Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live Monday, July 28

Playstation Blog: I love great video game stories. Today, the narrative potential of our medium has never been greater. The best video games blend world-class acting, writing, music and gameplay to create art that rivals the best works in other entertainment mediums.

To celebrate that point, I’m excited to announce an experimental project I’ve been working on with Naughty Dog and PlayStation.

**Update: Tickets to attend the show in person have sold out. Thanks for your enthusiasm! That doesn’t mean you can’t watch though — tune in July 28th on Twitch, YouTube, or PSN’s Live Event Viewer to be a part of this one-time-only event.

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XiSasukeUchiha1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Set your clocks, take your coffee, and prepare for all-nighter because this event will be awesome:)

I'm in!

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CocoWolfie1582d ago

for those that want the video straight away ^.^

GribbleGrunger1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Watch those small clips very closely folks, especially when Ellie is talking towards the end. Look at the improved subtlety of the expressions as she moves from slightly doubting her own conviction to determining it IS the right thing to do with small nods towards the end. Don't just concentrate on those two moments though, look for other micro-movements that you would normally only see in the faces of real actors in real films. These are almost imperceptible movements that you pick up subliminally, process subconsciously and are the reason you KNOW the acting is better but can't quite figure out why.

Not 60fps but you can see the added subtlety:

Look at her searching for the answer with her eyes. Watch that tightening of the lips as she approaches the nods to verify to herself that she's making the right decision.

Slowed down slightly:

killer4fun531582d ago

And the tickets are sold out.

Immorals1582d ago

Does every little thing really need an entire article? It's worse than sasuke..

MegaRay1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

"an article"? we have 95+ articles about TLoU in two days only. (and yes pun intended ^^)

I Agree, I laugh everytime an article about how 60fps look amazing and mindblowing. Ps4 is way more powerful than ps3. it would be a shame if they couldnt look the fps at 60.

Immorals1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I'm sick of the game already, and it's not even out..

Not to mention it's a remaster, the only thing that'd deserve even this much spam is a brand new, groundbreaking in that made us all millionaires..

TheJacksonRGN1582d ago

Are you serious? This isn't some stupid little article like dualshockers' click bait about the menu screens. They are holding an event in celebration of the game's release next week, it deserves to be reported.

uth111582d ago

At least this TLOU article contains actual news, for once..

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