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Destiny is great, but it is missing some tricks

Bungie has done something incredible here and Lazygamer.net truly thinks this will be the defining game of the next few years.

But having said that they still feel the game is missing some things that will truly make it one of the great games of our age. Hopefully Bungie will be taking note of what the community says and that they implment these in the final game. (Bungie, Destiny, PS3, PS4)

moonstormer  +   494d ago
more loot?? really? ugh, people are just impossible to satisfy.
Razjin  +   494d ago
This just seems like a comparison to different games and the way they do things than the actual game itself.None of the points he made is not even worth mentioning especially since borderlands 2 is worse than the first and call of duty/battlefield are overrated now. Also I wouldn't say it plays like halo but feels like it with the whole sc-fi theme. Overall the game is good and it's the fps to beat for the coming years.
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GrimWykydtron  +   494d ago
"For example you can get gear if you do good in pvp" - what ? pvp rewards are random, been 1st in 95% of games i played and never recived anything from pvp...

also more loot is needed or better shops, I played beta for almost 20h and I still dont have green auto rifle and im not only one with that problem, all i get is pulse rifles...

alpha shops and loot were much better, i was improving my gear on evry stike i did and here in beta i get same weak items all the time...
XB1_PS4  +   494d ago
The last hit bonus is a bad thing. It promotes kill stealing. And kill stealing is annoying.
Razjin  +   494d ago
@Grim sorry to hear that but this is an fps mmo so it's expected that some will have better luck than others. I hope you eventual get the gear you want. Even if they increase the loot or make better shops everything is still randomly rolled so you can still be playing for 20h+ and not get that green auto rifle just saying.
iceman06  +   493d ago
@Grim...I think that they are tuning everything as the game gets closer. In the alpha, I had multiple uncommon and rare items of various levels. I had a TON of glimmer. I had only played for about 8 hours or so. That wouldn't scale very well for a game that is meant to last. Now, they have tuned the glimmer down a bit. The weapons, armor, etc. don't seem to fall quite as often. This seems more sustainable in terms of getting you to come back to the grind. It's the dangling carrot of loot. Which, as we know, is pretty much the pillar of an mmo styled game. Plus, there's an element of luck involved.
Letthewookiewin  +   494d ago
Of course its missing things.... ITS A BETA!!!!!!!
GrimWykydtron  +   494d ago
@Razjin true enough but alpha din't had that problem so i think bungie need to work on that and also give us way to trade with other players.
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bauer007  +   494d ago
sooooooooooooo overrated
GavinMannion  +   494d ago
Can't agree with that... the strikes are incredible and the public events are addictive as all hell
GrimWykydtron  +   494d ago
strikes incredible ? in beta there is only one and its booooring when u do it few times, same enemies, same spawn locations, same pattern in everything, no challenge at all, where did they take legendary difficulty ? strikes need some modifiers to be incredible as for now its just doing same s... all over again and again...
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GavinMannion  +   494d ago
ah but seriously it is just a beta, it gives you an idea of what strikes will be like...

I'm not into grinding so completing it once is all I want
Utalkin2me  +   494d ago
What is overrated is your comment, that has no barring on the article at all. If you don't like the game, then don't come and comment on it.
paul-p1988  +   494d ago
Unfortunately I have to agree. I saw the pictures, saw little bits of gameplay clips, and they made me want to play it. One of my mates sent me a spare beta code and I was excited to get it. 15gb and 2 missions later i'm beginning to wonder when the fun will start.

I know it's a beta so it's not a complete product yet, but the game just does not have that hook to make me want more... also, certain parts of it feel way too much like Halo, and I wasn't a fan of that either (silly reason, but I hated the jumping physics in Halo, and they are the same in Destiny...)
HairyKnees  +   494d ago
I wish I could have played this :(
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Darranged  +   494d ago
C'mon, time for us Xbox owners to get a taste of this rad game!
ScottyHoss  +   493d ago
I gotta agree it isn't fair that Xbox players don't get a beta either, just like battlefield. I wish I could play the Evolve beta but I have a PS4 :/
Nicolee  +   494d ago
I don't actually like FPS game ( i mostly play RPGs ) but i tried destiny beta and surprisingly it was really fun.
spacedelete  +   494d ago
this game is so boring. i can't be the only one who thinks that. they took the gun mechanics from COD, Halo recycled animations and Borderlands loot system. only reason this is getting hyped is because its made by Bungie.
strickers  +   494d ago
I disagree. I'm not a major Bungie fan. Didn't like Art design of Halo. Wasn't into it. Enjoyed bits of Halo split screen multiplayer.
Destiny is fantastic.
I'm missing it , with the servers shut for 2 days. I played the Alpha too.
Nothing so far this gen , or shown/ announced so far, comes close to Destiny for me.
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iceman06  +   493d ago
That's a valid opinion. However, just about any game can be boiled down to the "copied" parts that make up the sum. What defines Destiny is simply that all of those aspects are put into an FPS and brought to an MMO styled environment. It might not be to your liking. It might be getting too much attention in the media. It might be because Bungie are such a well respected and talented dev team. That being said, for many people, this is an exciting culmination of many different aspects of many great games. It might be boring to you. Again, that's a valid opinion. But, it's not JUST because of Bungie that it's getting attention.
jdktech2010  +   494d ago
I like it but it doesn't have that "hook" to me yet like I got with a game like halo. Just loot doesn't do it for me without a great story and what ive played in the beta is decidedly average and somewhat repetitive. The full game could be better of course.

I like the multiplayer but that's not enough for me. I may wait a bit to see how the full game shakes out before buying.
shinrock  +   494d ago
Thats my problem as well.
Razjin  +   494d ago
Lmao I see the internet game bashing begins with this game. With the same generic comments as always and people wonder why they don't have fun.
thejigisup  +   494d ago
Lol articles like this drive me crazy. We experienced about ten percent that's it. I know people that cancelled their preorder because it didn't live up to the hype or was underwhelming after mass effect 3.
moscardini7  +   494d ago
I happy will I see. Be patient people , game is out yet, and people don't the meaning of beta . Is shaping to be good game , stop complaining , and give then feed back .
TheBoy  +   494d ago
For a social MMO shooter, it sure isn't very social, there's literally zero interaction with other players (e.g. no trading or voice chat)
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The Meerkat  +   494d ago
I've noticed that a lot with the PS4. The place is virtually silent.

I kind of miss the Xbox live background noise.
The kid that's up too late getting told off.
The guy playing his mobile ringtone down the mic.
The racist guy who thinks he's funny.
The guy asking about basic controls
The guy pretending his connection is lagging every time he dies.

I have yet to encounter a single person in Destiny with a mic.
strickers  +   494d ago
You need friends....... And fast.
dboyc310  +   494d ago
It has nothing to do with the ps4. For some reason everything is so limited when it comes to chat functionality
Utalkin2me  +   494d ago
Social means, play with your friends. Everyone is in party chat now with their friends. And to be honest i don't think destiny beta supports local chat.
shinrock  +   494d ago
Well i remember a time when social meant being able to connect to the world on ur console. One of the main dev that pushed social gameing is now cutting it off at the knees.
e-p-ayeaH  +   494d ago
it supports local chat the game even includes an option to optimize your sound settings for headset only you can hear you friends trough the chat more clearly when they talk.

The only problem is that most guys playing the beta dont use headset its simple as that.
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e-p-ayeaH  +   494d ago
More Loot?

this isnt borderlands you know plus you can get credits easily by completing missions and defeating mini-bosses.Plus you can find plently of hidden loot troughout the levels those are always spawning at diferent locations.

Change the PVP?

I think its great but i hate that moon map all the other maps are actually fun to play specially the mars map. Its alot of fun playing PVP after you got enough with missions and exploring in single/co-op play.

The other complaints are just plain dumb.
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Omar91  +   493d ago
Moon map is my favorite.
e-p-ayeaH  +   493d ago
you must be a sniper then...
Omar91  +   493d ago
Nope lol im actually not. But I do take the time when I remember to snipe in that map. I just like it because its different and its pretty big as far as destiny maps go. Im not a fan of the tank looking vehicle though.

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