Xbox One: From Zero to Must-Have in One Year

"From the very beginning, no one could have faulted Microsoft for wanting to try something different with its next console. Digital streaming and downloads are on the rise, as are platforms which provide stellar deals on an almost daily basis."

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XiSasukeUchiha1583d ago

Xbox 1 is a fun console to play, I enjoyed Dead Rising 3 and COD ghosts on it, basically what I'm saying is that it goes by preference.

MysticStrummer1583d ago

"basically what I'm saying is that it goes by preference."

Indeed. XB1 is still a zero for me, but like you said everyone has their own preferences.

@JBSleek - "It was must have from the start"

Clearly it wasn't, since MS had to make major changes just to get it to lose to PS4 by a little less every month.

"Best launch lineup of games."

"Best" is subjective, but PS4 had the higher reviewed launch titles.

ThePope1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

When I see someone with so many bubbles I always assume their a shill for Sony, as this site rewards PS fanboys. And what do you know, you're here trolling! If you don't like the X1 why even click on the article, let alone take the time to comment!

OT: It may have been a zero in some people’s minds but I've enjoyed it since day one. Dead rising was an absolute blast, as was Ryse, and I enjoyed all the multi plats I played.

I still wish they allowed Total installs of disc-based games; I'm ok if I check in every day, as I’m always online.

All_Consoles1583d ago

Oh, so knack (54) killzone (73) resogun (84) are rated better than ryse (60) killer instinct (73) dead rising (79) forza 5 (80)? Hardly so

kayoss1583d ago

Wow a troll calling another person out... He stated facts and yet you're here bashing him. He even said, "Indeed. XB1 is still a zero for me, but like you said everyone has their own preferences." but yet you still some how find a way to call him a troll. Are you that insecured that you must go on here to defend your precious xbox one?

Death1583d ago

I agree with Mystic. I have found zero reasons to own a PS4. The fact that the highest reviewed launch title on the PS4 is an indie is what has turned me away. When it comes to "real" exclusives, the PS4 has been a disappointment so far. The worlds most powerful console and it's best game can run on my phone.

Mystic, you can see what some of us can't. What exactly is it you bought a PS4 for? I completely get the fact the PS4 will have some killer games down the road, but what was compelling to this point that makes you think Xbox One owners are missing out?

youndamie1583d ago

@thepope you shouldn't assume something like that. According to his profile he's been a member for 7 years.
OT: I might an X1 sometime next year, quantum break looks pretty good.

amiga-man1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Certainly not a must have for me, the PS4 offers the best bang for the buck and with Sony's first party studios games will not be a problem, that and third party performing better I see little reason to own a xone.

If I wanted more gaming I would probably go the PC route.

xboxftw1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

An article about xbox and suddenly the sony lovers come here foaming in their mouths. For me ps3 and ps4 both are zero. Jumped from ps2 to 360 in 2006 and never looked at anything else.

Same in this gen, xb1 had the best line up of games and like last gen there is a waiting game for ps4. Ps3 games 3 years later and expecting same this gen, sony is all promises and no deliveries.

At least MS tried something new and when saw the negative feedback, reversed those policies. Sony despite mass anger of fans couldn't deliver cross game chat last gen. They are good at building hardware and poor at software. At least MS is ok in hardware and great at software so overall has a better console this gen as well.

I see most of the phonies spend more time on n4g bashing xbox than actually playing games, seems like they can't afford the console so just want to show they are part of the cool crowd.

Go get a job and than you can afford one console.

Edit: Oh and pope is right, the harder the trolls work towards maligning xbox / MS here the more bubbles mods will give them.

Why o why1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

All of that says guy called xboxftw....... you know the bladerunner was a replicant right if you catch what I'm

The xbox has improved its appeal immensely, without question. I dont care whether they were forced or not.. improvements are improvements. Some things cannot be changed but they've made strides improving what they could. Just for those who claim the best ps4 game is indie or that theres nothing on the platform they like......c'mon now, you're not fooling anyone with that weak ass notion especially if you've been gaming for longer than 3 gens. We KNOW who brings it consistently and we KNOW whos fallen off more than once. My point is its not just about whats there to play at launch... you have to factor in each manufacturers ethos and behavioural traits.

I feel my tastes will be catered to for the whole gen because I DIDN'T buy a console just for its launch years. Not so sure about the x1 but that didn't stop me owning its predecessor for its exclusives last gen. I just need more and that was provided. They gave me more choice, higher rated games, a wider variety and more goty's. Each has their stronger points im sure so each to their own.

4Sh0w1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

@Why o Why
To each their own says it all, aside from a few outstanding games last gen, 360 had the overall games I gravitate to more, also online focus I think played a huge part, along with controller preference. This gen I suspect ps4 online is much closer to Xbox Live than at least for the better part of last gen. Not every game needs online multi or online modes but I still think sony tends to stray further from online gaming more vs micro, even in some cases where it would make sense, like the Order seems ripe for co-op. I don’t sell my games so I just want a bit more longevity to give me a sense of getting my money's worth but of course a SP game can be awesome without online too. I think last gen I spoiled myself with both but truth be told I gamed 90% on 360. This gen I have no plans yet for ps4 because now with even more responsibilities I just won't get much out of both, I mean I seriously don't get to play Titanfall and Forza5 etc half as much as I would like. Ironicly it just reminds me as I type this on my cell phone yet again just getting home about a hour ago late from work, I want to play but Mrs's has other ideas :) Then the weekend kids want to do stuff, fortunately they all know Sunday is mine!!!

Why o why1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

@4sh0w..... lol, tell me about it. Naturally, it seems our responsibilities outside of our hobbies have grown since the start of last gen. I literally have to steal gaming sessions nowadays even though my misses is a gamer. Can't do the late night sessions either but I wasn't too into those anyway (getting old plus earlier starts)... what can I say.

Seems one console may actually be enough for many of us this gen and theres nothing wrong with that. You dont have to own every console to be a 'true gamer' we have to share that with being 'true' parents, partners and friends.

4Sh0w1582d ago

Well said bro, well said.

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mixolydian_id1583d ago

Lol... sure you didn't publish this article? it would explain why you're always first to comment?

It is an alright console. With each month, the device get's better thanks to the frequent updates it receives.

Future prospects for the console are getting better by the day thanks to the XB team.

One thing I think they should consider is allowing 3rd party development of the metro visor/apps...
I know it won't happen though!

It's hard to imagine how far the consoles will go in the next 5 years. Similarly to the previous gen, nobody could've foreseen the products we have today.

Last gen introduced... 4GB< storage, multithreaded CPU's, Component to HDMI, DLNA support, Media Centre Support, Blue Ray, 8 person cross game-chat, apps, games on demand, DLC pushes.

Where these console's will go in the future is beyond me.

Maybe they'll develop there own type of hybrid SSHD which is big enough to contain the OS on the flash storage? Maybe slim models will incorporate the display port standard allowing people to choose component/HDMI/4K/Thunderbolt/ ?
Media centre re-vamp?
Cloud is going to be a late bloomer I think, people will get on board eventually... maybe in the future the customer, will be charged a cloud processing subscription?
Maybe more online only games? Campaigns filling the game disc and all multiplayer maps downloaded via DLC?

To be fair, what is the weakest link in the worldwide gaming industry?
Storage? raw processing power? developer expenditure? time contraints?

Probably internet bandwidth and wifi standards to be honest. BT and virgin now provide customers with "dual band" modem/router combo's. Providing the previous 2.4GHz and the 5GHz standards.The more stable solution of 5GHz will become the norm and older devices will be rendered obsolete.

I suppose the gaming industry can't progress until technology is developed further. Everyone will bosh a few extra features out here and there, but the next-gen experience can only be expanded on once technology has progressed much farther then the present day. Not only does time need to progress long enough for new technologies to be developed, but for them to be commercially viable too.

The best is yet to come, I'm not talking about TLOU or MCC... I'm referring to technology that'll really separate this gen from it's predecessor.

Magicite1583d ago

Ill buy it when it drops to lets say 150$.

Kavorklestein1583d ago

BY that time, the PS4 will be $150-200 bucks too, so if it's gonna be sixes, then who cares?

JBSleek1583d ago

It was must have from the start. Best launch lineup of games.

But it is a must have now going into this holiday. Unrivaled exclusive games this holiday and 2015 is even stronger with great, innovative games such as Quantum Break and classics like Fable and Halo.

Games along with unrivaled support for their console with monthly update make the Xbox One a great choice to game on.

christocolus1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I hope QB is released first quater next year. Really hyped for that game and 343i needs to show us some gameplay demo of Halo 5 single player asap. The wait is killing me.

Septic1583d ago

Having the best launch line up (arguably) doesn't make it a must have; well not for me anyway. Maybe I'm going through a gaming lull at the moment, but I've been quite underwhelmed so far with the next-gen consoles (PS4 more so than X1).

For me, The Master Chief Collection is the most exciting prospect this year, and that's a collection of games from previous generations. Says it all really.

2015 I hope will be a different story. It certainly looks like the heavy hitters are releasing next year.

Alsybub1583d ago

The Master Chief Collection being the most exciting prospect does indeed say it all. It's the same with The Last of Us remake on PS4. They are great games and I'm sure I'll be picking them both up but they should be being upstaged by games for this generation.

Septic1583d ago

Yeah if I were to pick a new IP, I'd pick Sunset Overdrive, but other than that...not much. Titanfall was fun but playing on your own gets boring quickly.

Hopefully with Destiny around the corner, more of my mates will jump into next-gen sooner so that I actually have people to play.

Chevalier1583d ago

Quantum Break is innovative? Did they show gameplay already?!

user74029311583d ago

hey jbsleek i notificed your not downpling the xbox one in this thread comparing it to pc. but ps4 is a free for all.

BattleTorn1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

hmm, you mentioned everything expect the part where multiplats underperform


Really? That's you response? I should be using a PC to play multiplats????
That's some Microsoft-executive level bullshit arrogance right there.. I point out a issue with your console, and you response is that I shouldn't be looking to get that from your consoles?

Well, news flash! I DO buy consoles to play multiplatform games - and that's PRECISELY why I've switched over to PS4 after being Xbox loyal for 10years.

JBSleek1583d ago

Sure if you buy consoles to play multiplatform games why are you using a console?

Of course this is all opinion. I never said it wasn't just expressing why I think Xbox One is a must buy.

JBSleek1583d ago

Well good for you. I play consoles to play games I can't find anywhere else. I don't buy consoles so I can play games inferior games I can play on better systems.

Xbox One has a better holiday lineup in 2014 and 2015 looks even better with games you can't find on other platforms that's why Xbox One is a must have. That doesn't mean other platforms aren't must have...This is an article about Xbox.

tgunzz1583d ago

@battle torn, seems you are not loyal to xbox, or playstation, you want what plays multiplats better. So when the multiplat gaming is worked out, are you then going to add an xb1 to your set?? Then that way you can also enjoy all those upcoming xb exclusives as well...

BattleTorn1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )


No need to doubt my Xbox loyalty!

See for yourself; Gamertag: Battle Torn (10years) PSN ID: Battle_Torn (3years)

Anyone can see I've played basically everything on Xbox, and only switched to Playstation since November.

tgunzz1583d ago

@battle torn, so are you going to consider purchasing the xb1 when the multiplat issue is resolved?

BattleTorn1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )


I got a X1 already. It is eagerly awaiting Sunset Overdrive and the MC Collection.

I've begun a (personal) trend of buying my exclusives digitally, to support 1st party by avoiding used market. The MCC will be digital for sure.

As for more, only time will tell. Last gen I stuck strong to X360 based on 3 principles, multiplat superiority, superior gamepad, and superior online.

This gen, I have fallen in love with the DS4's grip. (the X1 pad squeaks/creaks constantly while I play, and experienced this on 3 separate controllers)
As mentioned, multiplats underperform on X1.

And finally, Online stability. This one is a leap of faith. I have to presume that by now the PSN has caught up to XBL. Now that Sony is finally charging for the service (something I always defended for MS, with "you get what you pay for" mentality) hopefully that becomes true.

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poor_cus_of_games1583d ago

You sound like a ms ad. None of them games interest me in the slightest. Tlou, bloodborne, the order and uncharted look and sound way better.

JBSleek1583d ago

Okay so get a PS4 or enjoy your PS4...

Never did I say you couldn't. The fact that you had to comment shows you may not be all too comfortable with your purchase.

deadie1583d ago

I wonder who‘s really comfortable with his/her purchase in this case?

Judging by your posts i´d say you’re the one who's a little bit insecure.

poor_cus_of_games1583d ago

Well yeah I bought a ps4 day one and have absolutely no regrets. Got a x1 last week and now I'm wondering why I bothered.

lifeisgamesok1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

This. Xbox One started strong with the best games and is ending this year with the best games

The OS and UI are great, the controller is near perfect, online is awesome

Loving this console

The PS4 has good specs but so far MS is bringing the better games

And the contrast in power is not a Wii to a Xbox 360 like some people want to believe :)

parkesy781583d ago

Said like a true fanboy haha

pyramidshead1583d ago

Yet no-one's buying it. Even in their home turf :/

Spotie1583d ago

You said all that like it was some sort of fact, but the fact is that it was far from a must-have at the start for most people looking to get a current-gen console, and that hasn't changed yet. Hell, the launch lineup was rated the worst of the three current gen consoles, and its library is both the lowest rated and smallest right now.

Your entire comment sounds like it should be a commercial, with that vague sort of praise you only get from PR outlets... Oh, and fanboys.

skoorydook1583d ago

Yeah well the pc master race is da best,da best hardware, da most exclusives, isn't that what you say in console articles ?

Won't da master race be able to get an emulator for the X1 at some point ?

Remember how you said a PS3 emulator made da master race a checkmate ?

Oh wait I see a pattern, only in articles regarding a certain console.

chrisarsenalsavart1583d ago

I thought I recognized you.
Aren't u that little [email protected]?!!
That pc is the only and true next gen gaming hardware?
So what are you doing here?
Last time I checked xbox1 is even more underpowered than ps4 and pc.
Yet every time there is a ps4 article you re always there to diss the machine.
No we know why.
next time show your true color.

chrisarsenalsavart1583d ago

I thought I recognized you.
Aren't u that little [email protected]?!!
That pc is the only and true next gen gaming hardware?
So what are you doing here?
Last time I checked xbox1 is even more underpowered than ps4 and pc.
Yet every time there is a ps4 article you re always there to diss the machine.
No we know why.
next time show your true color.
Truefan1 is that you??

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modesign1583d ago

achievement achieved = clickbait 10P

Volkama1583d ago

Gamingbolt got that one a long time ago. They are making good progress towards the 'Seriously 3.0' of clickbait achievements.

Artista 1583d ago

I've been fighting temptation since day one with the Xbox One.. Eventually I'll give in.

EvilWay1583d ago

Both systems are great and are definitely must owns this generations. I gave my PS4 to my cousin and bought an Xbox One, and have had a blast. I have not touched my Xbox One in atleast 2 months except for the occasional UFC match here and there, I have started playing my 360 again (Gears 3). The next gen is underwhelming at the moment.

Both console's will have a lot of must have exclusives that I don't want to miss out of like I did last generation (missed out on most of PS3). I will buy a PS4 early next year to play BloodBorne and others