The Last of Us Remastered PS4 vs PS3 Comparison Screens Show Crisp Detail & Notable Visual Upgrades

Twinfinite: With some screens of The Last of Us Remastered having surfaced yesterday, we decided to take a few of the screens ourselves and take a look at just these new screens match up with some of the ones we already have. Let's see how the game is holding up against its PS3 predecessor.

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XiSasukeUchiha1583d ago

For a remastered edition yeah their noticeable alright!

LeonhartX1583d ago

you are really annoying, i hate looking at the comments section because of you.

XiNarutoUzumaki1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

The people who complain about others are more annoying. Let him be you fool.

stripe8141583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

whats amaze me is that he is answering back his own comment, lmao he seems to have a world of his own in real life lolz

Mastadope421583d ago

Last time I checked we are able to comment, not blog about your thoughts of others comments.


Page 4, he confused the PS4 pic for PS3 pic!

LeonhartX1583d ago

@XiNaruto yeah because you two are not the same person, very classy for calling me a fool

@Mastadope not that matters what you think but you can check my comment history not once have I critized anybody, even people i disagree with but when you are a guy that's worse than a spambot you have to be banned and get a life

MasterCornholio1583d ago

Do you hate him because he posts first or do you hate him for praising PlayStation so much?

Neither of the two violates the TOS so you really can't censor his comments. You can always ignore him if you want.


Yeah I like the look of the remaster as well.

LeonhartX1583d ago

Neither and i have been ignoring him since he started this trend i just wanted to tell him my opinion once, just as he is free to say what he wants i think i am too.

And for the record I am a PlayStation fanboy and I have been since 1994, although I own other consoles and handhelds

Prime1571583d ago

@XiNarutoUzumaki, "The people who complain about others are more annoying. Let him be you fool."

Well, first, I'd like to point out the paradox in that your statement is complaining about someone else. So, that just makes you a hypocrite.

Second, the fact that he hinders the discussion area by posting his nonsense with only an assessment from the title is more than frustrating. He doesn't read/watch the articles, and when one doesn't do that, then they can't possibly contribute.

LeonhartX1583d ago

@prime Thank you! god bless you, that's what i was trying to say.

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Hyper_Tension1401583d ago


I dont believe you and sasuke are the same person, because if you were youll be using the naruto account more because it has more bubbles and your comments make much more sense.

.........but if you are the same person, then your doing it wrong sasuke is the smart one and naruto is kinda stupid:P

XiNarutoUzumaki1583d ago

Finally someone with a brain.

Sakuke is smarter than me, but I'm stronger.

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mezati991583d ago Show
ifistbrowni1583d ago

Can anyone tell me if these screen shots are compressed? I'm a noob and am wondering if this is what i should expect when i launch it on my ps4.

ScottyHoss1583d ago

From the looks of them, they are compressed. You'll just have to wait and see ;p

Hk85karlsson1583d ago

Yes they are, They are in the 650 pixel range whereas the PS4 version should be pumped to its maximum resolution (1920*1080)

So if you´re doing a comparison, no compression please.

ichdich1583d ago

Looks like a PS3 game. Can't say I wasn't expecting this.

It doesn't look as good as I expected. At least it runs at 60 fps.

Hyper_Tension1401583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

For those saying theirs hardly a difference between the ps3 and ps4, come on seriously do you guys play on a 30in TV or something.

Tomb Raider and MGS GZ was very noticeable on my 55in TV when I compared both, even on a small screen is noticeable to me.

AndrewLB1583d ago

Agreed. That article is also trying to avoid using gameplay shots because the difference is even less.

And after reading it, it's perfectly clear the author is a rabid fanboy. He said the leaves looked so good that they were making him hungry. Are you serious?

Had the leaves looked as good as this re-texture for Skyrim... i think i would have crapped myself.

lemoncake1583d ago

High res textures and improved lighting, pretty much what I would expect from the new gen version of a cross gen game.

mr2331583d ago

I loved TLOU on PS3, great story, graphics and gameplay. And although I'm going to take a pounding for this; This site has become N4TLOU. Geez.

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