Jimquisition The Xbox One: A Lying Failure Machine

Piece by piece, everything that Microsoft intended the Xbox One to be has eroded away, revealing nothing but dishonesty and shortcomings beneath.

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All_Consoles1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

What a click bait article. I'm damn tired of these self proclaimed journalists fanboying it up. It's disgusting and the fact people publish this on n4g is the opposite of discerning

fonger081605d ago

Meh, it happens every gen (since online so-called journalism has taken off). Unfortnately the fanboy wars fuel these sites and their click bait opinion(s) and from the looks of forums there's no slowing that down. It is what it is I guess, I just don't see them stopping anytime soon unfortnately.

xHeavYx1605d ago

I'm tired of people calling other articles click bait just because the journalists have different opinions. It's like you can't criticize anything without being a hater or wanting clicks. He is basing the video on HIS opinion as someone who OWNS the machine

JeffGUNZ1605d ago

@ Heavey

It's fine if one doesn't prefer something, it's the maturity and professionalism that is lacking in this writing. Look at the title; The Xbox One; A Lying Failure Machine". Really? You think that is a professional writing a title like that? Did you even see what he said? I don't care if people don't like something, but if you're going to be taken serious in the field of writing, as minor as this guy is, you should try to show some maturity. He appears to be a little bias, don't you think?

Baka-akaB1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I dunno , i dont find it less professional that the amount of fake politeness and beneolvent attitude toward publishers and constructors from other outlet and "journalists" .

MS has been caught lying and retreating on their policies multiples times now . So i'd rather have someone genuinely a fan and gamer , react even immaturely , over bland sterility and acceptance .

Gaming journalism was already making tons of excuses and defense article , back in the day the Drm was a serious thing . They only switched their agenda when they saw that no amount of PR bull was going to sway an overwhelmingly antagonist gaming community from all brands and sides involved .

He's volatile and rude , but hey that the way he's always been . You dont have to like him , but dont pretend it got anything to do with branding , and that now he should change his tune , because he's now crapping on the xbox one .

BlackTar1871605d ago


well was he bias last gen?

Last gen his opnion
360>>>>>>ps 3
this gen so far
ps4>>>>>xbox one.

Can he be bias with a track record like that or is he just calling it as he sees it from his own point of view?

Just cause he hates on one doesn't mean he's bias unless the people who loved him last gen for his pro 360 stance are willign to admit he was bias last gen?

uth111605d ago

I agree that "Lying failure" is excessively provocative to draw attention. And I say that as a PS4 fan.

Kayant1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

"It's fine if one doesn't prefer something, it's the maturity and professionalism that is lacking in this writing" - Right so what would you call it then based on the content in the video?

"He appears to be a little bias, don't you think?" Bias in what way? He has a style if you don't like it that's fine but what bias is being presented here exactly? He is calling out the promises that have been 180ed or axed by MS so far. Things that were presented as the core vision for XB1 at their reveal in May last year.

choujij1605d ago

As someone who's always supported every console (including Xbox 360 on launch day), I can certainly tell you not all negative opinions about Xbox stem from fanboyism.

darthv721605d ago

Its a catch 22. if a company stuck to their plan then they would be labeled unfriendly to the consumer regardless of how things turned out.

when a company changes due to consumer backlash, they are labeled as having no direction or backbone to stand up for their product or service.

its a lose - lose situation. It happens.

AngelicIceDiamond1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

What's disturbing is this is like 10th Xbox bash article.

The backtracks are annoying.

Lying about what exactly?

failure. Failure because its not selling as much as PS4? I'd say they're failing at delivering some its promises for sure.

Something that I also noticed people seem so caught up on other aspects of Xbox and almost COMPLETELY ignore the games. That very one thing that literally everyone has been asking for.

It seems as if they bash everything else besides the games MS has coming for it.

MS shutting down its Entertainment studio is a big headline and a disappointment. But notice how nobody who writes these articles quotes Nadella's reasoning.

He did it to focus on gaming, core studio's and possibly even using the now defunct Entertainment studio into a AAA game studio. Nobody wants to talk about MS very healthy AAA games and better indies support. I thought it was about games?

People constantly magnify the negative aspects but completely ignore or choose not to talk about the games X1 has coming for it.

Every time these articles pop up I usually ignore them because I just think about how I'll be playing Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Halo 5, Gears 4, etc.

ZodTheRipper1605d ago

This is pure clickbait but you actually can't disagree with the facts that he brought up. Microsoft just continues what they did during the last decade, I still can't believe why so many people are falling into this.

Kayant1605d ago


"failure. Failure because its not selling as much as PS4? I'd say they're failing at delivering some its promises for sure. " - And when did he talk about that in the video exactly?

"Something that I also noticed people seem so caught up on other aspects of Xbox and almost COMPLETELY ignore the games. That very one thing that literally everyone has been asking for.
Right and you seem to forget the promise of XB1 being an "All in all-in-one entertainment system" where is that vision now exactly? So basically you don't watch the video and just go along to how he's supposedly just bashing the XB1 when in actuality he is talking about the failed promises and decisions that have been reversed. Yes it's about games, it is also about entertainment for the XB1 which was a premier selling point as seen from it's slogan and reveal which is now gone with the closure of the studio made for said vision.

You can't exactly measure what will happen with the supposed refocus on gaming statement. MS invested $1 billion in game development how much has been used is unknown, how this development will lead to better focus in games cannot really be measured because well for one you cannot tell what stuff announced in future is part of this renewed focus or prior investment. If they XB1 becomes like the X360 after a few years of strong support then you have your answer.

NatureOfLogic_1605d ago

I feel bad for the ones that bought Xbox One early or day one. They bought into MS vision of a console which has now been totally 180d. Now that Xbox One is just trying to be like PS4. I wonder how many Xbox One early buyers feel screwed and lied to by MS. After all, MS have told many lies yet still have mediocre sales and inferior third party games despite them saying things like "we'll never give up 30% power advantage to Sony" or "I can't wait for the truth to come out." Well the truth is here and PS4 is clearly more powerful as proven time and time again. How many people actually believed MS lies and bought Xbox One? There's no way MS can compete with Sony first party games and now with PS4 leading they can no longer afford third party exclusives like last gen. Xbox One is in a tough position, imo, It's very well deserved for MS extremely anti consumer drm, always connected and no used games attempt.

AngelicIceDiamond1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

@Kayant Yeah I was on edge after seeing

I thought it was just the usual Xbox bashing that goes on around here so I apologize for jumping the gun.

I should of expected more from Jim Sterling.

"Right and you seem to forget the promise of XB1 being an "All in all-in-one entertainment system" where is that vision now exactly?"

I just want it to focus on games. The All in one was interesting but they need to focus on the software at the end of the day. If not then why call it Xbox?

And yes the original slogan, marketing and selling point was the All In One I understand that. MS should of done a different approach instead.

I didn't watch the video I thought it was a usual bash article just like I stated above.

As for your last paragraph. I've debated that too many times.

Who knows, for the mean time I'll enjoy what's coming. If MS stays on track with the games like they are now I'll be a supporter. If they repeat the same mistake with 360 in favor of some of other quick buck gimmick then I'm out.

That's my stand.

Baka-akaB1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

"I feel bad for the ones that bought Xbox One early or day one. They bought into MS vision of a console which has now been totally 180d. "

Dont feel bad for all of us . I didnt put much stock into MS' claims , nor did i believe in the power of the clouds , stars and whatever .

I bought it solely to play the exclusive Xbox franchises i'm into , and potential new ones from a few studios .

That being said , even with a cynical outlook , and quite frankly no love at all for MS ... i was taken aback by how quickly they ditched Kinect and some other things .

I expected them to stand by Kinect , at least in a PR fashion , not by providing the "core game" kinect experience , some still hopelessly awaits . But by shouldering a cost they can absorb , and lower the price of the console to match the ps4 , while selling it WITH kinect .

It changes little for me , i'll just keep playing the XB1 franchises that interest me . Their image just got even worse , as far as i'm concerned , that is all .

Eonjay1605d ago

He ripped into the Microsoft. But he was right.
Why should they be applauded for trying to unscrew up what they screwed up. Furthermore, they never admitted to being wrong or lying about not being able to remove Kinect, or that Kinect was here to stay, or DRM is irreversible, or that their system was underpowered. They never came clean on anything.

People, very simply, get tired of feeling like they are being lied to, deceived or condescended to (See Angry Joe's interview for what is perhaps the most dismissive condescending response ever from official PR rep.)

gaffyh1605d ago

He's basically just saying what everyone is thinking, but what every journalist is actually afraid to say because they will look biased.

xilx1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


"Failure" is used in the video in relation to not living up to its suite of features from the console's initial reveal. It's in no way talked about in terms of sales, just the things that never came to be or features/policies that were changed. There was a vision MS had for the console before they revealed it to the public, and they failed to achieve that vision because they had to keep changing things due to a negative response from the consumers.

The "lying" aspect in the video comes from talk about things like kinect being an integral (the word he used in the video several times) or essential (the word MS has used a bunch) part of the xbox one.

TheSoundDefense1605d ago


When they give an article an angry, inflammatory title (even if they believe it wholeheartedly), the opponents dismiss it because "nobody rude or inflammatory can be taken seriously/only biased people have strong opinions about things." If they gave a neutral or low-key title, the opponents would dismiss it by ignoring it entirely, because it's much easier to do. There's nothing this man could have done to make you actually consider what he had to say. Your mind was made up long before the video was made.

Enigma_20991605d ago


No one cares. Simply because by proving his point, he s*** all over their precious XBox One. They don't care that he has a valid criticism. They care about that.

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DragonKnight1605d ago

Didn't watch the video did you? Jim presents CONSUMER based opinions, not fanboy based opinions.

Godmars2901605d ago

No, sounded like mostly his own opinion.

This I say while admitting that it sounds very much like my own.

DragonKnight1605d ago

Is Jim not a consumer like anyone else?

Prime1571605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Well, he expressed opinions that sounded like consumer opinions, not fanboy opinions, yes. However, I think it was more like frustrated concerns. Concerns that Godmars290 also has ("This I say while admitting that it sounds very much like my own.").

Microsoft's PR is one of the best, and many people buy into it, and that's a lot of what the video was talking about. Like the fact that we applaud their unscrewing ups while not saying, "Sorry, we were wrong." It just goes to show that the underlying problem(s) still exist.

That's why you have to vote with your money... Here's looking at EA next.

GameSpawn1605d ago

I love Jim and Yahtzee from Escapist. Both of them (aside from their entertaining accents) say what we are all thinking. Yes, they have an opinion sometimes, but they are very clear when they are stating an opinion and a fact.

For this one video, Jim stated MANY facts concerning the Xbox One. When you consider everything Microsoft wanted the Xbox One to be originally to what it is now it is by all sense of the term a failure. Not one single "feature" of the original Xbox One vision remains intact. Microsoft has been forced to backpedal on every single vision they had planned.

Jim was quick to admit the need for the Xbox One in the market for the competition (competition is healthy in any market) and he hopes that for the developers' sake (those having games releasing soon) that the Xbox One rebounds.

I'm sorry if anyone is unwilling to listen to Jim all the way through and would rather stick their fingers in their ears and bury their heads in the sand and continue to think Microsoft and the Xbox brand are infallible. No human being or human creation is infallible. The Xbox One still has some strengths left as long as Microsoft can concentrate on making appealing games for everyone and concentrate less on trying to one up Sony (which is a one sided fist fight with Microsoft being the boxer with no arms).

Also people need to remember (aka forgive, but not forget) what Microsoft ATTEMPTED to do to them. You can STILL support Microsoft and the Xbox brand (hell if it has the games you like, more power to you), but don't let Microsoft walk all over you. Don't have blind faith in anything, let alone a freaking gaming console.

Now this goes to anyone (PC-fan, Xbox-fan, Nintendo-fan, or PlayStation-fan), if your choice of console has the games and value to keep you satisfied, then that is all you need -- you do not need to (or should) dictate to others what or why they should own your console of choice. You can tell them why you made your choice, but should also respect their own opinions and choice as well. Remember you can be a fan instead of a fanboy. :)

DragonKnight1605d ago

@GameSpawn: Exactly this. +Bubbles.

I would also like to point out that people don't want to see the fact that Jim stated that he has hopes for the Xbox One's success, and that he's happy that it's now in a better position to compete, but his problem was that MS' original vision was stupid and that it's their own fault that they had to backpeddle, and that he's NOT going to applaud them for finally doing what makes sense and what they should have done from the start.

That's the right attitude. For him, it means that he's going to be extra cautious when it comes to Microsoft's products. It doesn't mean he'll be boycotting them and is telling everyone else to do the same.

Godmars2901605d ago

While MS's PR might be "the best" the issue is what they try to sell. That with Kinect it was all about "potential" which never manifested as much as it was insisted. Likewise the original DRM policies where more about benefiting MS than the consumer, would and will take years to properly implement, and MS couldn't both see the mistake they were making and the burden they expected people to accept.

baodeus1605d ago

@dragonknight and others

go watch Jim other videos like "always DRM is dumb dumb dumb" or "Xbox one and the end of ownership", what are the things he is complaining about?

1. FORCED kinect (that he doesn't want)
2. He want console to focus on games only, not on other entertainment like TV and such.
3. DRM is dumb (only profit publisher and gamespot, and connection issues)

so now MS reverse all of that:
1. Kinect is optional
2. Gutted the entertainment department (tv exclusive contents) and focus on games instead
3. DRM was dead long before the console was release (24 hrs is dumb, but something like Steam would have work better)

so essentially, MS reverse everything JIM was complaining about and up in arms, with a knife in his hand no less, now he is bi#tchin that they fail to keep their original visions and lies? What does he wants exactly?

You guys don't think JIM has contradicting opinions? For a journalist who contradicting him self, complains about a product, and when they fix it, he complains about why they fixing it, can you really take him seriously?

Perhaps you are right dragonknight when you said Jim represent consumers, particularly consumer on this site, because you guys, just like JIM, don't really know what you want do you?

With that said, I give you guys credit for CONSISTENTLY nurturing hypocrisy and hates on this site. At least you guys are consistent at something, i can't argue with that. It is kinda sad to see n4g thrive on hatred.

anyone want to debate further, you are welcome too. We can debate all day long.

GameSpawn1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

@baodeus You completely missed Jim's point. He's not complaining that they left all that stuff out and being hypocritical. He's making a point that from the standpoint that Microsoft had to sacrifice every bit of its original vision (which he still didn't agree with) makes the console a failure - these are facts. The complaint is that Microsoft is not fessing up to those failures and lies and are sweeping it under the rug and Microsoft are touting themselves as heroes -- they are not.

Can Microsoft console still do well? Yes and Jim hopes it does for the sake of the game developers making promising games for it.

Also, you can't complain about Jim's earlier videos (made before Microsoft's reversal announcements) and twist his words around and hold them against him because again those comments about Microsoft's controversial policies were made before Microsoft completely backed out of them.

Take the blinders off. It's all good and well to support a company and it's decisions, just don't do it blindly.

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johndoe112111605d ago

Funny, I've seen a ton of articles by this guy on N4G and never before has he been considered a fanboy "self proclaimed journalist". But I guess it's fitting now that he is criticizing the xbox one right?

thorstein1605d ago

Wrong. He was constantly called out when he was on Destructoid. Just because he moved sites doesn't make him less of a sentationalist.

And if you think I am a fanboy, check my comments back to 2007. Nary a pro xbox comment.

All_Consoles1605d ago

Look at my picture, why would you think what console he's criticizing matters

BlackTar1871605d ago

No Johndoe is right. This guy made a living last gen talking up the xbox and down the PS3. Now he's changed his stance with the new systems and he's a click bait article writer.

The truth is he has always been seen 8 yrs ago but only now some people are seeing it and it's conveniently perfectly times with his talking down to the xbox.

morganfell1605d ago


Are you saying the Xbox 360 was marketed EXACTLY like the X1? Did it ever occur to you he liked the Xbox 360 but not the X1 and what MS has done with it? Guess what? He isn't alone. There are millions of people that switched sides so far.

BlackTar1871605d ago


What the hell are you talking about?

I'm sorry i feel like you're not responding to me but someone else and mixed up names.

the point of my post was to point out how funny it is to see people accuse this guy of being Bias or click bait.

Since this gen is a PS4 one for him im guessing he's made a full circle and the people who stuck up for this guy last gen will now join everyone else who thought he was a flamebait writer 8 yrs ago.

I'm sorry maybe i'm jsut not smart enough to get exactly what point you're trying to touch on with inregards to my comment.

SilentNegotiator1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Uhh, he's been criticized by a LOT of people and always has been. I didn't like a lot of what he said years ago, but as I started to get into Jimquisition (which existed before his move to Escapist), realized his brilliant satire (something that I actually feel has waned recently), and recognized his passion for the consumer over publishers, I've warmed up to him over the last 3 years or so.

But then with all of the SJW stuff and the waning funniness...ehhh, I don't enjoy his stuff as much as I used to. But I'll always respect the way he acts as a watch dog for gamers.

ThinkThink1605d ago

He craps on PS just as much as xbox. It's a show for entertainment purposes. He's not meant to be taken seriously.

AngelicIceDiamond1605d ago

@John Well Jim Sterling is considered one the smartest all around in gaming.

Because what he is saying is ALL true.

And no I personally don't consider him a fanboy. But at the end of the day he and many others will just buy the games for the system hopefully enjoy them.

I'm not saying forget the crappy things MS has done this past year. The 50 backtracks in a row but there's one thing that affects me as Xbox gamer or a console gamer in general.

The games.

Everything else is bad news that doesn't affect me in any kind of away.

For example. When the 360 had no original games and milked the usual Gears, Halo, Forza.

But at the same time MS was reporting selling more in North America, reaching 60, 70, 80mill in sales, entertainment was most used on the console. Halo, Gears, COD sale crazy amounts on 360, Kinect the fastest selling device ever.

Ok all that's great but what about original games and content? See how its all perceptive at the end of the day?

morganfell1605d ago

@Black Tar, replied under you to you but meant it above. Sorry about that. Bubbles for the error.

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Kayant1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

At least first watch the video maybe and also this isn't an article.

If you look at what has happened everything said in here is based on the 180s which in turn where lies/promises that were largely not met.

Required kinect to function - Was a lie and was 180ed.
DRM was said to be not as easy as "flipping a switch" - Was 180ed after 25+ days after E3.
TV took the main stage in the reveal of the XB1 - Studio completely shot down.

His point is the XB1 revealed at May 2013 is a far cry to what it was said to be with major goals, promises not being met or completely reverse or axed.

nypifisel1605d ago

And actually the bad thing about all this that some don't seem to understand is that all of this that now is not a part of the Xbox One forever damaged it with the design being compromised as a gaming machine, that's something they can't backpedal on and its something the Xbox gamer have to live with. I can't understand how people can defend them, YOU'RE getting the shaft cause of all this, and now the envisioned echosystem that made all those compromises forced no longer exists so we're just left with a mediocre console.

SilentNegotiator1605d ago

He's just responding to the latest 180 by Microsoft...they shut down their Xbox Originals studio, which was supposed to define the Xbone as more than just a mere game system.

No_Limit1605d ago

LOL, I check in to N4G a few days a week now and I see at the top of the list are either TLOU news from Dualshockers, Destiny is superior on PS4, or XB1 is a failure news. We can't really get legitimate news anymore about plain old games without any click bait heated debate. This site is becoming a joke and is overrun by a single fraction and I am finding more enjoyment in my games the more I stay away from here. smh.

HeWhoWalks1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

The site is overrun by a single "fraction"? I believe the word is: "faction". Either way, you only say that because, despite your "fair and balanced" claims, you're truly upset that the Xbox isn't the preferred brand (though I don't know where you were from 2006 to 2008, where it was anything BUT a fun site for PlayStation fans). Simple solution to your problem - stop coming here.

OT: I know Jim is quite the controversial figure, but it's interesting to hear what he has to say, whether I agree or not (was never a fan of his Heavy Rain review on Destructoid).

No_Limit1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


"Simple solution to your problem - stop coming here."

I already have, I post like 1-2 times a week now instead of 10+ posts per are welcome.

"you're truly upset that the Xbox isn't the preferred brand"

LOL, nope, my preferred brand is the Nintendo at the moment because of Mario Kart 8 and Windwaker HD...I haven't even touch my XB1 or PS4 in over a month now..until TLOU HD for PS4 in 10 days and Forza Horizon 2 after that.

Good to own all my consoles...I ain't mad ;)

@Brutallyhonest below,

I never said anything regarding Jim Sterling. I am just referring to the chronic click bait headlines and "Xbox One: A Lying Failure Machine" is a click bait headline and shouldn't even been approved in the first place.

Say what you will but in order to not become the laughing stock of the gaming community, N4G needs to do better of revising the approval process and actually getting actual legitimate news and not these click bait headline news in the front page. Just my 2 cents.

Boody-Bandit1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

"This site is becoming a joke and is overrun by a single fraction"

Oh how the tables have turned. That is really what has a certain "faction" upset. By that I mean the opposing faction.

Seriously what is wrong with TLOU, one of the most awarding winning games in history being remastered, being plastered all over the front page of a gaming site when it's a week away from being released?

Do you honestly believe that the PS4 wont have some advantage with Destiny looking or performing better on their hardware vs the competition? It is the more capable hardware.

Jim Sterling didn't say the XBOX ONE as a console is failing. He said their entire strategy has failed and that MS flat out lied to the media and consumers hiding behind the whole, we are merely listening to our consumers without being honest an admitting they flat out lied.

Try watching the video. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Sterling he is a pretty straight forward honest guy when he gives his opinion and he doesn't pull punches regardless of the brand he is talking about.

If anything most N4G members thought he was a MS fanboy last gen. Is he a sensationalist? Yes. Fanboy or one sided? No.

"I am finding more enjoyment in my games the more I stay away from here. smh."

Please tell me you're not serious and honestly let what it written on the internet impact the entertainment value of your hobby. If that is the case than maybe you should stay off of the net altogether and you will be less stressed.

Prime1571605d ago

I think the problem that you're having isn't the repetition... it's that you expect BIG news every time you check your twitter, your n4g, your ign, your (insert-any-website-here).

So, yes, most articles are filler, especially the "hot" ones. Maybe you could change your method of searching and engaging on N4G as it may lead to your stay here being happier (for lack of a better word).

tiffac0081605d ago

Welcome to circa 2006-2008 the only difference is the shoe is on the other foot.

slasaru011605d ago

Ps4 is one game console. We'll be having TLOU headers for some more months assuring they managed to get 1080/60 in a last Gen port. And this is the biggest news in PS4 camp!

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djplonker1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Here is one of said lie's

Not to be trusted...

cell9891605d ago

well well well..... crafty bastards with their PR talk, almost makes it sound so believable. Also it never even got close to a water cooler x)


I agree, look at your disagrees, and on other articles! This site is pro Sony "Mostly" and some articles, like this, are not worthy of Posting.

harrisk9541605d ago

It is Jim Sterling. Jim Sterling, formerly of Destructoid, is a well-known, generally respected videogame journalist/commentator. People love him or hate him, but no one can deny that he speaks his mind. He was very very very critical of Sony and the PS3 last generation. He is a notoriously tough game reviewer and, I believe, more honest in his reviews. I don't always agree with him, but I always look to see what he has to say because he speaks his mind -- like the Simon Cowell of video games. That being said, just because his opinion is not yours does not make this "click bait." He stated nothing but FACTS in the op-ed piece. You may not agree with his conclusions, but the points that he makes for reaching his conclusions are FACTS, none-the-less.

Codey471605d ago

FACT=The bane of every overzealous xboner....this generation.

Magicite1605d ago ShowReplies(1)
slasaru011605d ago

We will see more of such articles before the Xbox secondary launch. They just don't want a fair play, but that's OK. "where comes the pride, there comes destruction but wisdom is with humble"


The title is straight truth. Everything in the title became apparent before xbone release date, which is why I went from 360 to ps4. Best gaming decision I ever made.

kenshiro1001605d ago

Maybe people should try watching the video instead of dismissing it as click bait.

thorstein1605d ago

Maybe you should. Or at least provide a definition of the term "clickbait" so that we can see what definition you're using.

Ignore the Jimquisition part and focus on the headline itself: The XboxOne: A Lying Failure Machine.

Titles are certainly not immune to the report and claim of clickbait. That is why noncontributing zeroes like Jim Sterling write them. There is no other reason.

After watching the vid (before it was posted on this site) I knew it was just more of his "I loves to hear me talkz" garbage. In other words, it was nothing new. And, oh look, he called all 10 of his friends to come to N4G and click disagrees. (That number used to be 17 when he was at Destructoid.)

But no one on here (regardless if you like the video, Jim, or what he has to say) can defend that headline. In and of itself it deserves every report it gets.

But I watched the vid. Yawn inducing as it was, it contributes nothing to the discussion of MS's current console or what we already know.

sweetSWAGGER1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Thorstein, clearly not enough people already know, because otherwise they wouldn't be trying to disregard his points as if he were wrong. What discussion are you referring to? All I ever see on this site are delusional fans trying to disregard any actual discussion from the rational fans.

Although I agree that a video/article's title is not immune to clickbait... the title has actual relevance to the points made in the video. Whether or not it's "clickbait" at that point is up for debate, but is nontheless beside the point.

"oh look, he called all 10 of his friends to come to N4G and click disagrees. (That number used to be 17 when he was at Destructoid.)"

seriously? I don't even...

"noncontributing zeroes like Jim Sterling"

Really? We're talking about the man who is constantly making a discussion out of legitimate problems in the gaming industry/community which never fail to inform the uniformed, make sense of any lack of sense, and ultimately force the community to address a sensitive topic and make a discussion out of it.

...At least, I see that everywhere else. On sites like N4G, however, I just see responses from people who didn't even watch the video, being corrected and criticized by the people who did.

(well, that and they know they can't refute the article/video's points, so they'll attack the article/video's credibility and presentation.)

Oh, and come on with Jim being a "zero" garbage. Not only is the man adored by hundreds, if not thousands, of fans, but his opinions and articles actually incite responses from major figureheads in the industry. Meaning: he's one of the few "zeroes" who's voice actually carries weight; weight that even MADE a game's success once. I'd say someone's anything but a zero at that point.

Not directly in response to you, but something I'm noticing quite a lot in this "console war" are gamers who are labeled fanboys of something just because they say something bad about something else. Just how backwards is it when the so called "PS4 fanboys" are the ones who have to demand a better, more consumer-friendly product for the Xbox faithful? THAT'S PRETTY FLIPPING BACKWARDS.

lelo1605d ago Show
SnakeCQC1605d ago

Dude I'm sure many people had the intention of buying a xb1 before the reveal and piss poor drm policies. I usually buy all the consoles available throughout the gen but ms's policies and bs has turned me off buying their stuff ever again. As jim said correctly people DON'T like being lied to.

fermcr1605d ago

"... people DON'T like being lied to".

Did Microsoft lie? They were going to implement their original policies from the get go and talked about them. Everybody knew from the get go how the original Xbox One's policies were going to be. You can disagree with their original policies, but you can't say Microsoft lied about them.

Microsoft changed their original policies simply because of popular demand. If you consider that lying, then so be it.

SnakeCQC1605d ago

@fermcr They had obnoxious people like majornelson saying they couldn't stop the drm etc and just flat out lying saying it was impossible and integral to the way the system worked.

DealWithIt1605d ago

Nothing this dude said in this video is untrue

MasterCornholio1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I can understand why some people dont like him because of his sensationalism. But he's not lying at all in this video. The truth can hurt sometimes which is why some people are attacking him. Anyways Jim wants the Xbox One to do much better so they can provide good competition in the market. So in the end he's only criticizing what they did in the past but he knows that Microsoft can change things for the better.

ABizzel11605d ago

@All_Consoles and the people who eventually read this

The whole console war thing has been here since Nintendo vs Sega, and continued with N64 vs Saturn vs PSOne. But back then we didn't have internet users and trolls running around giving easy access to their spitefulness, or simply trolling for hits to their so called "journalistic site".

One day we had to plan a party for school, and our theme was "Teen Club". So the first thing someone said is they were bringing their Xbox. I had a Xbox, GC, and PS2 at home, so since they were bringing the Xbox I said I'd bring the PS2. Immediately I was bombarded with fanboyism:

Them: (laughter) Why do you have a PS2 it can't get online.

Me: Yes it can, I play Socom online all the time.

Them: Well it's only two players.

Me: No it's not, I have the multi controller adapter and I play Twisted Metal and Time Splitters all the time.

Them: Well the Xbox has better graphics.

Me: It should it came out a year later, but the PS2 has more games.

Them: Well it doesn't have Halo *walks away*

I had never experience fanboyism before, and I was shocked that people actually gang up and attack and criticize something they obviously don't know anything about.

What that all boils down to is that this generation is starting off just like the last generation of consoles. People were bashing and hating on the PS3 left and right early on about how it was weaker than the 360 due to poor multiplats (although proven to be false), complaining it had no games (which was a complete lie), and they were saying it was overpriced (and it was traditionally speaking, but Blu Ray players were also $400 - $500 at that time).

The PS3 suffered early on in it's first 2 years until Sony proved the power of the console, got online up to par, dropped price down to the $300 - $400 range, and had plenty of exclusives and equal multiplat support. Once there was nothing to hate on, the media and developers stopped their hate campaigns, and fanboys went away for the most part (except the sale number trolls).

ABizzel11605d ago

Unfortunately the XBO is in a similar situation this generation. But I have to say MS caused most of their own problems with their awful policies, all the bad mouthing (#dealwithit), and all the secrecy. Instead of getting a clear and pro gamer message in front of their audience, they let the media, fanboys, and fear get the better of their consumers and now it's an uphill battle for them.

The XBO isn't a bad console, it has some good games already, their getting their policies together (XBL is becoming more like PS+), they have their price at a better standard, and they're constantly working to fix their image (the XBO has the best exclusives campaign needs to go, and be replaced by something more modest & humbling). This is something that should be commended, but there will always be fanboys around to try and bring them down.

Personally, I do think they deserved much of this knocking, and hopefully they'll be humbled by it. It's good that gamers have a voice as a whole and can change things, because we don't want gaming to end up like ISP, where companies like AT&T can have a monopoly over a given area and charge whatever they want and hit consumers with all kinds of hidden fees like:
$5 per month for having your bill mailed to you instead of through email, which leads to a $30 restoral fee + a $10 late payment fee, because you don't know when your bill is due. $100 installation fee, for basically hooking up your modem, $100 leasing fee, $200+ moving fee, internet usage fees/taxes, and other ridiculous fees.

It's going to take another year or two for the XBO to fully recover from this, which generally happens to be when people are out looking for a second console. So if you don't like seeing this kind of news my advice is to take a break from forums and comment sections about gaming, because it's going to be everywhere just like it was last gen with the PS3 for the next year or so.

gman_moose1604d ago

Every communication from Microsoft points more toward them being cocky and arrogant rather than humbled. You gave a perfect example with their best exclusives campaign.

batbatz1605d ago

Dd you even listen to what he had to say?, he was quite reasonable