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"Director and screenwriter, Jeremy Snead, has done an admirable job of taking us on a journey from the very birth of an entire medium to the present day, whilst covering most of the salient points along the way. From Spacewar and Pong in the 1970’s, to the Cloud and Oculus Rift of today," - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1609d ago

It's great to see more time getting put towards documenting our industry. Also looking forward to Rise of the Indies, which is coming out in 2015.

CoyoteHunter1609d ago

I hadn't actually heard about this until now. Really looking forward to watching it.

shipnabottle1609d ago

I really enjoyed this, watched it on the weekend. Didn't really learn anything, I think most gamers will be aware of a lot of the stuff in the film, but it's great to see it all in the one place as an overview of the medium from start to present. About time someone did it. Then we can move on from here and document various parts in greater detail. Some great quotes from some of the people in it too