TLOU: Remastered PS4 Needs 50 GB HDD Space for Installation, First PS Vita Remote Play Screenshot

The Last of Us: Remastered street date have been broken by retailers, and as a result retail copies is already available to few lucky Playstation 4 owners eight days before official launch, and leaks such as screenshots, game streaming on Twitch and lot more are common now.

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ShaqSoda1608d ago

50gb/500gb? That's 10% of my whole hard drive. sigh.

vishmarx1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

whats scarier is were already hitting bluray caps almost every game.imagine people with capped/slow internet
also ,
"random meaningless XiSasuke.... blah blah comment" 2nd place.

Omegasyde1607d ago


Very true ninja Vish =)

I can't wait until the Ps4 version. It will be superior because ninja in socks and sandals always are superior!

Why o why1607d ago

Lol, its strange NOT to see their presence.

50 gig is a chunck. Seems my hdd upgrade may be needed sooner than I thought.

Septic1607d ago

50GB?! That's huge. I wonder why so much?

XiSasukeUchiha1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


To get your mind off Ninjas let's play some bingo

On Topic: This game is going to be Massive!

mushroomwig1607d ago

'imagine people with capped/slow internet '

That's why discs still exist, if you have a capped or slow internet then obviously you shouldn't be downloading 50gb titles.

Am_Ryder1607d ago

But imagine when developers start doing 2-3 disc games?

The upper limit on everything will explode (then again, we'll all have to upgrade to 1TB HDD minimum.)

At least on new-gen consoles, we'll be able to play the first disc while installing the 2nd/3rd discs simultaneously.

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Hyper_Tension1401607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


Not surprised seeing is how its already huge on ps3.

Time to upgrade buddy:D

Dontworrybhappy1607d ago

Holy shit that sucks! Pleeease tell me preload is an option! X(

showtimefolks1607d ago

i have 300GB of free space bring it on, usually i play games and when i am done i delete the actual game file and keep the save files

also i think moving forward its not an bad option to upgrade to 1TB

imt5581607d ago

I remember when Neil Druckmann said that 50 GB of Blu-ray capacity is a bottleneck for TLOU.

1607d ago
ifistbrowni1607d ago

I bought digital and 50GB is going to take FOREVER.

So crappy that there isn't a pre-load feature.

stuna11607d ago

It's not like you can't put a bigger Harddrive in your PS4 for a reasonable price! Just saying.

Clunkyd1607d ago

ugh, it looks like im buying the physical copy. My ISP will freak if I downloaded a big file like this.

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Beastforlifenoob1607d ago

Thinking up new pimping strategies? Say whats the charge these days anyway

marloc_x1607d ago

Looking for an employer noob?

RichardDawkins1607d ago

Well.. Might as well buy a 2TB HDD.

Hyper_Tension1401607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


I think its only a matter of time before we start seeing games on two blu-ray discs, 1080p is not friendly to disc space:(

Dontworrybhappy1607d ago

I'll take 720 gladly if it'll cut down the size of games on X1 and PS4. It's gonna be a bit of a bitch if I have to buy hard drives for both. ;_;

JetsFool35001607d ago

Sony & Panasonic are developing the archival disk which is planning on holding 300gb to 1tb looks like we'll need that sooner than later

No_Limit1607d ago

@JetsFool3500 ,

Doesn't really matter as all the data from the disk still need to be installed on the HDD. Better yet, how about making external HDD an option like the XB1, that would be a better solution.

elazz1607d ago

They'll just release the 100GB Blu-Ray disc for consumers then and that is compatible with PS4. Even the Archival Disc that is used for storage could be used (300GB+) as it used the same reading lens.

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kratoz12091607d ago

Will the left behind Dlc merge into the main campaign? Instead of's own thing?
Thank you

RichardDawkins1607d ago

No. It will be it's own thing. You can select it from the main menu.

mysteryraz111607d ago

why not add infected animals and fights between infected and hunters

Inception1607d ago

That for a sequel, not for a "remaster"

knifefight1607d ago

Because it's not a new game.

PinkEye1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Spoiler Alert:

There are no animals that are infected. You see dogs, giraffes, rats, roaches etc and non are infected. It's a disease that effects only humans. Spores to other creatures are as harmless as pollen spores. These aren't zombies/vampires. This is a living airborn parasite that is plant-derived and takes hold of the human hosts nervous system (and eventually the CNS, reaching the brain). The cordecepts spores/parasites main goal is survival, so humans become their new hosts.

It's like an allegory to the de-evolution of mankind via crippling diseases that morph them into new creatures. People like Ellie (she's not the only one to show signs of immunity--it's just that she had the best signs that the firefly doctors had ever seen); people like Ellie may be the beginning of a new form of mankind that will evolve, possibly for the worse though (cordacepts doesn't seem to care what is best for the human body)

ifistbrowni1607d ago

like... why post all that here? I understand you put spoiler, but all you had to say is "no infected animals."

OP_Tigrex1607d ago

The cordyceps COULD mutate and eventually infect animals. Granted in TLOU it's 20 years after the outbreak... if there were a sequel w/Ellie it could be when the cordyceps first start to mutate.

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