PS4′s GPU (Pitcairn) Benchmarked Against the Xbox One (Bonaire) with and without eSRAM

WCCF: Here is something you have probably never seen before. The PS4's GPU pit against the Xbox One GPU (with and without eSRAM) and bench marked. We have also thrown in Next Generation Consoles Vs. PC benchmarks too.

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Ezz20131579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

this article is needed for any xbox fan who still think Dem secret sauce and Dat 10% unlock of GPU will somehow make xbox on bar with ps4

for who really think that they need to get over this already
DX12,teh Cloud,New SDK will only go as far as the Hardware allow them
and xbox hardware will never outperform PS4 Hardware with or without them and the GAP will stay the same since PS4 will get improvements as well with time

if every one can live with that ....everyone will live happily ever after on teh internetz

ramiuk11579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

but but the secret sauce,clouds and fairies? its all true,it is it is it is!!!!!!!!!

but its all about games and xbone hasa better line up,because great F2P games like planetside 2 and warframe dont count as games.

on another note,people need to realise what u just put as truth and fact,software is being tweaked in both camps and u can only take drivers,api etc so far and then its down to brute power.

xbone will hit 1080p but i prety much promise that textures or something will suffer to achieve it.


i prefer ps4 lineup .

bubble to you Ezz2013

AAWELLS091579d ago

You seem like a really immature child when you type like that. Is this what gaming is about to you?

NewMonday1579d ago

these guys forget the PS4 is an APU that is more than the sume of it's CPU and GPU parts, the whole architecture of the system like the GDDR5,unified memory, hUMA/HSA is designed to take advantage of the APU potential.

so not only is the very basic level of power in the PS4 much higher than the XB1 as we see from these charts, the PS4 can go even much higher as proven by Uncharted 4 that has incredible graphics and also run at 60fps.

MultiConsoleGamer1579d ago

Hey Ezz2013, how did you feel about the technical inferiority of the ps1, ps2 and the ps3? Did that make them bad consoles in your eyes? Because that's entirely the logic you are applying to the Xbox One.

I also want to applaud you for your post. You represent the perfect N4G user. You are the poster child for this place. Great job.

xHeavYx1579d ago

You are as much of a "poster child" as any other fanboy, you are the type who bring up irrelevant facts to try to make a point, even if you end up looking silly

MysticStrummer1579d ago


"how did you feel about the technical inferiority of the ps1, ps2 and the ps3? Did that make them bad consoles in your eyes? Because that's entirely the logic you are applying to the Xbox One."

Where did he say it made XB1 a bad console? Did he edit that part out?

TheDevKit1579d ago

"the PS4 can go even much higher as proven by Uncharted 4 that has incredible graphics and also run at 60fps."

This is seriously going to be the cell all over again.

MultiConsoleGamer1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


Ezz's comment was so hateful and immature that even I was astonished by its nastiness. Were he talking about another company I'm sure he would have already been market for trolling. That comment shows breath taking ugliness even by N4G standards.

And the obvious logic is that the PS1, 2 and 3 were all amazing consoles with robust libraries of games despite their technical inferiority or difficult to program hardware. When Ezz made his comment he wasn't trying to make a logical point, he just wanted to be the first to launch a nasty, spiteful, hateful attack on a rival fanbase and their prefered product. I guess we should expect nothing less from a user cultivated by a site that profits from fanboy squabbles and by sh***ing up the industry, making it a worse place for everyone.

Ezz20131579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


1. what part in my comment where i said xbox is bad console ?!

2.ps3 was never inferior to xbox360 ..what are you talking about ?!?

3.i said the don't like it
it's not my problem

no i never wrote that and never will
since Xbone one is indeed GREAT console
i didn't bash xbox at all


WOW, just WOW
you really need to look in the mirror
what part of my comment was hateful and immature ?!
you are not only insulting me but the site that you log into
no one force you to be here plus any where you will go people will tell you the same thing i just said
again what part in my comment i insulted any one or said xbox is BAD console ?!

nycgamer4ever1579d ago


"how did you feel about the technical inferiority of the ps1, ps2 and the ps3? Did that make them bad consoles in your eyes? Because that's entirely the logic you are applying to the Xbox One."

You are right about the PS1 and the PS2, they were technically inferior hardware, and somewhat right about the PS3 in that it was harder to develop for. They all did better not because of the power but the games, which I think is what you are getting at. Well Sony was responsible for that. That is more than likely why people are more excited for the PS4 than the other consoles as evidence by the sales. Now Sony will have both, the power advantage AND the first party studios.

MultiConsoleGamer1579d ago

>this article is needed for any xbox fan who still think Dem secret sauce and Dat 10% unlock of GPU will somehow make xbox on bar with ps4

Pure impartial maturity.

I don't care about which toy is more powerful because I own them all. But it really seems to matter to you. And you heart is full of ugliness and hatred for people who prefer a different toy than you. In fact it seems to bother you quite a bit.

>"no i never wrote that and never will since Xbone one is indeed GREAT console"

This is just back peddling and damage control now that you've been called out on your obvious hateful attack.

assdan1579d ago

Exactly. Will xbox one graphics get better over time? Of course. That always happens. Devs figure out efficiency tricks and learn to utilize the hardware more fully, but the exact same thing is going to happen with the ps4. I swear that some xbox fans think that it's just the xbox one that's going to get better performance of time.

ITPython1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

@MultiConsoleGamer - PS3 had much better hardware than the 360, it was just hard to develop for.

The XB1 not only has the harder to use hardware, but it is also has weaker hardware then the PS4. It's lose-lose. At least the PS3, when it's potential was unlocked, blew away the 360 by FAR. XB1 has no hope of that.

Even if devs were to master the XB1 then travel back in time to now, it still couldn't outperform the PS4, not even close. It wouldn't even come close to performing on par.

Revolver_X_1579d ago

Ezz posted the truth and it turns into ugly, immature, and hateful? Truthfully if Xbots accepted that X1 was inferior I think the Sony fanboys would let up. If your not one of those, fine, but you got mighty defensive over it. Sounds like his comment hit closer to home then you let on.

Ezz20131579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


no you do care alot and it shows in your comments
there is xbox fans who still think that somehow the Gap will be closing soon even though most xbox owners already accepted that ps4 is more powerful and will remain that way
and moved on to enjoy their games ... if you think what i said is not true then that's your problem

also why i would i need to do DC when i have NEVER said xbox is a BAD console
you the one who is doing alot of DC TBH

MysticStrummer1579d ago

@Ezz - "no i never wrote that and never will since Xbone one is indeed GREAT console i didn't bash xbox at all "

Yeah I didn't think your comment deserved the kind of response Multi gave it.

Guys like him are the perfect N4G users, from N4G's point of view, because they respond emotionally to the truth if they don't like it. I bet Multi rewards a lot of flame bait articles with clicks.

disKinected1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Don't mind him ezz, he just couldn't stand seeing xb1 on the losing end and had to act as MS defender. He might have multiconsolegamer as his id, but the thing that is quite obvious through his comment history is that he talks rubbish in ps4 articles while remains dead silent in xb1 articles.
He is blaming you for writing a hateful comment. That is exactly what he does in ps4 articles and has been called many a times for it.

1579d ago
Sitdown1579d ago

Is it ironic that now and days secret sauce talk usually comes from those who continue to ridicule it? Let it go already...stop beating a dead hors; join everyone else in moving along.

awi59511579d ago

It also proves what everyone is saying the Playstation has a cheap PC gpu in it a 7850. Thats exactly what the pc guys have been saying all along. It cost like 130 bucks now.

Prime1571579d ago

There it is, the orange bar for the ps4 is about 50% longer as a symbol of being 50% more powerful.

HardKnockKid241579d ago

Lol man if you guys would take a deep breath and read objectively here I think you'd get multiconsolegamers point a bit better.. Ezz2013 did come right out of the gate a bit mean spirited. Maybe there are some people out there that take solace in "the cloud" and "dx12" and so on, why is it your place to viscously diffuse their hope? A little childish to say the least. If that's what they choose to believe let them believe it, how is it doing you harm? I come to n4g because it's a great news aggregate but when I sink down to the comments section it's always disgusting nasty immature back and forths, it ruins this site IMO. "Xbots" "Ponys" "Xboners" "PSwhores" I mean really? This is absolutely ridiculous lol both consoles have their merits, I do find myself buying games primarily on the PS4 but I DO play on Xbox One and enjoy it a lot too plus it's a great multimedia device. What I've said probably won't change a thing here but every time I see this immaturity here it my fingers itch to type this and now that I have, thank you and goodbye :)

Lennoxb631578d ago

How is it that when PC gamers come and call not only the X1 weak, but the PS4 weak, Sony fanboys get defensive. Throw off excuses about PC not being a console. Although true, why is it all of sudden OK for Sony fanboys to shit on the X1's power, but not OK for the PC fanboys to shit on the PS4's. Even if its not a console. If you can't take it don't dish it out.

choujij1578d ago

I really wish the fanboys would just accept the fact that it is inferior hardware, and will always perform as such. No secret sauce, no miracles. Please stop trying to convince others it's better. Games are subjective, hardware is not.

trywizardo1578d ago

hardware doesn't mean better visuals , PS3 and 360 proved that ...
but sony did great job with good architecture and great hardware , its really hard for X1 to reach that level ...

Boody-Bandit1578d ago


A PS4 and XBOX ONE is comparing apples to apples. A PC to a console is comparing apples to oranges.

On topic:
This debate was ended before this generation even started. I don't get why all can't accept it and move on. The PS4 has the hardware advantage and no updates or secret sauce is going to change that or close the gap.

Matt6661578d ago

who cares I have both a Xbox One and a PS4 and I don't care about the performance because I enjoy the exclusive games on both consoles.

BattleAxe1578d ago

Well, there you have it, the PC destroys both consoles.

mixolydian_id1578d ago

Virtual tests are so bogus... programmable algorithms can be very good and also god awful.

What did it use the Esram for in the equation? Rendering video or opening a multipage low quality PDF, just a stress test?

Was the algorithm specifically designed to test standalone hardware specifically for custom programming?

Does it target individual hardware functions and simply calculate a few numbers? Does it do a theoretical calculation based on information provided? Just how in depth are the input fields?

What about off board processing? What if storage is located on an external medium?

Does it account for hardware specific routing between on-chip pathways... independently? or a generalised overhaul.

The fact these figures have been drawn out of paper statistics when there are still vital pieces of the puzzle that are not understood across the board show that benchmarks are considerably wrong. Also some factors are more important when developing/playing games.

JeffGUNZ1578d ago

Funny thing is man, about every Xbox gamer on this site is open about the PS4 having the edge in tech. It's pretty much 2-3 trolls on this site who argue otherwise. Truth be told, I feel a lot of Sony supporters on this site keep repeating this thinking a lot more people on this site believe Xbox is just as powerful.

MajorLazer1578d ago

I imagine a lot of the fanboys on this site are underaged or just plain stupid

Boody-Bandit1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Apples to oranges and a silly statement no matter how you slice up that fruit because of the cost difference.

Trust me I heard ALL of the arguments before. Anyone that says you can build a gaming rig that can equate the same visual fidelity of a PS4 for $400 is flat out lying their @zz off or doesn't know jack about PC's.

My PC is closing in on 3 years old. At the time I purchased it I could run nearly any game on my triple panels in 1080p / 60fps (or higher) / max settings. Built it myself @ a price tag just a little south of 3k.

Now even on one display I'm having a hard time hitting 1080p / 60fps / ultra settings on the newer games. Now I'm sure the first thing someone will say it's most likely because game A is poorly optimized, etc and so on.

Does it matter the reason? It's a system less than 3 years old that cost 6 times what a PS4 cost that was released a little over 2 years after I built this PC.

I am currently looking to upgrade my PC to get back to 1080p / 60fps / max settings. I have 2 ways to go. Sell my current rig cheap and offset the difference and start a new or add a 2 new video cards, more memory and a bigger power supply.

The upgrade path will run me $1500 if I'm resourceful and get the best deals. If I go sell old and buy new I can yield better a much better chance of achieving the levels of visual benchmarks I want to hit but it will most likely cost me 2 - 2.5k depending on how much I can get for my current rig.

Again I know some will say yes but you are talking a much higher graphic fidelity even at 1080p since I will have better visual fidelity with all the adjustment / options/ tweaks PC games offer and at a higher frame rate. But again look at the cost difference.

Which brings me back to apples to oranges. Weighing in the price difference, ease of use, plug and play capabilities (which is why a lot of my friends stopped PC gaming. Just don't want to take the time to optimize their PC's with the updates and all), and missing out on all the console exclusives.

PC does definitely have it's pros cost be damned. Most importantly to hardcore gamers is pin point precision accuracy while gaming. Especially for FPS and Racing fans. The FFB wheels are so much stronger and more accurate on a PC. With FPS the level of DPI you can get with a gaming mouse is incredible.

So anyone saying PC outperforms consoles is pointing out the obvious from a technical perspective but those that do so are not being an honest broker since they are not weighing in the cost. And trust me when I say I heard it all before with the price of PC games, etc and so forth. I'm a STEAM member. I know the deals we can get. That's still apples to oranges.

The money I spent on my rig nearly 3 years ago would've scored me a console, and dozens of games plus the cost of online gaming (XBL or PS+). Now I'm looking to spend more.

mcarsehat1578d ago

See, look how many Agrees Ezz2013 has when he is clearly a fanboy, this site is well too biased now.

Boody-Bandit1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

"See, look how many Agrees Ezz2013 has when he is clearly a fanboy, this site is well too biased now."

Always has been.
Always will be.
But it's from all sides and not just one. Anyone that says different might just be guilty of which they speak. In other words a hypocrite / time to check self in a mirror.

Me. I'm impartial, without bias and just plain brutally honest. Not a pun but a reality.

mcarsehat1578d ago

Wish i was, i won both consoles so i can't be really lol

darthv721578d ago

the only secret sauce is the kind that is on the burgers these devs eat for lunch.

No "real" fan of gaming is going to say xb1 is better than the ps4 from the technical perspective. We can all agree on that.

Its only the "fanboys' that are in denial. the games are what these systems are about. If we go back to what matters most (games) then we can get back to civil discussions about upcoming titles on both platforms.

ones we are looking forward to and ones we would like to see. i for one would love to see a new crimson skies for xb1 as well as a new kinetica for ps4.

bennissimo1578d ago

Play the games that interest you, neglect this ridiculous debate, and you'll be a happier person.

Any perceived lack of graphical power on the part of the X1 hasn't stopped me from enjoying it.

Likewise with the PS4. Relative to a proper gaming PC, they're both underpowered.

system221578d ago

that doesn't look like 50% more to me.

ChickeyCantor1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

"will only go as far as the Hardware allow them "

without proper software you will never reach the full potential. So disregarding the SDK with new updates is rather nonsensical.

Whether the PS4 has more computing power or not doesn't interest me. I just need the good games.

Tsar4ever011578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Lg from techno buffalo, also confirms this benchmark on the console wars 2, round 3

AndrewLB1578d ago

BrutallyHonest- This whole notion of a $400 gaming PC is a [email protected] comparison because you're not factoring in $50/year for the PS4 just to play it online. That bumps the cost over 6 years to $700. Games also cost a lot more. Say you buy 10 games per year @ $60 each, and it's widely known the same games cost about $40 on PC, that adds $200/year to the cost of having a console over a PC in just the extra price in games.

Sooo... the cost of a console over 6 years runs up to.... wow... almost $1900. Who would have ever thought that console makers follow the same exact pricing scheme as Gilette and their Mach-3 razor blades. Yeah... its cheap to get the razor and a couple blades for about $12. Too bad it costs you $30/year in blades. lol.

Boody-Bandit1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )


I'm not going to get into it with you. Why? Because the selective cherry picking barrage of nonsense you just spewed is a waste of my time and way too easy to refute every single thing you listed. I'm almost positive I've seen you in the past post similar nonsense and that is exactly what it is, nonsense.

XBL and PS+ are optional, period.
Games don't cost $20 cheaper on the PC when they're first released.
So how many games any gamer purchases is irrelevant.
I Gamefly and Steam. I rarely purchase games out of the gate on any format.

I've been gaming since it's inception before even pong. I've also been a PC gamer since it's inception as well. Don't bring your nonsense this way. Go target someone that can't see right through your "BS".

And I will end without your immature chuckle.

AndrewLB1578d ago

Skylar- Great.... you found an HD7850 on Amazon for $189. Here! Amazon has one for $736 as well!

One thing people need to understand about amazon is the prices from sellers "other than amazon" are not indicative of the market price in any way.

Here is an HD7850 for $129.

They were on sale @ newegg for $99 not too long ago.

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codelyoko1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


PS4 beats the Xbox One without eSRAM.
PS4 beats the Xbox One with eSRAM but it also shows that Xbox One WITH eSRAM is capable of 1080p 60fps Gaming.

PS4 GPU is exactly equivalent to the HD 7850 PC GPU costing $200.

Walkingliving1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

"Xbox One WITH eSRAM is MORE THAN CAPABLE of 1080p 60fps Gaming"

No, depends on the graphics.


Quit literally, even Ps3 can generate 1080p 60 fps. Just depends on the graphics. If you have said ... What ?... You deleted it ? Anyway, if you've said "Xbox One WITH eSRAM is MORE THAN CAPABLE of 1080p 60fps Gaming on current gen graphics" it would be more acceptable, but to achieve that in a stable way, stuff need to be cut.

codelyoko1579d ago

@Walkingliving Ofcourse. That goes without saying :P

Ezz20131579d ago

"Xbox One WITH eSRAM is capable of 1080p 60fps Gaming. "

it can but the GFX will take a big hit for doing that

lets_go_gunners1579d ago

What 7850 cost $200? what are you smoking.

1579d ago
aragon1579d ago

They didn't do a benchmark with the ddr3 and esram combined, which is what I assume people wanted to see, because the author said it would ruin the integrity of his test

Death1579d ago

What sense is there in testing GPU's? Neither console uses a GPU, they both use custom AMD APU's. Microsoft's solution focuses on the CPU side of the APU and Sony's focus is on the GPU. This is evident with the ram in each machine. The problem with Microsoft solution is they are moving further and further away from their initial vision where CPU performance was important. They are now trying to make the Xbox more like the PS4 which is impossible given each consoles hardware configuration.

Sevir1579d ago

The PS3 did 1080p 60 with SSDHD and the first ridge racer

Dasteru1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Not quite. The PS4s GPU is slightly more powerful than the 7850 according to the chart. The 7850 was $200 at one point but it has been obsolete for a while now. The current $150 GTX 750ti is quite a bit more powerful than the PS4.

Vegamyster1579d ago

You can get 7850's for less then $100 on ebay.

aragon1579d ago

Matter of fact the article is bait look under the headline on this page and it says they compared the xbone with and without esram then in the article says he couldn't do a benchmark with the esram and ddr3 together or it would ruin the integrity of the article... MODs please edit or remove

Skylar1578d ago


New one

It took me only 5 seconds to find that. Please do your research before you comment.

Vegamyster1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )


Why would you even bother buying a brand new 7850 for $189.99 off Amazon when you can get a new R9 270 (Rebranded 7870) for $10 cheaper?

AndrewLB1578d ago

BS. I posted up links on MANY occasions these past few months showing that HD7850 was selling for only $119 at Newegg.

And FYI, that card is more expensive than the chip in your PS4 since it has it's own dedicated memory, voltage regulation, etc. The chip alone probably costs the board maker $15-20 max.

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jay21579d ago

PS4 won't be out beaten by xbox one, it's hardware isn't powerful enough even without kinect.

mixolydian_id1578d ago

They're both great systems.

They both have good games.

It's not a case of winning or losing, it is only preference.

Both are products, we are all consumers.
The console industry is a business and you've bought into it/

If you've made a purchase and you're content with it... you are merely a satisfied customer.
Just like everyone else who bought either of the consoles....

...or a PSP.... or a Gameboy... or a N64... or a HD PVR.... or a PC.... or a tablet... or a phone... or a broom... or a fridge ... (you get the picture!)

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Future_20151579d ago

lol ps4 is just below a 2 year old GPU (7970)

cannon88001579d ago

You know what else is lol worthy? Even though the ps4 gpu is weaker than the 7970, the ps4 gpu is actually gonna be used to its full potential, while the 7970 will never see that day. That my friend is lol worthy.

awi59511579d ago

What chart are you reading the 7970 has twice the power as the ps4 gpu.

JackBNimble1579d ago


No it's not, not even close. Believe what you will, but that statement is completely false.

Dasteru1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


Console optimization is somewhat of a myth. There is a difference but is isn't nearly as much as most people think. PCs do get optimization, just not the same way as consoles.

Consoles, the games are optimized to the hardware by the developer.

PCs, the GPU drivers are optimized to the games by Nvidia and ATI. If you look at the driver information when getting a GPU update, it almost always shows performance increases of 10-15% for most newer games. That is for each update.

The real difference between console and PC optimization is only about 15-20% tops. It will in no way make up for a raw power difference of as much as 4x with current top end PC GPUs. That difference gets even higher when running SLI/Crossfire.

Vegamyster1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


It doesn't really matter when you look at performance benchmarks, like Dasteru said you get driver updates which improves performance. A GTX 480 (4+ year old GPU, $100-$150 online) can play WD's at High settings 1080p 30 fps while underclocked.

Tsar4ever011578d ago

You mean a Under-clocked(HD 7870)with 2 of it's core Units disabled, Ps4 actually has 20 Core Units(1280 stream processors) not 18 that is described.

and downclocked from the 7870's optimum clock-rate of 1000mhz down to 800mhz.

on a better note, ps4's GPGPU secret sauce will be it's third bus and it's 8 ACE's appose to Xb1's 2,

agame9141578d ago Show
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XtraTrstrL1579d ago

Putting it simple, even allowing Microsoft the benefit of the doubt with max eSram potential, when compared to PS4 - no tricks will be able to push it to the point of even being on equal grounding. The fundamentals of the power of each of the APUs is in the # of stream processors, as in overall GPU power scales in direct proportion to the amount of them you have. So, 768 vs 1152 - that's exactly 50% on the dot more power. That is way more of a power advantage than either of these 2 have had over each other in the past 2 generations. You can't expect there to ever be parity, unless it was done for the sake of parity this time around.

lifeisgamesok1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Basically the PS4 has a better gpu but this benchmark obviously doesn't add the variables of each system

Xbox One has 15 co-processors: Video encode/decode, 2 data move engines, 9 for audio

Will Directx 12 be more efficient than PSSL

The article basically says that ESram and DDR3 can't be combined but Microsoft's engineer for the X1 Andrew Goosen says it can through having 8 modules

Only the future will tell how big or small of an gap in performance these systems will have but...

I have only heard developers say the gap is closing not getting bigger

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imt5581579d ago Show