Now's a nice time to buy a Wii U: Here's everything you should know

Console break down and the best games, present and upcoming.

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MultiConsoleGamer1189d ago

The Wii U is currently the best system on the market and it has the best library of games. BC is also a huge plus.

Magicite1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Currently and always best system is PC.
From consoles best is PS3, most variable library and support for at least 2 more years, and most importantly - huge amount of JRPGs (not as much as previous Playstation consoles though).
WiiU with lack of 3rd parties and RPG/strategy genres is a moderate choice now. And You can emulate Wii games on PC with HD-like visuals.

punctualdork1188d ago

Everyone on N4G knows you're all about the RPGs, dude. Not everyone is in the same boat.

ZoidsRaven1189d ago

I'm glad Nintendo is taking online gaming more seriously with titles like Splatoon.

Multiplatguy1189d ago

Didn't they say it doesn't allow voice chat though? Not taking it seriously enough if that is true.

Concertoine1189d ago

One of the designers on the show floor said it would include it, Nintendo rep said it wouldnt.

I'm pretty sure it will, it's a competitive shooter so it needs communication.

ZoidsRaven1189d ago

What Concertoine said.
Even if they don't have voice chat, they are still taking it more seriously then they have for god knows how many years.

Chrono1188d ago

Lol at no voice chat. Now that's a serious take on online from nintendo.

ZoidsRaven1188d ago


"Even if they don't have voice chat, they are still taking it more seriously then they have for god knows how many years."

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Tom871189d ago

After watching E3 this year, I purchased a Wii U :)

stripe8141189d ago

from what Nintendo has shown at E3..and with the price, theres no reason why you dont want to own one.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1189d ago

I'm getting a WiiU late this year. Nintendo has come a long way from the regular Wii which was such a shitty console with weird controller.

Geekman1189d ago

Eh, it had it's moments. Some of Nintendos best first party titles were on there. But I'd have preferred an traditional controller.

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