70 Awesome Destiny Wallpapers for your Computer, Tablet, or Phone

A collection of 70 gorgeous Destiny wallpapers for all your devices.

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Kronus1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I snagged a few myself, didnt think that I would like this game but the beta made me a believer.

LackTrue4K1528d ago

I agree, i had my doubts about this game...but the beta is now making it a "day one"

on thing that i did not like, is the fact that my character has a bad ass cyborg head on him...but is a shame i have a lame ass helmet that covers it, and makes it point less!

Muzikguy1528d ago

I love pictures like what you get in this game. It's so cool when there are high quality, high def wallpapers out there. What annoys me though is when they have to put all the writing on them. Slap a Bungie label on an awesome picture and it's ruined IMO. That's where a good idea falls short

dota2champion1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

This one right here is sweet and why does this have pc tag? is thsi coming to pc?

NiteX1528d ago

Of course it's coming to PC. Have to be a fool to think Activision would pass on that much money.

Rearden1528d ago

Yep, it's coming to all platforms, basically.

Muzikguy1528d ago

That is a cool pic, without writing too which I like

LAWSON721528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Uh... "70 Awesome Destiny Wallpapers for your COMPUTER, Tablet, or Phone" if that does not answer your question then I don't know what will.

They are wallpapers for PC so why not put a tag for it

dota2champion1527d ago

Then where's the tag for tablet and mobile :O

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