Where Will Microsofts Xbox Axe Fall Next

Xbox head Phil Spencer has now told the employees of Microsoft’s Entertainment Division that by the end of 2014, they will unfortunately be out of work.

The XES Team headed up by Nancy Tellem were told this by Phil Spencer the Head of Xbox and obviously the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella, has seen enough to make some major restructuring decisions.

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Garethvk1613d ago

Done. In description you may want to say Xbox One to quiet the critic who reported you.

XiSasukeUchiha1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I dunno man, but hopefully MS becomes PC company that I remembered :)

MightyNoX1612d ago

I see what you did there. :P

mrpsychoticstalker1613d ago ShowReplies(1)
lifeisgamesok1613d ago

Games, games, games that's all that matters

user74029311612d ago

exactly! why even bother upgrading from ps2? those dumb people wanting 1080p...smh

Godmars2901612d ago

No. A balance of games and media support, because "games" are solely not what consoles are about anymore. Literally any modern system you would care to mention servers an auxiliary function.

The PS2 dominated its era because it possessed a balance between being a media system and a game console. Whereas the XB1's message was "TV, TV, TV," then "Games, games, games."

Mega241612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I disagree, most people and casual audience already own a piece of hardware that does a better job then the Xbox One because it was designed for that purpose. This days the average casual consumer has a dvr, smart tv and music system in they're living room. So most will go for the console that was advertised for games, instead of the one that was advertise for all in one, because why would you get a piece of hardware when you already owned three thing that do the same and do a better job at it? Most of them will buy one anyway because some of the average consumers are attracted by some games that it may offer, and have money to waste.

IMO its all bs, (but this is just me) because I don't use Netflix, its a horrible service with outdated movies and series my dvr records for me. Movie rentals in both PSN and XBL are super expensive, I can get Bluray movies for $2 rent at the corner Video store, and watch them at an even better quality. As for music, both services again fall short of Spotify and Pandora, and even some cable providers offer a better selection of music channels.

My conclusion on this matter is people who own DVR's, Smart TV's and Home Theaters shouldn't get this consoles if they are not going to game on them.

Death1612d ago

Both consoles are being marketed as media machine capable. Sony has a much more vested interest in media content since they own record labels along with movie studios. The deal they made at the end of last gen with Viacom proves this along with VitaTV which acts as a Roku player. The only one not pushing media content is Nintendo.

Godmars2901612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Your mistakes are applying your own view and needs to the general market, then again only regarding the "majority". Just like MS in trying to apply "choices" and "options" as PR terms while shoving DRM and XBL Gold down people's throats. Absently excluding a minority of the market w/o internet, regardless that they had bought a 360 before.

That "most" people own other devices that do things modern consoles can, doesn't mean that "all" people do. That just like "some" are just getting into media systems "some" already involved with them may decide to choose to use a media enabled console exclusively, either keeping whatever else they might have as a backup, sell it off or give it away.

MS's mistake was going for the all-in-one "option" and not really making things optional. Either you bought the XB1, put it online, paid for XBL in order to access basic functions, bought and sold games under specific terms, *and* had Kinect plugged in and watching you, or you stayed with the 360. Because that was really the only "choices" the market had in their world view when they have first planned things out.

That planning hurt them a great deal, may even cause the division to be sold or shut down if it can't recover from only regarding a majority rather than the whole market, so as a result they've made themselves look more accessible. offered actual choices while shutting down a good chunk of a just forming media arm.

Sony meanwhile has just been chugging along, hit a minor bump by making PS+ mandatory *if* your thing is online multiplayer and the further addendum of not having to bother with it all if your thing is MMOs - and not "free" games - while pushing along their media projects. Which will also be on TVs and tablets.

Some people are going to want what Sony is offering through the PS3/PS4/PSV/PS-TV/Sony brand TVs/iOS devices, but they don't have bother with them if they don't want to. The same still can't really be said of the XB1 and whatever platform MS is scrambling to attach the Xbox brand to. Something they tried to do to PC via GFWL, which at first came with a subscription fee.

(damn rambling...)

Starbucks_Fan1612d ago

Lol so many negative articles lately

Hanuman1612d ago

What's even funnier is that in the first five comments of these articles, you come across the same 1 bubble trolls. Luckily N4G has an Ignore option!

Moncole1612d ago

They must have really bad games because if they had good games than they would be busy playing them and not trolling.

Gamer7771612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

The people writing these articles don't understand that MS is cutting jobs due to having too many employees after they purchased Nokia. The entertainment division was cut cause it was impractical.

lelo1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Don't bother explaining. Fanboys are morons.

As for the people laid off, best of luck.

medman1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

That doesn't explain the decision to axe Xbox entertainment, nor would it engender faith in remaining employees wondering just how much the "new" Microsoft will be changing in the coming years and what that means for their employment with the company.

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