Destiny Beta Review: Old Russia Returns

"Destiny can be picked up and played with ease thanks to the excellent controls and gaming mechanics that is possess. The Alpha and Beta has shown us how much promise it truly offers. It’s a huge undertaking but thankfully Bungie is taking their time to deliver something truly special." -BootHammer

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XtraTrstrL1312d ago

Free PS3 beta code here for anyone in need:

Voucher Code for PS3: E2HL-A2NM-QD5K

XtraTrstrL1312d ago

No prob, glad to not let it go to waste.

RBdrift1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Here's another PS3 code if anyone needs it.


BootHammer1312d ago

Another PS3 and PS4 code, join the fun!

PS3 - K46M-R2NG-J5Q4

PS4 - 948T-GGN7-9HFN