Sniper Elite 3 Review - Skilled Snipers Welcome, Talentless Quick-Scopers Move Along | Short Pause

Sniper Elite 3 is the follow-up to 2012's highly underrated and largely overlooked, Sniper Elite V2. Rebellion does a great job at making the franchise bigger and better for its next-gen debut. Read on for more!

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SpinalRemains1381582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

The multiplayer maps are excellent in the regard that they're huge, unlike COD phone booth maps, but Rebellion screwed up by adding Ghost Town.

That map is just awful due to the caves. In every single match there are always 2 or 3 players who run there are never leave, and you cannot see them from 96% of the map. Very lame.

TheDude791582d ago

Yeah, I've noticed lots of people like going up there. However becuase they can't be seen by most of the map, that means they can't see us. I've seen plenty of games where people up there don't score high at all. Eventually they'll get bored and move on to another game. Other then that, like you said, the maps are pretty sweet in terms of size. I get nervous as hell if I'm looking through my binoculars too long!

SpinalRemains1381582d ago

That's a decent point, but it just gets very old very fast when they stay there.

Hell, I only use my binoculars once or twice a match due to the risk lol. I more often than not play old school

skulz71582d ago

"Talentless Quick Scopers"

Surely people who can quick scope are more talented than those who can't as quick scoping is harder than doing a normal scope lol

Allsystemgamer1582d ago

Uh quick scoping relies completely on aim assist. It's stupid easy.

Bathyj1582d ago

We're you making a joke, or do you not know what quick scoping is?

Serious question.

skulz71582d ago

It was meant to be sarcasm - I don't think it worked xD

Bathyj1582d ago

Ah, thought so, but I should warn you, sarcasm doesnt exists on the internet without a "/s"

SpinalRemains1381582d ago


Quick scoping requires no aiming at all and is the epitome of lame.

A 5 year old can quick scope. That same 5 year old would hard pressed to snipe in a real game and do well.

user95589031582d ago

This is actually a really good game in case you were holding off because of some negative reviews. I haven't tried multilpayer but the main campaign, Co op, and challenge modes are extremely fun

cfc781582d ago

Good game liked it a lot till i reached the airfield on authentic lol.