Was It Really Necessary To Purchase A PS4 On Launch Day?

Typically, it takes at least a year for a new console to start pumping out the must-own experiences. That seems to be the case with the PS4, too.

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Kingthrash3601612d ago a gamer like me who wants the newest most powerful console under his tv. I've been haveing a blast with mine. But that's me and my opinion. I like games..I just bought a wiiu too...was I too late? Just on time? IMO no I just got what I wanted, when I wanted it....mk8 sold me..just like ps4 being the most powerful ..and I have no regrets. X1 will be next when they drop the price....its IMO overpriced ...even after the unbundled price.

die_fiend1612d ago

X1 should be sold at 2/3 of it's current price. Now that they've unbundled Kinect, the only proposition is to pay the same price as the PS4 for a sub-1080p mess of a console.

hkgamer1611d ago

Agreed, if I understood you properly.

Xbone should be atleast $30/£20 cheaper. I am however going to wait until it is a lot cheaper and I will buy one with a Kinect

DeadRabbits1612d ago

Getting a chance to own the No 1 Best Selling Only True Next Gen Console day one was like being part of an Epic once in a lifetime Global phenomenon!!!

gaming2death1612d ago

If you really believe that, then you truly have no life. I mean seriously, I don't give a damn if a Xbox owner says that for what ever reason for xbox. If you believe owning a piece of plastic is a once in a life time experience, you need to reevaluate your life. I really hope foe your sake you were joking.

PickAShoe1612d ago

^gaming2death what a downer, can't you just let some people be happy with what they love?

ravinash1612d ago

If you got it on day one and your happy with it, then thats great.
I got a PS3 on day one, that had less games and cost more...did I regret it? No.

Thats time round, I still had plenty of PS3 games to play, plus I don't have as much time to play as I used to. So now I'll be waiting till later.

It all just depends on what your happy with and where you are in your life.

Man2bFree1612d ago

Ppl got nothing good to write about, so they make up BS questions like this and write about it.

gaming2death1612d ago

So where was your out rage about all the BS Xbox articles lately?

Utalkin2me1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

His BS outrage? Probably cause he don't go into those Xbox1 articles. Maybe you should just stick to those and you wont be in a Sony article, making yourself look stupid.

stuna11612d ago

It was for me! Because just going by past generations, I already knew what to expect. This is why I don't understand why people deny Sonys commitment to gamers! They have always delivered gaming wise.

For those who choose other consoles, I say more power too them! Obviously at the end of the day it was something that enticed them to by what they choose to buy! Why I chose the PS4, was power, support and historical significance as to what I know will come! Not saying I won't later on down the line invest in another next gen console, but at this point in time the PS4 provides what I want and need.

garos821612d ago

was it necessary to buy the latest iPhone when you had the previous model?

stupid questions directed to enthusiasts of phones/gaming consoles/ mp3 players/ TV set or anything really we purchase for our entertainment.

Me getting ps4 day one was not necessary but i certainly do not regret it. Resogun has been the only title so far that has been getting a lot of attention from me throughout this first year, but i have also had some pretty good experiences with Outlast, War Thunder, Infamous SS , Knack, Transistor.

Utalkin2me1611d ago

Sorry buying pretty much the exact same iphone every year is nothing like buying a console that is a major upgrade and comes every 5-7 years.

garos821611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

True. Maybe that analogy is not the best i could have used, but the point still remains.

If enthusiasts of these tech gadgets and toys love buying them day one, it is not necessary. But something we can all agree is that it makes us tech enthusiasts happy picking up the newest and coolest stuff on the market.

edit: The ps4 is the first console i have ever bought on day 1. and ive been gaming avidly since before the sega master system

hkgamer1611d ago

I'm having fun with my PS4 and I normally buy consoles within a year if I am interested.
I just wanted to see if you had more fun with previous launches than the PS4's.


definitely agree with your view. gonna nitpick for no reason whatsoever, but infamous and transistor is not really launch day.

Magicite1611d ago

Over a million people bought PS4 day one, this question has been answered by them.

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iamnsuperman1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Probably not but I don't regret buying it so early.

Bennibop1612d ago

No regrets here I use it daily.

Letthewookiewin1612d ago

Same here PS4 has plenty of games for me. Im still trying to get trophies for Second Son, Wolfenstein, and Killzone. Plus trying to finish AC4,Transistor and Child of Light. In a week The Last of Us and in August, Metro Last Light and maybe Diablo. September is Destiny and then October is going to be the end of any human relationships I have on earth. So this article is unecessary.

millerj27401612d ago

Same here. I play it daily and still havent touched 75% of the games already on my system, not mention the ones coming out in the next 6 weeks.

PaleMoonDeath1612d ago

Honestly, I could have lived without my Day 1 purchase, I only use my PS4 for Netflix and occasional indie gaming, not exactly what I bought it for. Just waiting for the bigger games to come by, I'd get a PS4 for Christmas this year if I could rewind time, Bloodborne, The Order, UC4, all scream 2015 is the right year to buy one.

Just not enough on either current gen consoles at the moment, need to get that gaming library beefed up.

WildDonkey1612d ago

Lately both my Xbox One and my PS4 have been sitting idle way more than they are being played. That's all about to change though. About to have all kinds of stuff to play, especially on the Xbox One with SSOD, FH2, and The MCC. Looking forward to playing The Last Of Us again first though.

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