No beards in Destiny? The petition to get face-fuzz added is here

That's right folks! With your help, we can fight against the war on bare-cheeks. Our brave guardians currently don't have the option to don a savage beard, but you can make a difference by signing this small petition. Lend a hand, save a chin today!

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AllAboutGaming1608d ago

In the future all hipsters have been killed. No skinny jeans or beards in the future. Only real men.

Zodiac1608d ago

Nothing hipster about having more facial hair than a 12 year old.

FarEastOrient1608d ago

Okay so how are all those beards going to fit into all those helmets ^_^

Fil1011608d ago

Ok but what about the women, men might have evolved in the future so why can't women too, I wanna see bearded women with tattoos and arms the size of trucks lol.
Jus kidding

MEsoJD1608d ago

The hell are you talking about?

TheWackyMan1608d ago

He's referring to your mother.

CyrusLemont1608d ago

They should be legendary items haha

Hysteria941608d ago

Not gonna lie here but thats a good idea haha bubbles for you.

tigertron1608d ago

I swear I saw a guy at the Tower with a beard...

HyperBear1608d ago

As a proud Canadian citizen, an avid NHL playoff fanatic, and a member of the Movember movement, I am deeply offended by this lack of beard/facial hair in our Destiny characters. I have signed this petition and hope you do as well and support the Destiny Facial Movement. LOL :D

ceejaa1608d ago

Dont know where all these petitions are coming from. Assassins creed for female character. Now for beards. If you dont like the game dont buy it. :-)

Volkama1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Not the same at all! Assassins Creed playable females was a petition with a political agenda. Boring! Beards are a critically important feature of any game, so this petition is serious.

I sometimes consider growing a good beard in real life, but I am undecided on whether to shoot for "Majestic" or "Sinister". And quite concerned that I'll end up at "Tramp".

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The story is too old to be commented.