Chinese gamer scales buildings Assassin’s Creed style, robbing apartments to pay for gaming habit

The story begins the same way many of these WTF China stories do: a gaming addict needed money. Du, a college graduate, had actually previously had a job, but his frequent gaming led to him being late or missing work so many times that he was fired. He was afraid the same thing would happen if he got a different job, so he came up with a plan. He told his girlfriend he was working the night shift, but in reality, he hadn’t gotten another job. He was channeling his inner Ezio, scaling apartment buildings at night to steal things.

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Snookies121610d ago

Oh Du, you rascal you...

Team_Litt1610d ago

I don't judge him, you gotta Du what you gotta Du.

Majin-vegeta1610d ago

Did he have a hidden blade??xD