Action Packed Destiny Beta Gameplay Video

Although struggling to get used to playing a shooter on a controller vs a mouse and keyboard, Skewed and Reviewed have posted some action filled video of the PS 4 version of Destiny. Although in Beta, the graphics and detail level look amazing.


New Video Added Showing off bonus content.

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joab7771607d ago

Its probably just me, but I played an fps on my friends PC and it felt like cheating for some reason. I guess everyone has m/k on PC so it isnt but compared to the console, it was strange.

Garethvk1607d ago

I agree. When they get around to announcing a PC version somewhere down the road it may make it easier. Bungie was never big on PC though as only Halo and Halo 2 came on PC and those were well after the console versions. It would make it easier.

ic3fir31607d ago

action packed?
Is most boring packed =D

Garethvk1607d ago

Can only play what the game throws at you and everything in the way was gunned down or knifed.

ic3fir31607d ago

the good of destiny is the exploration and the world itself, because action is its weakest point of the game

yankolo1607d ago

I prefer titanfall ... (opinion)

cyclindk1607d ago

Destiny plus titanfall would have been a nice combo

cyclindk1607d ago

Very very boring so far. Doesnt necessarily need action, but needs "substance" of some kind.

Good musical score
I happen to enjoy voice actors work
Okay visuals

But what an empty world... One of the aspects i liked most about skyrim and fallout were the very "filled out" areas of the world (apart from the barren wasteland places).

It all just feels like and "arena" in destiny, to shoot enemies...

And the way they pop in and out reminds me of Area 51 arcade game

Garethvk1607d ago

What I see is that I keep ending up in and around the Russian Launch dome and it all pretty much looks the same. One mission even had me back where I was two missions earlier. We will see on Wed. After the updates are done.

1nsaint1607d ago

first time playing a fps?

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