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My Name Is Addiction Causes Controversy On Steam

One Angry Gamer "Cleril Calamity Studios really went and did it this time. I don’t know how long the this interactive visual novel will stay up but the indie outlet posted up a new game to Steam’s Greenlight community page, and oh boy did it rustle some Jimmies like a nerd running a wedgie-gauntlet through a high-school’s locker room full of football jocks." (My Name Is Addiction, PC)

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rivencleft  +   249d ago
Timesplitter14  +   249d ago
god damn art students I tell ya...
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NukaCola  +   249d ago
Im confused. Is it about fine modern art sexually harassing you?
It's a one hour visual novel that costs $15. The game should've been about prostitute addiction. The game would've been about being a prostitute but then the swerve ending would be that you were really playing as the person paying the prostitute much like you paid for the game...The game being called "Prostitute".
ShadowWolf712  +   249d ago
I can't lie, it's an interesting idea to get people talking about something rarely addressed.

That being said, not sure Steam is the right place for it. Nor am I sure that it'll communicate this terribly well. That trailer did not instill confidence with that last question.
SilentNegotiator  +   249d ago
"Do you swallow?"

...Is that the game's tag line? lol
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knifefight  +   249d ago
"Addiction Causes Controversy On Steam" is one long-ass name.
Jonny5isalive  +   249d ago
THis looks like crap. SOme hipster spent a day with MS paint and now wants some money. Probably wants to buy a new fedora and plaid shirts.
Clunkyd  +   249d ago
Ugh @ Steam -__-
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