5 Half-Crazy Things We Want In The New GTA V

What Culture: Grand Theft Auto V set the bar for dynamic, open-world playgrounds. In case there was any question regarding Rockstar’s mastery of the genre, GTA V remains one of the most vivid culminations of last generation’s ideas, so much so that its quality retroactively trounces any release on the Xbox One and PS4 thus far.

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Slugfest3211604d ago ShowReplies(1)
Clown_Syndr0me1604d ago

Id just to get what I thought we would be getting the first time round, you know, those heists...

porkChop1604d ago

Pretty pathetic that the game has been out for almost a year and the heists, which were supposed to be there at launch, STILL haven't come out. Neither has the online stock market, Rockstar hasn't even mentioned it.

Clown_Syndr0me1604d ago

Instead they expect everyone to get excited and buy it again...they lied to us. But because people worship Rockstar its okay?
If EA or Activision or someone did this, everyone would be in uproar.

Clown131604d ago

They waited for PC/PS4/X1 to come out for heists so people have a reason to buy it again.

You can blame Shark Cards for the no stock market thing.

BiggCMan1604d ago

I don't know why people are expecting anything new or different in this, it's the exact same game with a new coat of paint.

It will be amazing for people who have been waiting the year since release, and a nice upgrade to people who can't get enough GTA V.

Personally I don't agree with 12 month old games like this and Last of Us being 50/60 dollars for just looking better. All PC games basically do this from the get go, with added mod support.

I mean look at the GTA PS4 trailer, there is a lot of shots with extra grass and detail to dirt, something mods can do so easily.

I think people are being taken advantage of, especially the people who never experienced the pleasure of the PC games looking way better than console versions.

You know all those Skyrim articles we see on N4g on a daily basis showing how amazing the game still looks with all the mod support? Well guess what, you can get all that for free, it's not a re-released version of the game for full price.

That's basically what GTA and Last of Us are, PC versions with some mods made by the devs themselves.

elhebbo161604d ago

Actual mod support, Not forcing them in like in GTA 4.

Palitera1604d ago

'New GTA V'?

Some people...