Super Smash Bros 4 Observations: Balanced Roster, New Advanced Move To Replace Wavedashing

Yes, seriously, if this move stays and proves as effective as promised, it can effectively replace wavedashing as advanced technique of choice.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Really glad to hear that Link is improved. Giving him a leaping overhead chop for his dash attack is going to do wonders for his approach game due to the vertical range it has over the old running stab move, and it's supposedly a viable knock-out move as well.
I wonder what the alternative custom versions of his spin attack will look and act like, though...
Also, I know it had a lot of lag and no follow-up, but I sort of miss Link's forward smash from the first game.
It was so flashy, what with the showy twirl of the blade before the huge overhead swing launched, and it felt genuinely more epic when you were actually able to land a hit with it.

Arkamenitas1579d ago

hopefully the next physics bug gets fixed, lol

Loadedklip1579d ago

The game doesn't need overly complex movement options like wavedashing to be highly competitive.

Overly complex movement and combos is what keeps fighting games inaccessible to casuals.

It just needs L-Cancelling combined with fast falling ... two things that are not too hard too master execution wise but has enough depth that the better player will perform it more accurately combined with doing it at the most advantageous ranges.

Increased overall gravity for faster pace fights.

That is pretty much all it needs from what I know the game already has.

Plink dashing, wavedashing, and extremely specific to each individual character dial-a-combos or extremely long combos with nearly 30 inputs is what will keep fighting games in general from reaching mass appeal.

Smash Bros is one of the few fighting games that gets that. Don't expect something that requires heavy practice to execute like Wavedashing to return on purpose.

Ilovetheps41579d ago

I think one of the major issues with the game will be the lag after you hit the ground. You are kind of stunned after aerial moves for a lot longer than in melee. I think aerial combos are the most entertaining to see, but that will all be gone if you are extremely vulnerable for a while after aerial attacks. As far as I've heard, L-cancelling isn't back.

As for wavedashing, I'm not sure why they don't like that. I understand it wasn't in there on purpose, but it's just such a useful tactic. I think it's a huge deal in the competitive scene.

BattleN1579d ago

Smash bros is easy but complex, unlike Street Fighter's complex button inputs to preform one move lol

TheOtherVitaOwner1579d ago

Quarter circles, so complicated.

BattleN1579d ago

Some of the specials in SF escape me for Smash I just push B

spartan112g1579d ago

Happy to see that Pikachu is back, and even stronger than before. Pikachu for life!