Find out how classic video game box art was created

Mike Winterbauer is the artist behind some of the most fondly remembered retro box art from gaming's golden age, including covers for classic titles such as Might & Magic, Wing Commander and Spaceward Ho!. Okay, maybe that last one doesn't count.

If you ever wanted to know the process behind those classic video game covers, you can download a free .pdf from Winterbauer's website in which the man himself tells us how he did it.

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JamieReleases1608d ago

Pretty much all of those box arts have an 80's vibe to them, but I do love it. Some great pieces of art in there!

3-4-51607d ago

NES 80's boxart is very Nostalgic to me. It adds something more to the idea of the game than JUST the game. It helps give it a certain feeling when you match the box art with the game. It's a small part, but an important one IMO.

* 90's Box art with Sega/SNES/N64/PS1 was also pretty cool, but I prefer cartridge boxes to Cd Cases.