Destiny Bunker RAS 2 Found – Ghost Fragment Legends 2

A player has found a glitch in the Destiny beta that allowed him to fall trough the map and found a beautiful place called the Bunker RAS 2.

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Patricko1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Can somebody tell us how to get there?
I know it's a glitch where You need to fall under the map, but how exactly?


Why do you need to exploit a glitch... SMFH... And this is what I mean...

Pabbs_Slick1583d ago

Because he's not a sheep like you, he doesn't feel the need to follow someone else's idea of the rules.


@ pabs- if I'm such a damn sheep moron then why is the gaming community on every multiplayer game the same as him by trying to exploit glitches to their advantages??? It's called play how he devs intended not try to find a way around it because they don't have skill or in this case be patient enough for a game to come out. Doing crap like that is like you playing monopoly and sneaking more money just because you suck @ losing... Next time you feel the need to call names ONLINE because you feel like captain save a ho , you need to think twice before you look stupid and childish again noob ;)

Patricko1582d ago

Well...maybe because I want to check everything in beta? It's just empty space, chill out...

Geez...and this conclusion about telling online names, using glitches for advantages, having no skill for what? Going to some area? You serious? WoW...seriously...You need to grow up and see the diference between going to "secret" area just for exploring and using cheats online...


@patricko- maybe you should learn to read more carefully and understand what context is. For one hypocrites shouldn't speak about growing up when they can't even read and comprehend. Let me break it down for you kid...

I said " in this case, learning to become patient until the game comes out"
As opposed to finding a glitch in a game that's exploited because they didn't make available for their reasons . As far as exploiting games for an advantage, my point stands and is not far off but is directly related to your kind of behavior hence you exploiting a game to see something that hasn't been released to the public yet.

Nowhere did I say you were using it to your advantage! I compared it to other users that take it to a more extreme approach by using glitches to get one over on people because they suck. Either way exploiting is exploiting & it doesn't matter to what degree it is , I find it childish to try and go around what devs intended because you care so much, that like a kid you can't be patient enough for release. If you are into exploring the beta go ahead but to find and exploit a glitch to see some area that has no part in the beta serves my point.

Like I said learn to read or stop taking peoples words out of context ( like a child) because YOU end up looking stupid... Btw most of that comment was towards your friend so take your own advice and maybe your sheep friend will do the same.

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1579d ago

Here is a way to get to the glitch without the help of others.

Patricko1579d ago

Thank You, will try that!

masterfox1583d ago

I was very skeptical about Destiny at first but in the end I like it alot for this beta demo, it has a lot in common to Halo 1 and I mean 1 and that was a great game, the other felt like corridor shooters didn't like those one bit. In Destiny you really have this urge to explore and find things and that's great but at the same time that's one of the problems cause there's not that much stuff to find, in all locations this problem is present, you can wander around a lot and nothing to find, just find some enemy's and kill them pick up what they dropped, find some cash or that crystal things and that's it, I hope the complete game is more than that. I really didn't care for the coop but is very cool to see others playing your same play through and when lots of enemy's appear they are willing to help, it adds liveliness to the game.