Something epic you may have missed in Destiny

"For the past few days I have been obsessively playing Destiny, along my journey I ran into something pretty interesting.What I found was a large skirmish between high level Hive and high level Fallen, as the battle went on each side progressively got stronger and stronger till there were multiple Wizards and Captains on the field."

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masterfox1612d ago

Instead of finding this epic, the first thing come to my mind was the flood vs the covenant in Halo.

another example of the similarities of this game to halo, is in how the vehicles handle I think is exactly the same.

Lawboy21611d ago

That and the sniper rifle

shinrock1611d ago

The enemy dont seem to seem to bright. It just seem like it just takes mad ammo to take them down.

NiteX1611d ago

Only thing I found to be bullet sponges are those devil tank things and that giant mechanical sphere boss.

Pixel_Enemy1611d ago

The small enemies actually have pretty great ai, they hide from you to reload and like to dodge. The boss battles are mindless ammo sponges that just take for ever to kill using the same strategy of shoot, duck, cover, reload, shoot, find ammo etc.

kneon1611d ago


That's not what I consider great AI. I'm finding the AI is pretty basic, they do hide but they basically just gravitate towards you. They don't really try to flank you or find an advantageous position from which to attack you. The biggest issue though is that they are locked into their zone. Take one step out of their zone and they won't follow you. Because of this you can bypass many large skirmishes simply by running away or hopping on your sparrow.

kodiak404_1611d ago

They're low-level enemies...

abstractel1611d ago

I agree with what a lot of you are saying but I still enjoyed all of the SP content including the optional quests. The public events are really cool too IMO. I don't see this really pushing new-gen systems, but it has a great art style and seems to have a lot of content. I'm not an MP guy but I've tried the Crucible anyway... I guess I don't enjoy MP no matter how good it is unless I'm playing with friends most of whom don't game.

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BattleTorn1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

This game is Halo-meets-Borderlands-meets-M assEffect.

And I LIKE it!

Lawboy21611d ago

I noticed this...i thought it was amazing

thorstein1611d ago

I've encountered this a couple times. Quite nice feature. I always target the hardest enemies before taking the others down.

starrman19851611d ago

This happened last night around 8.30-9pm (UK time). I was grinding the enemies around there just looking for loot and getting some cards when all of a sudden huge waves started coming, each one getting tougher! Was great fun

KingKelloggTheWH1611d ago

freaked me out the first time it happened to me

starrman19851610d ago

Yep, it was mental - I assumed it was a bug at first as they just kept flooding out!

Dmagic1611d ago

nah border lands is more open destiny is just stages

e-p-ayeaH1611d ago

In borderlands you have to see an loading screen each time you go to another area in Destiny the levels are loaded in real time so you dont get loading screens.

Pixel_Enemy1611d ago

e-p-ayeaH what do you call staring at your ship above orbit. I say it's a loading screen.

NiteX1611d ago

I don't remember any enemies ever fighting each other in Borderlands.

WeAreLegion1611d ago

A couple of the missions involve skirmishes between the two of them. After you see it the first time in a mission, it starts happening every once in awhile around Earth.

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