The Crew On PS4/Xbox One Using Almost Unlimited Amount of Lighting And Ambient Occlusion Modes

"It's always intriguing to know the technology powering behind AAA games and with The Crew aiming to set new standard for open world racing, it is expected that Ivory Tower will be using new tech to power their car role playing game."

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XiSasukeUchiha1607d ago ShowReplies(1)
Eonjay1607d ago

Almost and Unlimited are mutually exclusive terms. Its a paradox.

Gekko361607d ago

Mutually exclusive and paradox, are like oil and water, a paradox allows a contradiction where the possibility is true.

I love Doctor who too BTW :D

Kennytaur1607d ago

What a clickbait. The only info is that they're using a deferred renderer which is good with lighting. Pretty much all engines these days use this...

DarXyde1607d ago

How can something be "almost unlimited"?

That's like calling something almost impossible. Either it is or it isn't.