Indie PS4 dev: “Sony has been absolutely great from the very beginning

The developer added that Sony has been “extremely supportive and responsive” during the development of the game.

Sony is offering registered developers free PlayStation 4 dev kits, and this time around, has far less restrictions when it comes to publishing games on the PS4 as compared to the PS3.

Sony recently announced that it has over 1,000 developers registered on its PlayStation platforms, with hundreds of developers joining the PlayStation 4 in the last year alone. Most of those are smaller, independent game developers

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XiSasukeUchiha1312d ago

The indie praises are too real (^o^).

Tom871312d ago

A lot of indie developers are praising PS4 lately.

Yahdaree1312d ago

Over 1,000 is impressive no matter how big or small the studio may be.

marioJP871312d ago

Yet, no quality indie games except Resogun and outlast.

mkis0071312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Having fun with Octodad myself.

Looking forward to No Man's Sky and Whatever ThatGameCompany comes out with.

If a thousand devs only breed 1 gem of a game, the effort is worth it.

Hanso1312d ago

Transistor is awesome

blackblades1312d ago

Need some beatem up and rpg indie games.

Hanso1312d ago

Hyperlight Drifter is coming its basicly beatem up and rpg^!

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