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Submitted by lord zaid 566d ago | opinion piece

Consoles remain King - It doesn’t matter if PC’s have more market value and power

MWEB GameZone Writes: "The argument between which format dominates the video game industry was reignited last week here on GameZone. Is it PC or Console? PC was award the title. That conclusion is wrong." (Culture, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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HanCilliers  +   566d ago | Well said
Reading about this is starting to feel like a broken record. It's simply really, not one platform is the king, it's about player preference, and no one has to justify why they prefer console or PC, Xbox or PlayStation.
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Septic  +   566d ago

It all boils down to preference. What platform is 'king' depends on what experiences you value. All platforms offer their own unique experiences and it boils down to which one you prefer.
DeadRabbits  +   566d ago
I agree!!! Some people prefer the low powered xbone, a mid powered ps4 or a high powered PC.

I preferred the second 2 so I have a PS4 and a PC to give me the max personal gaming experience for me!
Septic  +   566d ago | Well said
^^ And this, ladies and gentleman, sums up what's wrong with the gaming community.
herbs  +   566d ago
Power has little to do with it DirtyRabbits its all about the games...
thorstein  +   566d ago
Well said, guys, well said.

But I wonder if the author of this article is aware of a little known superpower many of us have:
The Ability to own a Console AND a PC.

And (rather a secondary superpower) the power to play games on (wait for it) BOTH!!!!
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GabeSA  +   566d ago
I couldnt agree more, and you have put it right out there. I play on multi platforms, and I love each of them for very different reasons, or genre of games. I have said this many times, for me its the overall experience i gained. I enjoyed The Last of Us immensely, and if I had to buy a console to play it, i would have. I enjoyed CoD4MW(PC) so much that I have mirrored my love for it in every other FPS i have played on PC. I too am tired of the debate as to which is best, because at the end of the day, we will have an opinion (this is an opinion piece after all) about what we love best about the platform we love most.
DragonKnight  +   566d ago
A lot of people will tell you that it's the combination of their preferred console and a gaming PC that dominates. I see no flaw in that kind of logic as you get the best of both worlds.
XB1_PS4  +   566d ago
I play all multiplayer games on console, unless they are PC exclusive. The built in mechanics for console makes it much easier to get into games together. Also, I'm comparatively better with a controller vs mouse.

I would completely agree that it all comes down to preference. A lot might do it completely opposite of me
MWH  +   566d ago
words of a true gamer.
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HanCilliers  +   566d ago
thehobbyist  +   566d ago
Best part about these articles is that all of them are implying that real gamers only own one console and bash all the others.
Lol if anyone considers themselves a "Real gamer" and only own one brand of console they're not very smart and I don't feel sorry for them.
DragonKnight  +   566d ago
Not everyone can afford everything. Most people have no alternative but to choose that which will suit their tastes best.
Dontworrybhappy  +   566d ago
Work extra hours, that's what I did. Lucky though just have bills and no kids yet!
JeffGUNZ  +   566d ago
@ Dontoworrybehappy

You answered your own question. If you were married with kids, how do you think your wife would react if she asked you to take your overtime to get diapers, formula, and other essentials and you came home with an additional console instead?
thehobbyist  +   566d ago

But does that give you the right to bash the others? No, I acknowledge I could've worded my comment better but I think I did well in communicating that bashing other consoles because you only own one is annoying as sin and I hope that people would stop in the future.
hiawa23  +   566d ago
I agree
Magicite  +   566d ago
PC is superior in hardware terms, but pretty much every multiplat title sells better on consoles.
TheDevKit  +   566d ago
That's because most don't appeal to PC goers.
Dontworrybhappy  +   566d ago
Haha by that logic all the people arguing about PS4 having more power than the X1 have no grounds either.
TheRedButterfly  +   566d ago
Which is 100% the case, and is 100% true.
Dontworrybhappy  +   566d ago
HanCillien appears and brings logic to n4g... and haz lieks? ?! It's gonna be a great daaaaaaaaaaay!
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Chrischi1988  +   566d ago
Just because of the headline, it sounds so immature, who is king^^ I really cant take this article serious, because it sounds like it couldve been written by the biggest douche fanboy, not saying that it is, but the articles appeal got totally lost, by this headline^^
Shnazzyone  +   566d ago
In the meantime author doesn't seem to acknowledge that if you have a PC right now then it's okay to wait a bit to jump on xbox one or ps4 right now. As of now there's very little must buy for. Even titanfall is on PC and right now the only games that really display the upgrade are mostly sports games which really isn't enough for me just yet.

This article is also weak as heck. Basically saying consoles make more money for developers, which is debatable with advertising and overhead. Not to mention the BS statement making it seem like a 3000 graphics card is needed. A 150-200 card is more powerful than a ps4 and XB1. Ram's easy to match, you can also make a ps4 controller work on a pc.

It's arguments just seems like carbon copy of the pc retorts for the last decade.
plut0nash  +   566d ago
Cost is a big part of owning a console, so is convenience. The amount of troubleshooting you do for a console is far less. There is that.
robtion  +   566d ago
Also Sony has some amazing AAA exclusives that I wouldn't want to miss out on.
plut0nash  +   566d ago
Been a fan of some MS games also. Forza was a big attraction a while ago, but project cars looks like its worth it.
robtion  +   566d ago
Sure. I mention Sony exclusives because there have been so many/more of them, and they are generally exclusive to PlayStation platforms. Many MS games are also available on PC so don't factor in to the console vs PC debate ;)
TheRedButterfly  +   566d ago

The issue with that argument is that the best of MS's exclusives are exclusive to their consoles. Good luck playing Halo MCC/5, or Sunset Overdrive, or Scalebound, or Phantom Dust, or Crackdown, (etc.) on PC.
robtion  +   566d ago
@TheRedButterfly: The games you are talking about are not even out so how can they be the best MS has? Traditionally MS exclusives have often been available on PC also, see Gears, Halo, et al. Crackdown doesn't count as it was lame, though the new one could be good on XB1. My argument stands as it is clear that PS has had many more quality exclusives and they they are mainly only available on the PS platforms ;)
fleecejohnson75  +   565d ago
That comment and line of reasoning can be applied to just about any console in history though. So why is it that "gamers" (if we can really call some that) can't just get along & play on their toy of choice without worrying about what the hell everyone else iis playing on & why/how much this toy sold this month or whatever stupidity is constantly being argued over? Because if we did, there wouldn't even be a need or place for articles like the ones that have been popping up like pus filled boils around here & the web.
robtion  +   565d ago
@fleecejohnson75 I agree with you. Nice to hear a voice of reason. The articles ARE stupid as are the arguments. I generally avoid them, yet somehow here I find myself commenting on one? Guess I should get back to playing Abe new 'n' tasty instead of wasting time here. Happy gaming ;)
JBSleek  +   566d ago
Convenience? IS this a real argument? I would expect that you have some sort of education and common sense. It's not that hard.
mhunterjr  +   566d ago
Convienience is most certainly an argument. There's a large segment of the community that would rather not be bother with keeping up with PC hardware specs, or arranging their entertainment system to work with their computer. They just want the plug and play consoles provide.
JBSleek  +   566d ago
Consoles aren't plug and play anymore... You have to update so much now and even update controllers now. Gone are the days that consoles are simply plug and play with no issues.

But if you want convenience over robust features and quality then by all means do you thing.
HanCilliers  +   566d ago
Why is that not a good argument? Isn't this the main reason behind Razer's Project Christine?
DragonKnight  +   566d ago
@JBSleek: The PS4 and Xbox One update in the background for a lot more than the Xbox 360 or PS3 (especially the PS3) did, so yeah the consoles maintain the plug and play edge. Even factoring in the updates, the difference is still in favor of consoles against PC which still requires more work. Education and common sense don't eliminate everything.
SilentNegotiator  +   566d ago

Updates are no where near as inconvenient as some of the things you have to put up with on PC. And, GASP, PC games often need updates to continue to play online, too.

Plus, you need to update your drivers every time a new game comes out, especially if you have the "wrong" brand of GPU for that particular title. You need to fiddle with the graphics options, as opposed to consoles, where the game is already optimized. Some games run like crap that shouldn't, no matter what you do with the graphics settings, while other much more demanding games run infinitely better. You deal with cheaters 10 times as often on PC, even on the most moderated games.

Consoles are MUCH more convenient than PC.
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uth11  +   566d ago
convenience is a much bigger factor than you realize
user5669510  +   566d ago
Consoles are more convenient but update on PC have been installing and game saves syncing for the longest just because just started seeing it by having to pay doesn't mean its new
herbs  +   566d ago
PCs have some advantages over Consoles and Consoles have some advantages over PC, below are some unbiased opinions and facts comparing the most relevant differences.
The cost of gaming on PC vs Console is basically on par over the span of a couple years give or take, generally more expensive hardware for PCs and more expensive software + monthly fees on Consoles.
3rd party games that are available across all systems are potentially the best on PC.
Consoles are far more convenient and streamlined in many ways but you are able to do more things on a PC.
PCs have far more variety for controller options (can be a pain to setup) whereas Console games are tailored to work perfectly with there respective controllers (again convenience;)
Most PC games can be modded.
Local multiplayer is generally much better on Consoles.
In regards to online gaming Consoles have parity which is a huge plus but there can be higher player counts on PC which is also a huge plus.
If sports games are your thing don't bother with PC, if strategy games are your thing PC is the way to go.
PCs are backwards compatible all the way to the inception of gaming and are able to emulate basically every platform except the most recent.
Exclusives are the biggest factor in determing which system you will likely own and Wii U, PS4, Xone and PC all have amazing exclusives. (Everybody Wins :)
In conclusion the most relevant factor seperating Consoles and PCs seems to be Convienence Vs Openendness...
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Anon1974  +   566d ago
That's a big, overlooked factor right there. When we're talking value, how much is your gaming time worth? When I used to game on the PC, I spent hours upgrading my hardware, configuring, running updates, configuring controllers, installing, troubleshooting, upgrading just seemed never-ending.

My gaming time is limited now and when I've got a half hour or hour every couple of days where I can sit down and game, I don't want to spend one second messing around, I want to jump in and game. Even though consoles have updates as well, more often than not I can ignore the updates and still play the game without (or, with PSN+, know that the updates will just self install later).

That, to me, makes consoles a greater value to me because they don't require the time commitment in order to play games on the best possible settings for your hardware. But that's me. When I was younger and had nothing but time, I had no problem upgrading my system, overclocking, pushing the hardware. It was a hobby itself. If that's part of the PC appeal for your, more power to you. But it isn't for everyone. I hear PC gamers often saying things like "The reason you don't game on PC is you can't AFFORD it." Well, I can and did for a number of years. I don't game on PC because I choose not to, not that I'm somehow unable to pull it off.

And ultimately, it's about the games. For me, PC games simply don't have much appeal to me. Most games I want to play are console exclusives, and for those that aren't the added resolution and framerates just isn't worth the effort involved in PC gaming for me. PC gamers are an easily riled lot and seem like they feel they're constantly under attack...but I have nothing against them. Enjoy your hobby how you want and I'll do the same. It's like sitting down arguing between cars or trucks. No need for pointless arguments.
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herbs  +   566d ago
Excellent points and examples Darkride you basically summed up why Console gaming is awesomely convenient compared to PC gaming its more focused on just getting you in the game...
duplissi  +   565d ago
Eh, cost isn't really a factor. If a gaming PC is your platform of choice you get cheaper games, no online subscription fee. Sure most people opt for PCs that are more expensive than a console, but you dont need to to have a good experience (AND NO you wont need to upgrade every year or even two, or 3,4... Can we let that myth die?).

Just do some research instead of parroting what the ignorant internet masses spew, then make your decision. You want to game on a console? Cool that is your choice to make, but don't justify it based soley on misinformation and mistruths - (That is the #1 reason why most PC gamers get really irritated with Console gamers).
Future_2015  +   566d ago
Even though the pc market made more money than consoles last year?
lord zaid  +   566d ago
I not sure thats true. Can you cite a source, please?
tee_bag242  +   566d ago
I think he's referring to this one which was posted here a few days back.
DragonKnight  +   566d ago
That statement comes with a HUGE asterisk. The PC market has a lot more pay to win games, microtransactions, and other nickel and dime schemes than consoles have. Consoles have their own of course, but they are eclipsed by the numbers that are representative of the PC market.

Simply going by broad revenue will likely remain in the PC market's favour for a long time until consoles start ramping up their own schemes.
BG11579  +   566d ago
In terms of software pc have the advange to gain more money than in consoles.
The price tag of console software may be higher, but unlike pc, console software can be giving, borrowed and sold to others. When you buy a game for a PC, the game is restrained go that PC.
djplonker  +   566d ago

How exactly can you get those numbers?

the majority of pc's sold are not used for gaming...
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Future_2015  +   566d ago
pcs are pcs in the end of the day
djplonker  +   566d ago
No graphics card = no games = NOT A GAMING MACHINE

Did someone not tell you this is a gaming site?

My mobile has more power than most of those word processing and power point presentation crap :P
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DragonKnight  +   566d ago
@djplonker: All PCs have some kind of graphics hardware. All of them. All of them can be used for gaming, the power is irrelevant compared to the use. I have a piece o' crap laptop that can emulate PS1 games pretty well. If I decided to play every single PS1 game I could get my hands on on my laptop, it's then essentially a low end gaming PC.
duplissi  +   565d ago
Those 'numbers' are for JUST the PC gaming hardware market. not the whole PC market mind you.
mhunterjr  +   566d ago
PC hardware generated more revenue... By nature of it costing more to buy PC hardware. This doesn't really suggest which mode of play is more popular. It just supports what we already knew, PC games spend more on gaming hardware.
plut0nash  +   566d ago
That's an often overlooked aspect of this debate. Player and install base makes a big difference. Who cares how many PCs are sold - how many players are there?
tee_bag242  +   566d ago
Yes this is true. The PC industry brings in more revenue than the console industry. However, as you mentioned this is largely because PC's enjoy spending big bucks on their PC's

That's the article.
CongoKyle  +   566d ago
different folks, different strokes.
04soldier  +   566d ago
Software piracy is the only thing holding PC gaming back.. Which is why sales always favor the consoles on the big mulitplatform titles.. publishers follow the money as well and that's why they sometimes favor console over PC..

Eg Red Dead redemption Gta 4/5 etc etc
TheDevKit  +   566d ago
No, it's just most PC goers aren't interested in those types of games; besides that, the advent of Steam has heavily deterred piracy.
#5.1 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
andibandit  +   566d ago
It's true, the steps you have to do to get a pirated game to work + that whole world is filled with virus and malware, makes it not worth it. Steam has made PC gaming so much simpler
DragonKnight  +   566d ago
@andibandit: Umm, it's painfully easy to pirate most games, and going to thepiratebay has mostly clean returns.

Example: Say I wanted to pirate Skyrim. I could go to thepiratebay right now and download the Legendary Edition complete with all DLC and the High Res textures and not need Steam to play it. If I wanted to use mods, there's a cracked version of the Nexus Mod Manager on the site too. It requires nothing more than installing the game and the only thing you're missing out on is updates (which get uploaded to the site anyway) and Steam support, which you won't need if you know how to look for answers or ask questions in the right places.

Very few games require a lot of work to pirate.
DoctorJones  +   566d ago
DragonKnight's speaking from experience here.
InTheLab  +   566d ago
That and how many times have you read...

"I'll just wait for a Steam sale".

I'd think twice about launching a game on PC or at least delay it a year like GTA does
duplissi  +   565d ago
Are you kidding me? Developers wait with baited breath for steam sales just like we do.

Those steam sales bring in most of the revenue for Developers. There was an article about a dev's profit increasing 5 fold (or something like that) due to a steam sale.
04soldier  +   566d ago
I built my PC rig from scratch last year. And it took me 2 months to figure out how easy it was to pirate PC games. Heck, I didnt even need to spend $100 on purchasing the windows OS.

Steam sales are fine and I admit that they're quite awesome but these games dont drop in price as everyone thinks they do. You'll wait an upwards of a year for a newly released games to hit $30-$40..
JeffGUNZ  +   566d ago
haha so that justifies theft?
duplissi  +   565d ago
Not if you know where to look.

Greenmangaming, Good old games, Amazon, Humble bundle, etc. I have spent less than 30 on almost every AAA game purchase I have made in the past 2 years.
tontontam0  +   566d ago
LOL PC nobleman = amazing hygiene????
Agent_hitman  +   566d ago
Oh no, not this crap again.. I both love PC and consoles, so pls stop this kind of nonsense article..
Theyellowflash30  +   566d ago
Oh gosh, another self-righteous idiot that tries to claim one piece of plastic and chipwork is superior to another. Dude..... listen. Stop writing clickbait, and actually play some games or upload gameplay videos. These articles are a waste of F**cking time
PS_Family  +   566d ago
Consoles are fine but if you are a bit tech savvy and have the entry price, PC is the best choice. No contest.
Chillstep  +   566d ago
Not if the games you are interested in are only consoles.
PS_Family  +   566d ago
But PC has great exclusives too.
Chillstep  +   566d ago
PC and console exclusives are nothing alike.
MasterCornholio  +   566d ago
But PC doesn't have the same exclusives as consoles and it's true the other way around. If you want to enjoy all the great exclusives you have to own every single platform.
Roccetarius  +   566d ago
Funny thing is that the PS3 and 360 emulator has made more progress than originally thought. PS3 more so than the 360, but how that's possible is beyond me.

So sooner rather than later, we'll have those games as well.
thisismyaccount  +   566d ago
And for free rite? Roccetarius...

Wish Nintendo and Sony (since there are no M· xbox emu floating the wb) would step in and shutdown or offer their pc-emu version for a small fee.

Bet noone of the so called PC elitist would support that, since you get everything for free..or granted.
TheBoy  +   566d ago
PC gaming hardware makes more money than all consoles combined
PC gaming software makes more money than consoles
There are far more PC exclusives on the top 20 Twitch games than console games
PC has the most popular game in the world exclusively (LoL)
PC for back to back years has had the most highly rated exclusives than all 3 consoles combined

Where do consoles remain king exactly?
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BillmadeAGate  +   566d ago
All I gotta say is TLOU , UNCHARTED , HEAVY RAIN, GOD OF WAR , GEARS OF WAR , RED DEAD REDEMPTION ect... you may have more exclusive but I doubt they were nothing more than MMOs or MOBA. You guys will never get a Masterpiece like The Last Of Us or Uncharted..
TheBoy  +   566d ago
There a vast range of genres like MMOs, MOBAs, RTS, shooters, action, adventure, but I don't see how they make them irrelevant? Especially considering that PC exclusives dominate Twitch streams while console exclusives are non-existent.
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Sykoticz  +   566d ago
@BillmadeAGate You played Dayz,Arma 3,CS,Garrys mod,The forest, you want me to continue? Yes Console has some good games TLOU was good and Gears 1 was so boss (for me) online but all i have to say is look at how console multiplayer is all cloning cod... Wana disagree? Look at the last halo and tell me they arent trying to jump on that
thisismyaccount  +   566d ago
WATCH_DOGS and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany other games before that (not as hyped as WD though), numbers coming from UBI directly PC vs Console(s)

.pdf from Ubisoft

Sales per Platform showing the PC aint achieving the same sales/copies as 8 year old platforms do, console market > Pc market :

incl. digital sales as well.
chrissx  +   566d ago
@theboy Thanks for the laugh
plmkoh  +   566d ago
"There a vast range of genres like MMOs, MOBAs, RTS,"

Could it be that those genres are easier to stream on Twitch because of the endless nature of the games? Hmmm?

No let's not even bother to remember that Twitch was made and matured on a PC market long before consoles.
TheBoy  +   566d ago
Yes because it's not like the PS4 and XB1 don't have Twitch streaming built into the consoles... Oh wait.
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   566d ago
lol PC > cheapbox
--bienio--  +   566d ago
Console fanboys dont understand there time is gone forever!! Pc is back!!!;) give us 2years and you see what Pc can do( actualy all ready can) ;D
Clunkyd  +   566d ago
Then why do 3rd party games always sell better on consoles?
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   566d ago
Because PC has a constant flow of games being released while console gamers are literally starving to death for more COD, Assassins Creed and the "big" games this falls games.
skoorydook  +   566d ago
Little to no console gamers give a tiny mouse fart about pc exclusives, where as I actually seen a pc gamer on here yesterday trying to claim a checkmate over a PS3 emulator, now that really is a LOL.

Games console gamers enjoyed years ago on hardware that is around 10 years old, why are the superior master race even bothering with games that old running on hardware that poor if all the pc exclusives are so great.
skoorydook  +   566d ago

Here is the thread the comment was made.
duplissi  +   565d ago
Eh, that guy is a troll and you took the bait.
Dark_Overlord  +   566d ago
"PC gaming software makes more money than consoles "

That's funny, EA, Ubi etc say the exact opposite.......
Imalwaysright  +   566d ago
Because EA and Ubisoft are the only companies making games...
Dark_Overlord  +   566d ago
did you not notice the 'etc' part? when some of the biggest publishers in the world are stating 'facts', they're kind of impossible to ignore.

TheBoy was stating a so called fact that I easily disproved. Nothing against PC gamers, but if you're going to state a so called fact, at least make sure it can't be easily disproved.
MuhammadJA  +   566d ago
Agreed. And to add to that:

LoL has at least 20 million player daily.

Steam has around 70 million accounts registered.

PC Gaming is the largest gaming market in the industry. It offers both the niche genres and the popular genres. Add to that the ones who hates DRM and never use Steam or Origin, etc... There's even lots of dedicated playerbase who kept most of the best games alive through modding and online servers.

On consoles, you see people wanting the next AAA game and that's it. That's why publishers prefer consoles because they rely on brand recognition and advertisements over game content.
LightDiego  +   566d ago
Finally a article talking good things about consoles, not the "consoles are doomed", "pc master race" crap.
Anyway, both are good, it's difficult to have only one platform these days.
@TheFanboy: IOS has even more exclusives, i guess it's the best, right?
#11 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   566d ago
I was a console noob for years that feared pc complexity , then I did some research and learned its not as complicated a I thought google has not let me down yet with any prob I have had with pc and I still enjoy my xb1 although it does not get as much love.
#12 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Imalwaysright  +   566d ago
In this day and age with all the information available at our fingertips it amazes me when someone says that getting into PC gaming is complicated. People stay ignorant because they choose to be ignorant.
04soldier  +   566d ago
I also joined built up my PC using google youtube etc etc. Although as of late.. I wonder if I wasted my time energy and money(over $1000) because my PS4 gets much more gaming time than my PC
sprinterboy  +   566d ago

enjoy playing uncharted, killzone,quantum break, the order 1886 and sunset overdrive on your pc. I enjoy all consoles and also enjoy pc btw.
Stenmark  +   566d ago
So many games...
FBC   566d ago | Spam
HollywoodLA  +   566d ago
If you simply LOOK AT THE SALES, you'll see that console games outsell their PC counterparts. It's a fact...

What else is there to argue. Different platforms, different reasons to own them, different demographic splits.

What acne covered, pc-loving, Wiiu master race trolls deny this?

#15 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
TheDevKit  +   566d ago
How well do such console games sell on the Wii U?
HollywoodLA  +   566d ago
The DevKit - Not very well at all lol.... that's the joke.

Seafort - Yeah, really. Why would ANYONE quote vgcharts? It's an inaccurate tracking service, as admitted by the owner of the site. Either way, are you claiming multiplatform games on PC outsell their PS4/XBone counterparts?" Okay, cite your sources. ...let me guess, you can't?

Yeah... nice comment lol.
#15.1.1 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Seafort  +   566d ago
Really? If you quote vgchartz to compare console vs PC sales then you are completely disregarding digital sales so it'll be complete BS.

vgchartz doesn't record digital sales just retail and PC gaming is about 80-90% digital sales now.

I never buy from retail shops any more. I'm not even sure what the last boxed PC game I bought it was so long ago.
andibandit  +   566d ago
I bought a new PC a while back, and i didn't even install a Optical drive. Who still buys DVD/BR, cmon man it's 2014
bednet  +   566d ago
Last retail PC game I bought was GTA vice city...
teo72  +   566d ago
You might prefer PC. Well I prefer my PS4. Who are right? Well, both of us I suppose. Remember kids and nerds. It is all about the games, or at least it should be. Now beam me up scotty...
MultiConsoleGamer  +   566d ago
PC Rising.

Be afraid.

PC has the potential to be the true "one platform future."
--bienio--  +   566d ago
100% agree😉
uth11  +   566d ago
PC hasn't done that for the past 33 years of its existence, why would that change now?
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   566d ago
Because consoles are falling way behind in tech and PC gaming is exploding.
d3nworth1  +   565d ago
If that happen then the gaming industry will suffer a huge lost. Most console gamers will not go over to PCs so the gaming industry will lose alot of money. Jobs will be lost. With only one platform there will be no need for large teams of developers so there will be mass layoffs. With most PC games distributed digitally the will be no need for places like gamestop or any other game retail stores so more people will lose their jobs. Regardless how you feel about consoles thousands of people rely on them to make a living. If that the future you want where thousands of people are jobless and unable to care for their families?
MasterCornholio  +   566d ago
All platforms are great for gaming. Even though I prefer to game on consoles I still respect people who game on PCs. All I ask is to receive the same respect from PC gamers.

If we all do that then we can eliminate many pointless arguments on N4G and the forums.

JBSleek  +   566d ago
There is this weird phenomenon that goes on at N4G. When it comes to PC vs console articles it's all about preference and there is no winner and they want to play nice with PC gamers.

When it comes to their own consoles themselves PS4 vs XBox One then it's PS4 all the way and the whole preference rational and game rational just get thrown out the window.

Console gamers should go back fighting among themselves. It's funnier that way.
Artista  +   566d ago
When PC is brought into the argument .. Suddenly "powah" doesn't matter, games do ^_^...
JeffGUNZ  +   566d ago
Thank you. I bubbled you up. That sums up this site. Perfect comment!
skoorydook  +   566d ago
Also see a weird phenomenon with the master race, we have da best hardware, we have da most exclusives !

Then when someone brings up games you lot can't play or something like accessibility being in a consoles favour it's then all, is that even a real argument.

See it goes both ways, tell us about how a poorly coded emulator to play years old games is a checkmate again.
GundalfDeGrej  +   566d ago
The hottest article right now is yet again about how the consoles compare against each other when it comes to power. People do care but only when it works in their favor. But hey, the games really are what matters above all. It just doesn't seem like people think that way when you look at the 1080p 60 fps craze going on here.
Stenmark  +   566d ago
The problem with consoles is that they don't have any games right now,the ones that are worth my time and attention . I'm only interested in games and CG consoles can't provide me with that right now.

Divinity: Original Sin FTW o7
pandehz  +   566d ago
Why is PC gaming in the argument?

Isn't pc gaming supposed to be dying and space sim genre supposed to be extinct by now?

Consoles have so many awesome games with fully fleshed out oscar worthy stories more original than 28 Days Later, Indiana Jones and any random Korean blockbuster.

PC gaming only has like highest played games, games that sell 15 mil copies alone, highest f2p game sales, highest kickstarter funding, International dota 2 championships broadcasted on ESPN, too many experimental games providing too many unique experience, mmos and mobas and what not etc etc

Pretty odd to compare a dying platform versus one thriving.
(you tell)
#21 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   566d ago
Compare the PC and console Esports scene and you will see which is irrelevant and dead.
voodoochild346  +   566d ago
You're not good at detecting sarcasm....
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   566d ago
I got it, I was just making a statement. PC needs no defending. You just state facts about its superiority :S
#21.1.2 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
masterfox  +   566d ago
Of course they will remain king, when was the last time PC gamers had experiences like The last of US, God of War series, Uncharted series, rachet and clank series, Journey, flow, Gran Turismo series(there are alot of wannabes on PC right now), never!

Well at least PC has truck simulator, soon to be release rock simulator, awesome GunZ F2P, awww DayZ ?, mmm lots of indies too, hell maybe the only thing I envy of PC gaming that I can't play on my console is emulators lol, neorage, MAME, finalburn, AM2,CPS3, Illusion games hur hur.. I wish I just can't turn on my console and have all those games instantly, but nope I have to turn on my gaming rig :P
#22 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
andibandit  +   566d ago
Great a bunch of games from Yesteryear. Im playing Divinity Original Sin right now, having a blast.

Let me guess, you're twiddling your thumbs waiting for the Remaster of TLOU, LOL,

or playing thru some game for the 17th time so you can platinum it, zzZZZZzzz
#22.1 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
masterfox  +   566d ago
Nah Im not twiddling my thumbs lol, I'm actually having fun with Destiny beta, but yes I'm waiting to play TLOU, I didn't play on my PS3 so ?, I really don't care for trophies but I have to admit is cool all of sudden that an achievement pops out on my screen in certain occasions sames as the achievements I got playing Warframe from steam.

I actually had a platinum for Resogun and thats because I see it as an excuse to play that addicting awesome game over and over again, last time a PC game got me hooked and play it until the end was Sleeping Dogs and Skyrim but after that everything went to boredoom, I really miss the urge feeling to upgrade my gaming PC, but honestly theres absolutely nothing outhere for me on PC games right now they will make me do that :/
LoveOfTheGame  +   566d ago
I just signed in for the first time in like 2 weeks just to point this out.

You immediately list off games that PC only players can't play that they should be envious about not playing, implying that they are great games.

You include TLOU as a great game, yet you then admit that you never played it. I submit that your use of logic in this argument should now be rendered invalid, if the dribble from your first post isn't already grounds of you irrelevance on this subject.
Bennibop  +   566d ago
The whole point of console gaming is about accessability. A standard price for the machine and standard specs. PC gaming is great but problems can a rise depending on specs of your machine when playing the latest releases. It gets very expensive very quickly.
JBSleek  +   566d ago
Console software is very expensive as well. And then you get suckered into paying for games again for better visual fidelity... Damn these companies got you good.
hiawa23  +   566d ago
Never been into Pc gaming. The consoles are good enough as my simple gaming needs go. I just want good gaming experiences, decent visuals and the consoles are more than capable to do that.
patrik23  +   566d ago
Last gen:

super mario galaxy metacritic 97
super mario galaxy 2 metacritic 97
UNCHARTED 2 metacritic 96
THE LAST OF US metacritic 95
LITTLE BIG PLANET metacritic 95
the legend of zelda metacritic 95
red dead redemption metacritic 95

where are pc exclusives?
voodoochild346  +   566d ago
Sure they won't show up on that list if you don't list them. If don't know about pc gaming don't be afraid to ask.
pandehz  +   565d ago
If you had the time to google the console ones I'm sure you couldve added in the pc ones too couldnt you?

Propaganda fail
Skankinruby  +   566d ago
Agreed, there's no denying pc's power but the price tag required to flaunt this power is absurd. Not to mention the control scheme and small monitor just kill the gaming experience. (I understand you can use t.v. and Xbox controller but its an extremely inconvenient setup)
voodoochild346  +   566d ago
You can play on any size television or monitor you want. You can use a controller on the vast majority of games on pc. You acknowledge these facts and yet you dismiss them because of "inconvenience". What's inconvenient about positioning your pc next to your tv and plugging in your hdmi cable? Exactly how you play on console.

I really hate all the fanboys on this site spreading and making up false facts to make themselves feel better.
#26.1 (Edited 566d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
microgenius  +   566d ago
PS/PC for me
both are my kids! XD
i dont understand the hate over each of them
they all run GAMES
i love every thing that runs game
but little bit more console ;-)
PickAShoe  +   566d ago
My pc hard drive is filled with nothing but porn, but when it comes to gaming I pick console.
Revvin  +   566d ago
Pick whatever platform suits you but at least get the facts straight if you're going to try and put forth an argument to convince people they have to choose one over the other.

The crux of his argument is sales, its clear he does not understand the JPR research and the writer also includes VGChartz sales figures as proof when those sales figures do not include digital sales which is where the bulk of the sales would have taken place for Watch Dogs on Steam and Uplay not to mention a myriad of CD key sites selling it at discount just a few weeks after release - I got a copy for £15.

People have been predicting the death of the PC as a gaming platform for years and its still here having seen off numerous generations of consoles and watched other platforms disappear completely - Sega and Atari.
Artista  +   566d ago
nice avatar..
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   566d ago
I bought both a pc and a wii u, so I'm set for this gen.
Best exclusives and best third party experience.
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