If You Could Revive Any Nintendo Game, Which Would It Be?

Nintendo247 Author writes - In the last 30 years we have seen many amazing Nintendo games come and go. Some of these games went on to become well known classics, some became underground cult hits, and some of them are now lost and forgotten. This topic is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time now, and while some of the games on this list aren’t that old, I cant help but imagine what a revamped version of these games would look and play like today!

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illmatic1584d ago

S&P was one of my favorites and I wouldnt mind seeing it getting a reboot

jsslifelike1584d ago

Yep. Star Successor on Wii was seriously underrated.

I'd love to see an installment of StarFox with the dialog choices, etc of Mass Effect, but with improved planetary ground combat a la SF Adventures while retaining the typical flight gameplay for interstellar travel.

thorstein1584d ago

Star Fox of course, but an FZero that captured the fun of the first FZero would be incredible.

gano1584d ago

sin and pun, hell anything from treasure
super double dragon
seiken densetsu
chrono trigger redux
battle toads
a new iga castlevania
wii u 2d fighter
final fight future
river city ransom
punch out
ghosts and goblins
dragon ball wii u ver like butoden 2
super sonic blast man
so many, bayou billy, and low g man too
and where is new wizards and warriors?!

Baka-akaB1584d ago

Not that i disagree with the sentiment and the list , but most of those arent even nintendo franchises ...

killerluffy1231584d ago

None . i hate remaster or remake game . It just plain stupid to see people buying the same game twice just for that graphic improvement , I rather spend that extra penny on something more useful . Like a blu ray movie or save it for a new game

Blackleg-sanji1584d ago

It said if u could revive any Nintendo as in a franchise or an old ip

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1584d ago

Like IGN has said-

Eternal Darkness would be a great remake.

I think a re-release and a low price would make for a great Indie like experience.

strangeaeon1584d ago

Pilot Wings
Kid Icarus
Blast Corp

Lighter91584d ago

Acclaim Studios Austin down Turok, and Rare owns Blast Corps.. Well, Microsoft might own it now since they own Rare. Kid Icarus: Uprising came out 2 years ago, and Pilot Wings Resort was released 3 years ago. Revived means a title you haven't seen for a really long time.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1584d ago

go play Kid Icarus Uprising on 3DS

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The story is too old to be commented.