling the same info every time.
BG11579  +   375d ago
Sony's firmware update are slow but steady.
Ryan741  +   375d ago
Slow like a week in jail.
BG11579  +   375d ago
Never been in jail, so I'll have to take your word for it.
Summons75  +   375d ago
Media playback and menu folders please! Two biggest things holding me back now I'd unorganized ps4 menu and not letting me watch movies off my external hard drive.
shadowsmoke36  +   375d ago
So you don't have a smart tv to use your external? It does just fine as I do this myself. Music on the other hand is long overdue and so is 3d support. Things like dlna and youtube should already be on the ps4 games wise I can wait for those as I have something to always play and I'm not simple minded and stubborn and play just shooters and sports and any person who buys a console only for one game is crazy. Try new things people everything doesn't have to be pc graphics for people to like them. Back on topic the more the better lets hope when it comes it isn't a buggy mess so take all the time you need. I am one of those that are for folders and maybe a name change but no big deal right now. Maybe this time next year we get something like backgrounds.
Summons75  +   375d ago
The TV can do it but it doesn't do a good job. Really bad input lag and an awful UI. Always have used the PS3 because it was fast and smooth. I haven't seen a tv good a better job than the ps3 or the 360 did.
Joe913  +   375d ago
Not hard to guess since MS announced they are getting 3d blu ray support in August update of course Sony has to update the ps4 to match what Xbox one can do or try to do more.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   375d ago
only sad that the competitor has to announce it first to get Sony to do something for their customers... and that includes me. Makes me wanna hit Sony in the face to wake them up!
Gamer666  +   375d ago
Firmware updates are not an overnight decision. They take time.

Sony has probably been working on this for a few months.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   374d ago

uhmmm... these are not overnight decisions. I work for an IT company and with each project we provide our customers with a schedule of what to come in the future...

I mean 3D bluray playback just belongs to a BluRay player and Sony is even part of the BluRay committee! They are producing bluray discs and hardware players as well. They even got bluray software. It is alreay disappointing to not have this feature right away... Let's face it. I didn't expect MS to show Sony how to do it... and its sad for me because I love PS! Otherwise I wouldn't care because I would be getting it from MS...
illminded32  +   375d ago
Whatever they add is very welcome by the ps4 community.
I'm hoping for the ability to play our own music in games,miss that feature.
Ryan741  +   375d ago
Still no mention of 3D playback? What the hell have that team been doing?
TimeSkipLuffy  +   375d ago
We have to wait until gamescom to get an update??? Are you at Sony sooo busy with PS Now and morpheus that you have forgotten about the PS4? :D
arkard  +   375d ago
I just want the standby feature so I can jump straight into my game ala ps vita. I'll take mp3 playback to but I rarely listen to music while gaming so not to big an issue for me.
Doritos_Pope  +   375d ago
About time! Currently, my PS3 is sitting pretty as my media showpiece.
hasj1990  +   375d ago
OMG WTF, I just bought a PS3 because I wanted these features on my PS4, and some of you have probably seen me ranting about this on XBOX One articles.

Thank you Sony finally, but mann my luck, I just literally bought a PS3 yesterday off ebay.

But atleast I get to benefit from all the PS+ offerings for PS3.
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shinrock  +   375d ago
New gen catching up with the old gen! Good work.
Jaelin  +   375d ago
How would you feel If I told you it will be just a stability patch? :D
heisenberguk  +   375d ago
'Leaked' ie 'guessed'!!!
Deathnote128  +   375d ago
I really hope this is true. Not for everyone but please add support for playtv to work . Cheers sony
thexmanone  +   375d ago
Good News for PS4 fans, What's this like the 2nd update?
Hope its true because my son is looking forward to this.
fullmetal297  +   375d ago
OMG this would amazing if they added DLNA to PS4. I would LOVE having the options to play my own videos and music. That would officially make my PS4 my standard HTPC.

*cross thumbs*
TheEternalGamer  +   375d ago
NO! Sony make it gaming related updates don't give into these filthy degenerate casuals who are ungrateful and will make you pay for apps no save the money for the real gamers and real fans who buy your console because you great quality games and bring us top quality games and in huge diversity too! Don't give into these filthy degenerate low life Casuals. Just Don't do it Sony you will regret it because all they do is b*tch and moan about not having any games but yet their are tons of games out their on the market right now and they b*tch and moan about multimedia entertainment. Don't give into them. Stay true to your roots Sony with the Hardcore Gamers the True Gamers and you will prosper Sony. Trust Me.
fullmetal297  +   375d ago
Oh I'm that I am filthy casual gamer who want to be a smart consumer who just the most out of my purchase. Did I offend you by wanting my PS4 to be my number source for entertainment in my living room? My gaming skills are so inferior to your obviously your superior mindset /s.
#24.1 (Edited 375d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TheEternalGamer  +   375d ago
fullmetal297  +   375d ago
Yeah... I haven't purchase a COD since MW3 and my taste in gaming are varied. I have 14 games on my PSN and none which. Add me on PSN if you feel like it. CertifiedNinja29
MultiConsoleGamer  +   375d ago
I would like 3D video support.
Maxor  +   375d ago
Same. Why can't my ps4 play 3D when my PS3 could?
x_RadicalAura_x  +   375d ago
Support for 3D Blu-ray playback. The bone is getting it, would only make sense for the PS4 to get it also to keep it competitive.
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Afistnu  +   375d ago
Media Playback is great. Just wish I can use a usb or bluetooth mic and have voice chat come over HDMI or Optical along with the game sound. Not everyone uses gaming headsets but enjoy the better sound of true headphones. :)

PS3 has this...
isarai  +   375d ago
Media Playback would really revive a few of my games for me. Why? because i am heavily affected by music, and a good track could make a game fee a lot more satisfying to me. Playing through Strider with Logistics playing from Music Unlimited 30day trial was something else, so much adrenaline.
Muzikguy  +   375d ago
Well wth.... He says PS4 will soon have the same features as PS3 and then only says "media playback. I don't like that.....
gigoran  +   375d ago
Ahem... Cinavia.

Don't get your hopes up. It's there and it's going to disrupt your viewing pleasure.
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